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Fire and Ice
Chapter 21
An Unpredicted Ultimatum

I have this feeling and I've finally found the words to say,
But I can't tell you if you turn around and run away,

Harry found that in hindsight, admitting he was attracted to Draco Malfoy was very easy.

He came to this conclusion, once he realised how damn near impossible it was to deal with the fact he may have some kind of feelings for the Slytherin.

It was a conclusion he had come to over what had now been nearly three weeks of interaction with the blond. Their relationship had changed dramatically with Draco's determination to keep things the same. His overcompensation made perfectly clear to everyone that something was very different, but if they thought anything of it, no one said anything.

At least not to him.

It was all terribly contradictory, he decided, as Draco brushed at Harry's shoulder, hand lingering longer than necessary as he chastised him about taking proper care of his dress robes. In some regards he had been determined to act overly platonic, as if to prove a point, then other times his touches seemed deliberate, almost daring Harry to go against him.

He was pleased he had so far refrained from doing so.

Then there was the issue of Blaise.

He'd noticed the familiarity Blaise displayed towards Draco on a number of occasions. As much as he had racked his brain, he could never remember the blond behaving the same.

Until now.

It wasn't even subtle, the way he offered Blaise to try his ice team, spoon feeding him and leaning closer than necessary to do so.

Harry found himself entertaining ideas of seeing how far down Blaise's throat he could shove that spoon, but tried to dismiss them, deciding jealousy didn't become him. He tried to look away from the display the boys were making and noticed with confusion that Pansy was glaring at the pair. He had come to admit Blaise and Pansy were both on Draco's list, which helped explain the blond's casual acceptance of being intimate with your friends, but didn't explain a lot of other things.

Pansy's look just didn't quite add up. Chancing a glance at the pair beside him, the smug look Blaise had plastered on his face didn't quite fit with friends who had been, or were occasionally intimate with each other either.

Harry could no longer resist the urge to narrow his eyes. Perhaps the challenge was about to increase.

Lucius struggled to keep his face impassive as he sat beside his Lord and watched McNair mutilate the young Muggle in front of him. He was the first to admit his disdain for Muggles. But he held no interest in torture. It must have been hours now. He pitied the girl despite his disgust. The Dark Lord insisted on "breaking" his play things emotionally before the physical torture could start.

He's lost count of the number of men who'd raped her before the Dark Lord was content to allow McNair to start. He was terribly well-versed in the most barbaric Muggle tortures, made worse by magic. The number of blood replenishing potions and doses of Skelegro the girl had had, only for her bones to be rebroken, her wounds reopened. Lucius was thankful he'd learned long ago to control his nausea.

"Enough." Voldemort finally whispered, watching in awe as the girl trembled, throat long since hoarse from screaming. Her eyes were open wide, jaw slack. "Soon enough, you and your kind will be dead. I will take pleasure in each and every one of your deaths. First Muggles, then those disgusting Mudbloods and with none of you left to breed, our kind will be pure once more." He took the knife from McNair and dragged it from her neck down past her navel. Blood immediately started to spill down her sides and her eyes drooped, as she was slowly drained of blood. Lucius struggled to keep his eyes trained on the sight, knowing anything less would bring down upon him the wrath of his Lord. These were necessary steps. The end would justify the means.

He distantly heard the command that her body was free to whatever McNair desired. Lucius didn't need to look to know the sick satisfaction which would have overcome his features.

"Lucius." He did look up though when that cold voice was directed at him and he managed to suppress the urge to tremble at the trepidation that spread through him. "When we attack Hogwarts, you shall not show the reluctance you have here."

"Longbottom, you complete imbecile. I suppose it was too much to expect your incompetence to lessen outside the classroom." Neville in turn cowered at the Potions Master, who loomed intimidatingly over him as he attempted a feeble 'Incarcerous' which simply managed to land heaps of string on Luna, who smiled serenely at him in response. Snape hesitated, raising his wand, demonstrating the wand movement. "The twirling motion is particularly vital, just as in a levitation charm. Improve this and you may see more success."

Harry grinned at the shock on Neville's face as Snape stalked away, offering a similar lecture to a pair of third year Slytherins, who seemed much more eager to accept the criticism. Harry glanced over at Draco, to see if he noticed and the blond had his back to him, attention focused on a pair of sixth year Ravenclaws, whose names Harry didn't know, but he definitely knew that giggle, the one that meant Draco was flirting in a way that almost no one was immune to. He felt that familiar unease squirming inside him, as he always did when the claws of jealousy began to sink into him, urging him towards them to interrupt, drag their attention away from him because they weren't allowed him-

"Mr Potter." Harry turned and noticed Snape beside him. They were a way from the other students and Harry hesitated as he wondered what the Professor wanted. "It would take a blind fool not to realise something was amiss with yourself and Mr Malfoy. Are you working on it?"

Harry was prepared to retort that he hadn't done anything to his precious Mr Malfoy when he realised what the question had been. Snape raised an eyebrow as if sincerely questioning Harry's intelligence, until Harry nodded causing the Professor to incline his head in response, turning away barking out an instruction to some other students.

