Hello, nice to meet you! Welcome to my first Harry Potter fanfiction! Considering it is my favourite fandom of all time about time I had a nice long story to reflect that. I really hope you enjoy!

I am choosing to ignore practically everything past half way through OotP. Meaning Dumbledore and Sirius are still alive, everyone knows Snape is a spy, no horcruxes. Hermione and Ron aren't a thing. Etc. Voldy is still alive and well and terrorising the wizarding world. Its seventh year and they're still being good little chickies and staying in school.


- Character death: Some people will die, sorry if it is someone you love
- Sexual content: My 16 year old self who started this story had no intention of it, but now at 20 I am grown up enough to attempt it!
- Violence/Gore/Torture: Sparingly and nothing revoltingly graphic, but remember, it is M. This story does have some dark aspects to the plot, if this bothers you feel free to skim read these sections
- Swearing: JK's aversion to swearing – come on, they're British! – is ridiculous and hence, I swear and I aim to offend ;)
- Slash: male/male and at times female/female relationships. But honestly, it says Harry Draco and a Romance genre, if you missed it, you're an idiot and I hope I scar you for life with the interactions of these gorgeous boys!
- OOC: Character manipulation is half the reason I write fanfiction. I had a review in which someone "gave up" after I made Draco bad at Occlumency. It's called creative licence and you can take your ridiculous objection and shove it up your ass :D In saying that, I try to make my characters believable, so it's nothing ridiculously drastic


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Fire and Ice
Chapter One
An Unexpected Visitor

Its so hard to believe in you
I'm not quite clear what I should do.
I can't believe a thing you say.
I can't believe a thing you say...

It was a normal day at Number 12, Grimmauld place. Well, as normal as any day was there.

The Summer holidays leading up to their final year at Hogwarts had began in a gloomy fashion. Mad Eye was frantic – as usual – and their break was shaping up to be a very serious – and very boring – affair. Much to Harry and Ron's delight however, after just five solemn days, Fred and George turned up. Their visits were sparing, but everyone appreciated the humour and good spirits they brought with them. Just five minutes with the twins was enough to brighten the whole house. Sirius would be singing, Tonks' hair would return to its blinding pink, and there would be smiles – and sometimes even laughter – all round.

Today, everyone was still cheerful from the surprise visit from the twins yesterday. They had an array of new products to show off, and there were laughs all round when Sirius offered to play test dummy.

Despite the effects having worn off, the memories were still there, and everyone was finding it hard to look at Sirius and not picture him as "Serena". Even Sirius was willing to – grudgingly – agree that their gender swap sweets were impressive.

The house was full and buzzing with conversation. There was a meeting tonight with the Order so many of the members had come by earlier in the day to indulge in company and Mrs Weasley's cooking. Tonks, Lupin, Sirius and Kingsley were sitting with Hermione, Harry, Ron and Ginny in the living room. They were talking leisurely, asking about school, and discussing the new fad of Muggle music that was leaking into the Wizarding World. Ron thought it was rubbish.

"I don't understand the appeal. It's so dreadful." he stated bluntly. "Honestly, I'm yet to find a single song I enjoy."

Hermione told Ron he was being naïve. She looked to Harry for support. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Don't look at me, I never had a chance to listen to music with the Dursleys."

Hermione continued their argument, and Harry took the opportunity to ask how the Order was coming along.

"Well, we're all quite interested to find out what will be happening at the meeting tonight. As you know it was supposed to be held tomorrow, but Severus insisted it be moved forward to tonight. Says has an important issue that needs to be handled at the earliest convenience, so we pushed it forward. Actually." he looked over to Lupin. "Didn't someone say Harry was joining us tonight?"

"Sorry? Oh- yes, yes, Snape did. Not quite sure what the problem is, or – no offence Harry – why he asked you to be there." Lupin replied absent mindedly, looking thoughtful.

"None taken." Harry said immediately. It was common knowledge that Snape wasn't going to be joining the Harry Potter fan club any time soon. To openly request his presence at one of the Order meetings Harry was not usually permitted to attend must mean serious business.

