Double Trouble

An A2A/New Tricks crossover: I've had an idea for this along time to have a younger Gerry bumping into Gene and Alex while they investigate a case.

Monday 25th October

In Fenchurch East police station as the day was beginning for most of the detectives as they were starting work early after the busy weekend, which had seen Ray getting blind drunk and ending up throwing up in the new fish tank that Luigi had only recently had fitted in the restaurant a couple of days ago by the bar.

Chris and Shaz were talking amongst themselves about that spectacular scene.

"I told him not drink too much but no he goes and ignores everything I said"

"Poor Ray, Debbie didn't seem too pleased, she must have been really embarrassed so that would probably explain why she left early when he threw up and poor Luigi's face thought he was gonna get angry with him"

Gene opened the door of his office, looking over to Ray's desk to see if he had arrived yet, no sign of him just yet.

"Daft bugger made right show of us on Saturday night..Chris let me know when he arrives and also when Drake arrives tell her to report to my office immediately"

"Will do Guv"

A much younger Gerry Standing was also arriving for work early that morning, having had a run in with his superior officer Don Bevan who was displeased with the younger detective who had foiled a plot to ring down a well known criminal who went by the nickname of Konga Trout as he was also a very stout fisherman.

"Morning Suzy" he smiled walking past the reception desk of the police station.

"Morning Gerry did you have a good night with your wife last night"

"Nah it was terrible she couldn't stand the play i took her to see"

Despite being happily married for a few years, Gerry was quite the ladies man, occasionally flirting with Suzy sometimes in a attempt to cheer her up and that he always had the cheekiest of grins . He had the feeling today would be a very long day, he'd been with the police force for quite a few years and now that it was the 1980's it meant that there would be new police detectives joining and that they would be much younger than him.

"Morning Frank quiet today isn't it where are the others, haven't got hangovers from the weekend have they?"

"Dunno they might be on shifts or nursing hangovers, looks like its only you and me that'll be doin desk work for today"

"Oh what i'm not sitting around for a couple of hours doin poxy bloody office work..i wanna be out catchign criminals instead"

"The boss wouldn't be happy to hear yer moaning"

They chatted in the coatroom for a bit more longer but then interupted by Charlie Collins.

"Oi you two phones to answer here in the office"

"Ok ok we're coming no need to rush us" he sighed pulling an annoyed face which made Frank laugh.

Gerry and Frank made their way to the busy main office as the phones were ringing out loudly. He sat down at the desk leaning over to pick the phone up. Before answering he took a huge sigh in his lungs, probably too much smoking doing a bit of harm. "Hello Barnes Street police station how may i help you"

He nodded while writing down details of what the person was saying on the phone, "So that's Seaman Road number 14...yes..will get an officer there right away" he put the phone down, feeling the need for a cigarette.

"Blimey yer gonna need to cut down on them fags Gerry you look knackered and stressed..have you asked for a few days off yet" Frank asked.

"No because i got in trouble with Don the other day.. he still a bit angry wiv me for what happened with the planned trap for that criminal"

Alex and Ray both arrived together for work having bumped into each other by the entrance as the traffic was rushing past them. He was still nursing a strong hangover and wearing Alexs pink sunglasses which cause a few eyebrows to be raised.

"Oi Ray yer not going all girly on us now are yer?" one of the felloe detectives shouted to him while laughing.

"Shut up will yer trying to get rid of me headache"

He was interupted however hearing the loud laughter of the DCI as he was emurging from his office.

"Blimey Raymondo, that headache of yours hasn't turned yer into one of those cross dressers has it?"

"Drake my office now" Alex followed him into the office before then closing the door behind her.

"What is it?"

"Super wants us to re investigate a murder that happened a year ago.. some guy's body was found by the East Riverside, small river.. his name was Richard Woods... Super said he also wants us to question a few people that might have seen anything.. come on yer coming then" as he went to grabhis black overcoat from the coat hanger.

"Might as well get Chris and Shaz to look for any enemies that he might have had"

"Good thinking there Bolls yer brains are working better than mine"

"Why thank you for pointing that out Guv" she smiled towards him as he then proceeded to rush her out of the office as quickly as possible. They disappeared quckly as they were heading towards te Quattro in the station car park .

Don had wanted to see Gerry in his office. He was a well respected man and well experienced boss who had worked within the London Police force for quite a long time. He hoped that then much younger coppers would learn alot from him.

"You wanted to see me Sir" Gerry popped up at the door walking in nervously, he feared that Don was going to suspend for what happened last week.

"Yes i did.. Standing i know that you're one of the best coppers i've worked with in this station.. and i know what you did was wrong.. and i can understand why you did it.. now i want you to take Collins with you as the murder case from last year is being reopened, reinvestigated.. i want you to ask a few of his friends and family see if they might share any new information about what happened .. i suspect that Harry Miller might have killed Richard Mills and dumped him in the river"

"Will do sir"

"Oh one more thing there will be officers down there from Fenchurch East.. who'll be going around asking a few questions.,. i don't want you getting into any arguments with the investigating officer Gene Hunt"

"Gene Hunt?"

"Yes i hear he's quite an argumentive police officer"

"I'll try not to get in his way then" As he exited the room quickly

Hoipe this chapter was ok as there will be a lot more to come