It appeared that Snape's presence had been enough to drag Draco away from the Ravenclaw's, because suddenly he was at Harry's side, eyes lingering on the retreated Potions Master.

"What did he want?"

"Oh the usual, asking how I managed to get myself into such a position with a room full of useless imbeciles. I think he is enjoying himself though."

Draco hummed in response, taking a step closer, his hand brushing briefly over the inside of Harry's wrist. The brunet stiffened at the touch, but didn't react otherwise, as Draco commented they should start wrapping things up soon.

"Do you want to get coffee tomorrow?" Harry blurted out instead of answering, silently cursing himself for caving when he had maintained his control for so long up until now. Draco raised his eyebrow in a subtly curious response, before offering a small smile to Harry, which the Gryffindor didn't really think he could consider as sincere.

"Ah, Harry, mentioning coffee is unfair. Yes, that new little one in Hogsmede seems nice. It'll be good to escape the gloom and doom of the castle if only for a few hours…"

Ignoring the leaping of his heart – though he was quite sure Draco was intending their outing as friendly only – he called the students in, preparing to dismiss them, feeling that tomorrow would perhaps be a better day.

Harry knew full well this was definitely not a date, but still found himself fussing too much over what he was wearing and waking up far earlier than necessary, on the vague hope he could perhaps lead it that way. After trying on more shirts than he cared to admit – let alone knew he even owned – he found himself walking the halls towards the Slytherin quarters with a tightness in his throat and a jitter in his hands he wasn't keen on admitting. He knocked and was surprised when the door opened the instant his hand rapped and he found himself staring at Pansy's face.

"Hello, Potter." Her smile was wide and disarming and Harry saw through it at once. "Let me fetch Draco for you."

She turned and walked into their common room, Harry following hesitantly behind him. Her long hair swished behind her, for once falling smoothly down her back rather than restrained. He was thankful that there was no sign of Blaise, though Crabbe and Goyle were seated by the fireplace, seemingly intent on a game of chess and Harry found himself surprised by the display of intellect. His interaction with the two had been fairly limited since the alliance they had built with the Slytheirn's had formed and he paused only a moment to wonder why, before Draco exited his room at Pansy's call.

Harry bit his lip to make sure that his jaw wasn't hanging somewhere around his hips when he first saw the blond and despite being the one in the collared shirt, immediately felt very under-dressed.

Draco leaned against the doorframe with folded arms, shaking his head gently to flick the hair out of his face, before he smirked at Harry. Harry for his part couldn't help feeling he had never seen anyone look as good as the blond did.

The Slytherin shifted, his fitted white shirt rippling over his skin and drawing Harry's attention up and down his body. He couldn't tell if the t-shirt or black jeans were tighter and frankly didn't care. The smirk still hadn't left his face and seemed fixed as he took in Harry's speechless gaze before he adjusted the undone leather jacket and eased his weight off the doorframe, before sauntering over to Harry with such confidence that the Gryffindor very nearly stepped back.

"You're on time, that's a nice change, managed to dress acceptably too." At this he allowed his eyes to linger over Harry, before returning his attention to the gobsmacked expression he still found himself wearing. "Shall we?"

Harry merely nodded, wondering if he had somehow managed to swallow his tongue because it certainly didn't seem to be doing anything.

He found use of it somewhere on the walk down to Hogsmede, managing to involve himself in the conversation that Draco started to do with the Animagus transformation and immediately regretted it when Draco began scolding him for not having started his essay. Harry wondered briefly why he didn't get along better with Hermione as he continued to lecture him on how important this essay was to the transformation.

Harry found himself blissfully zoning out when Draco hit him on the back of the head.

"Ouch, what was that for?" he protested, voice more whiny that he had expected.

"For ignoring me when I am telling you things for your own good." The blond replied, giving Harry a disapproving look that rivalled some of the teachers back up at the school. "I hope you intend to get a start on it when we go back up?"

"Of course I do." Harry lied, because really he had been intending on coaxing Draco into going flying, a plan he didn't think he would rule out completely just yet though.

Hogsmede was slowly transitioning out of its winter charm, with much of the snow melted and predominantly remained only in large mounds on the sides of footpaths and gutters of roofs, too thick and compacted to be lost so easily. There was still a hint of the February frost in the air though and smoke furled from the chimneys of each little building, keeping the feel of winter about. Harry thought it was the ideal type of day to be tucked away in a little café, with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a cheeky blond to keep him warm.

He blushed then, as his mind was flooded with all variety of ways which Draco could keep him warm and he asked Draco where this new café was to take the attention off himself and risk the blond working out the direction his thoughts were taking.

Rolling his eyes at Harry's impatience, he walked brisker, Harry jogging a moment to catch up before keeping a similar pace, going down a small cobbled road off the main street. Harry seldom left the main street, disregarding the time he had followed Sirius away from the village and found himself surprised by the wider variety of shops and restaurants that lined the side street. Then Draco pulled him into what was seemingly a small alley and he had a flash of excitement when he considered what happened last time he did such a thing, before the blond stepped into a small door Harry barely noticed amongst the wall and Harry followed.