Harry was keen to continue the conversation, speculating on what Snape could possibly want them for, but it was then that Mrs Weasley called them to lunch, and Kingsley requested that Harry not mention it in front of the others – just in case.

The wait until the meeting that was scheduled for eight that night seemed to stretch for eternities. Harry was determined they were going to finally let him be involved.

At seven thirty, Mrs Weasley shooed the children from the kitchen and told them to go to their rooms and that they should do some study, because the meeting was only going to be short, as there was only one issue on the agenda to be discussed, and that she'd give them dessert after.

As Harry bitterly made to accompany everyone else, Kingsley pulled him aside. "Wait for five minutes, then come back down. We just don't know if the others can be aware of this yet, we can't take any risks, you understand yes?"

"Of course." Harry sighed, relief flooding him. He didn't like the idea of lying to Ron and Hermione about his involvement, but he was sure they wouldn't ask him to do something like that without good reason.

He made his way to his room, as the others walked the stairs to their own. Ron asked Harry to come keep him company, but Harry told him he thought that they really should get some study done. They all stared at him perplexed, and he smiled awkwardly, closing the door behind him.

The one advantage in Fred and George's absence, was that they each had their own rooms now. Grimmauld Place was deceptively large, and with Mr and Mrs Weasley sharing, they just fit in the house. He collapsed on his bed, staring over at the empty bed beside him. He had considered pushing them together, but figured that knowing his luck he'd manage to fall down the small gap that would inevitably settle between them. He was comfortable as he was anyway.

Checking his watch, and finding the time to be seven forty five, he figured he was fine to join everyone in the kitchen.

He knocked, and walked in to find it buzzing with conversation. Bill and Fleur had joined the group, as well as Dumbledore. There were a few faces Harry still had trouble recognising, but he just smiled warmly and shook hands in these instances. He took a seat between Sirius and Lupin and felt strangely out of place.

"Where's Tonks?" he asked Sirius.

"Waiting at the door for the snake. I don't care what you all say, I don't trust him. 'Spying'? Ridiculous. Probably spying on us I reckon."

Harry was fully prepared to nod to show he agreed, when he realised that the only reason he was here was because that snake had given him permission. He quickly held back his response.

There was a knock on the door and Tonks entered followed by Snape, followed by-

"HIM?" Harry yelled, standing up so fast he knocked his chair backwards. "What is he doing here?"

Draco. He flicked his pale blonde hair off his face and sneered at Harry. "Nice to see you too, Potter."

Harry's jaw opened and closed as he attempted to form some form of sentence. His mind failed him however, and his thought process was interrupted by Snape's oily voice washing over the silent room. "Sit down, Potter, be reasonable."

"Good evening, Mr Malfoy." Lupin said pleasantly. Malfoy opened his mouth to offer an insult and Snape elbowed him hard in the ribs.

"Good evening to you too, Professor." he said with a light air and obviously fake enthusiasm. Harry wondered if Snape had told him that Lupin would be returning as Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor - Dumbledore had found the position impossible to fill - or if it was a case of old habits dying hard.

Harry still stood in shock, locked in a glare with Malfoy. "Does someone care to explain why that slimy little git is here?"

"Well I did intend on it, Potter, in case you've forgotten it's your lack of manners that is holding us up."

Harry sat back down, still glaring at Malfoy, who looked away triumphantly when Harry was forced back to his seat.

"Severus, Draco, please be seated, I'm sure we'd all like to hear the specifics of this situation." Dumbledore said calmly.

They each sat down in the two seats opposite Harry and Sirius – really, whoever planned that wasn't thinking – and Malfoy immediately leaned back comfortably, assuming an air of superiority. Harry thought he quite looked like he deserved a good punch in the face.

"As you're all aware." Snape began, sounding bored. "The sons and daughters of some of the Dark Lord's followers have been having some doubts about the lifestyle that has been assumed for them. Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini and Draco here have all approached me to express their distaste for their fate. I have been giving them Occlumency lessons for a few weeks now, and Parkinson and Zabini seem to be naturals. Crabbe and Goyle have both displayed an adequate level of ability, however Malfoy here." he glanced sternly at the boy, whose position had changed to that of a child who had not been given the sweets they asked for. "Was utterly hopeless, to put it lightly."

"You call what you did teaching?" Malfoy pulled out his wand and waved it about haphazardly. "I'm Severus Snape, I attempt to protect my students by brutally breaking into their minds, with no instruction on how to stop it, or respect for privacy-"

Sirius laughed, then stopped when Lupin gave him a stern look. Harry for the first time in his life felt empathy for Malfoy.

"Occlumency is not an easy thing to master. It cannot be expected that sixth year students would be capable of such advanced magic." Dumbledore interrupted serenely. "Please continue, Severus."

"Since the others are able to guard their minds, I am able to protect them in my house without significant danger or risk of detection. As it stands we were able to believably stage the occasion that the students had merely fled, and it was easily accepted, and they are all living relatively safely now. However," he returned his stern gaze to Malfoy. "Since Mr Malfoy is unable to adequately protect himself, its necessary that he stay somewhere he too is safe. This was the only option. Even if Malfoy finds it... distasteful," the blonde in turn snorted, as though he found the idea far more than just distasteful. "I am sure that he prefers it to the life that awaits him at home." he finished sharply.

Malfoy returned to his sulky silence, arms folded over his chest, as the entirety of the Order present surveyed him with varying interest. Dumbledore was smiling, Sirius was eyeing him with equal distaste and Mrs Weasley looked horrified. "Have you not been feeding him, Severus? The boy is skin and bone! Never mind dear, I was just about to serve dessert, we're having apple crumble and ice-cream. My grandmothers recipe. Delightful if I do say so myself."

"I don't want your- Ow!" Malfoy muttered, a brief flash of pain crossing his face. "I mean, that would be lovely Mrs-?"

"Call me Molly dear." she said sweetly, smiling warmly and rising from the table, cluttering around with plates. "We can start now, poor Draco is looking terribly underfed. I'll save some for the others. Would anyone else like any?"

Many refused and Mrs Weasley still served the dessert to everyone at the table. Malfoy gingerly pushed it over his plate, and cautiously spooned some into his mouth. Shock briefly passed over his face and he almost smiled, before he returned to his emotionless bratty mask, eating another mouthful.

Harry stared across the table. There was no way Malfoy, of all people was here. And everyone was treating him so nicely!

"Harry dear?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry, yes, Mrs Weasley?"

She smiled warmly at him. "I don't suppose I could convince you to follow Draco's example and call me Molly?" he smiled awkwardly in response and she laughed. "Never mind, perhaps one day. Anyway, I was just discussing the sleeping arrangements with Arthur."

Oh god. He thought.

"It would be entirely inappropriate to room Draco with one of the girls, and your room has the spare bed. We could move Ron in with you but that would be an awful hassle and you know the state that Ron leaves his sleeping area meaning it would take even longer, so would it be alright if we put Draco in your room? It'd just be easiest is all, Harry dear."

Harry's first instinct was to look at Draco. The boy was giving him a look that clearly stated 'you say yes and the rest of your life will be made insufferable by yours truly.'

He looked back to Mrs Weasley, her hopeful face and he internally sighed. "Sure, Mrs Weasley." he said quietly.

"Oh thank you, Harry. I knew I could count on you." she said joyfully, taking his and Draco's empty plates to the sink. "Perhaps you and Draco best be moving into your room now. I think we should leave the news until tomorrow. Ronald will undoubtedly cause a scene and we'd all appreciate some sleep tonight. Sirius, will you have Kreacher take Draco's bags to Harry's room?"

Sirius looked expectantly at the house elf. "You heard the woman. Bags. Upstairs, follow the boys." Kreacher grumbled unhappily and Sirius grabbed Harry's shoulder grimly, as if to say 'good luck'.

They walked up the stairs in totally silence – bar Kreacher's irritated mutterings – before Draco stormed into the bedroom and Harry closed the door behind them.