He was immediately surprised at his surroundings, the café was smaller than most of the shops around Diagon Alley, and despite the smallness of the venue and the seemingly cramped nature of the tables and chairs around the place, there was still an air of privacy which made Harry wonder if there were some kind of wards around each of the tables. He took a moment to regret there was no such arrangement on his table at Madam Puddifoots when he found himself there with Cho, but stopped considering the matter when Draco selected a table in the furthest corner, sliding into one of the seats.

Harry followed and tried to resist the feeling of awkwardness which immediately settled over him, a feeling he was sure wouldn't have occurred to him just a month or two ago and immediately cursed himself for allowing his feelings for the blond to interfere so deeply with the nature of their friendship.

He found himself considering the way the blond was dressed though, the – dare he say it – appreciative expression he wore when his eyes raked over the brunet's body. Despite Draco's insistence on their relationship being platonic, he wasn't entirely convinced that the blond's affection for him was strictly physical.

Harry smiled at the thought, an expression so relaxed and in contrast to the tense embarrassment he had been holding himself with until now that Draco raised an eyebrow at him in question. Shaking his head, Harry allowed his smile to widen, leaning forward with his elbows on the table to rest his head in his hands.

"So how have things been with you?"

"What on earth is that supposed to mean, Harry? I saw you just yesterday and almost every day before that for weeks."

"I just feel we've been talking so much about study and little else I don't really know how you are."

The blond seemed confused with the direction of the conversation and Harry silently cheered, so difficult it was to unbalance Draco in conversation. He was a master in the art of improvisation and Harry was pleased with himself having caught the other off guard.

"I suppose that is because my life has been so little but study recently that I don't think much to bring it up."

Harry hummed in response, picking up the coffee menu – though he had already decided against caffeine and was looking forward to the marshmallows in his chocolate more than anything else – and avoided Draco's gaze with an air of distraction which made the action seem mostly unintentional.

"How is Blaise?" he asked, trying to keep his voice as neutral as possible, a feat he would admit he was nowhere near as talented as the Slytherin at.

Draco rolled his eyes, dropping his own menu to the table looking over at Harry who felt he managed a look of innocence, despite the knowing accusation that lined Draco's face.

"Potter, I know where this is going."

Harry immediately noticed the shift to his last name and considered the possible reasons for the sudden defensive stance the blond had adopted and decided he would push it a little further.

"I'm not sure what you mean. I was only curious. He seems quite determined not to follow the example that you and Pansy are setting and is just shy of openly hostile to us all. Which I find quite odd because he was never as outwardly nasty as either of you were before this. If anything I'd thought he was going to be the first to come around when we got here after the Summer. He seems perfectly friendly with you though, so I figured you might have some answer as to his change in attitude this year."

"Perfectly friendly." Draco muttered under his breath, arms folding over himself as he leaned back in his chair, his body language betraying him more than Harry was accustomed to. "My behaviour towards Blaise-"

"-is not what I asked about, I asked about his behaviour towards us." Harry interrupted, feeling more pleased with himself than he cared to admit. "Though if the two are related, by all means, continue."

The blond cursed and looked around the mostly empty café, casting a longing look at the coffee menu, before shaking his head and standing up, gesturing with a jerk of the head for Harry to follow.

Harry did, though he wasn't quite sure to what end Draco was making them leave – he really had been looking forward to his hot chocolate – and exited behind the Slytherin.

The blond for his part was leaning against the wall opposite, arms folded again, worrying his lip as though not quite sure what he planned on saying.

"You told me you wouldn't let things ruin our friendship." He started with, startling Harry and he knew he had immediately lost all the ground he had gained over the blond. He wondered when this had become a competition.

"Who said anything about ruining? I was thinking more improving, changing, in no way ruining though."

"This is ruining." The blond hissed, taking a step forward as his eyes narrowed. "If I can't have a simple coffee with you without you getting jealous about Blaise, who, by the way-"

"This isn't about Blaise, it's about us!" Harry yelled, following the blond's lead and taking a step closer. Though not an intimate closeness, the cold day meant he could feel the heat that radiated off the Slytherin's body and made it hard to resist embracing him. "I don't know what your problem is! You want to fuss about not ruining our friendship, but you can't control yourself around me and then you go on with those stupid displays with Blaise as if you have some kind of point to prove that you plan on letting people have you, just not me and then you dress like this-" Harry's hands gripped the blond's waist as this, as his control started to leave him and he could no longer resist the urge to press himself against his lithe body. "-which makes it clear that you want me just as much as you did a few weeks ago…" he breathed the last words against Draco's neck and he felt the Slytherin shudder against him and for a moment he thought he'd won.

Then the blond took his hands and pulled them off him, stepping back, shaking slightly and more breathless than he was probably happy about.

"I told you that we can't do this. Don't you dare presume to know me better than I know myself. I'm going to give you some time to think about this and I don't want to see you in that time. If you don't decide that our friendship is worth more than your desire for a quick fuck, don't even think about speaking to me again." With a final glare, the blond stormed off, leaving Harry alone in the alley, wondering when he went from having Draco so close to managing to push him so far away.

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