"Why didn't you say no! I can't be stuck sharing a room with you! I-" He took a deep breath and looked as though he was in dire pain. "Not that I don't appreciate your hospitality, but-"

Harry was confused to say in the least. Malfoy had always been the evil spawn of demons, destined to have his arm branded and go on to bigger and more horrible things. Now, here he was, grudgingly agreeing to share a room with Harry in exchange for safety from Voldemort. Having his entire perception of... well, everything turned upside down had Harry questioning everything he'd previously believed. As much as it appalled him, he was actually considering helping Malfoy.

"Look. Just stop. I'm going to ask this once, and once only." He took a deep breath. "Why are you here? You're not plotting something are you? I mean, you're Draco Malfoy! Leader of Slytherin house and-"

"All things evil?" Malfoy finished with a raised eyebrow, to which Harry shrugged in agreement. "My, my. And people say Slytherins are prejudice. Do you have no faith Potter?"

Harry returned the expression. "In you? None at all."

Malfoy shrugged. "Fair call I suppose. Don't give what hasn't been earned." He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "I really don't want to do this, I hope you realise that." He threw himself on the bed by the window. "But I want to do... that even less. So..."

He sat up and held his hand out. "Hello Harry Potter. My name is Draco Malfoy. I really don't like you, but the enemy of your enemy is your friend, so therefore I am willing to tolerate you."

Harry blinked at the extended hand. It was shaking slightly, and Harry cautiously took it. "Nice to meet you Draco Malfoy. I don't like you either really, but if you're on our side, then..." he shook Draco's hand. "Then I guess I'm willing to tolerate you too."

Draco visibly relaxed, and fell back to his bed. "I meant it when I said I didn't like you Potter."

"Likewise Malfoy."

"But I also meant it when I said I'm willing to tolerate you." he sighed again. "Mind you, you'll make it a lot easier for me if you minimise the whole hero complex." he curled in on himself and buried his face in the pillow.

"Well, I also meant it when I said I'm willing to tolerate you. And you'll make it much easier for me if you're not such an arrogant twat all the time."

Draco sat up and stared at Harry.

"Did you just call me a twat? Is that really the best you can do? I thought Gryffindors could at least offer a decent insult? Twat... honestly." he muttered more to himself than anyone else, rolling over in bed.

Harry stood there awkwardly for a moment.

"Erm, Malfoy?"

"Hn?" he grunted, seemingly unimpressed that Harry was still talking.

"The bathroom is through that door, its only us that'll be using it, so umm. Yeah. I just didn't want you to wake me is all."

"Lovely Potter. I have now entered sleep mode, and if you speak to me again, before I speak to you, it is likely death will occur. So shut it."

Harry blinked a few times. Then shook his head. Had he really expected anything less than rudeness from the boy? He looked down at him lying in bed. Part of him was convinced that Malfoy was here with less than honourable intentions. He could be spying on them for Voldemort – he had never actually trusted that Snape wasn't – but he had no proof. Apart from the fact that Malfoy had never said or done anything that didn't have some selfish intention.

But then, maybe he was telling the truth. There was still selfish intention there. Perhaps he wasn't kidding when he said he didn't want to serve Voldemort – really, how could you want to? – but Harry just couldn't be sure. Malfoy had never given him any reason to trust him before, so why should he start now?

"Fair call I suppose. Don't give what hasn't been earned."

So he wasn't asking Harry to trust him. He was asking him for a chance to prove he could be trusted.

He continued looking at the boy lying on the bed next to his. He had a horrible feeling that he was going to regret this very much.

"Potter, I know I'm irresistible, but I can't sleep with you watching me like that. Please get into your bed and cast your eyes away from my vulnerable soon to be sleeping form. "

Harry felt himself go red, and quickly jumped into bed, like Malfoy, not bothering to get changed. His comforting thought was imagining Ron's reaction tomorrow. Harry closed his eyes, and went to sleep, for the first time in almost as long as he could remember, with a smile on his face.