Double Trouble

Chapter 6

A race against time to save Alex, Rhys and Charlie against someone they didn't think would be capable of kidnapping, a shock lies in store for Gerry as he tries to come to terms with the identoty of the kidnapper.

Gene had gone in with the aim of doing all the talking and asking questions and let Gerry chip in whenever he felt was right, they were both unaware of what had just taken place downstairs on the shop floor.

"Listen sunny blue just let me doing the talking... you think you can ask any soddin question you like" Gerry refused to step aside into the background and let this DCI walk over him, he had wished over the past few days that young Charlie was coping and whoever had kidnapped him hadn't caused much harm to the young man.

"Oh not this rubbish, soft bullying talk Hunt... I've seen people like you attempt this and fail miserably" The younger of the two men, failed to see Gene's point of view.

They were next aloowed to sit the staff canteen, Gerry got himself a hot chocolate from the drinks machine while he waited

"Blimey before you'll be singing that Hot Chocolate while be high on the chocolate flavoured drink"

"Don't start be sarcastic with me Hunt" Daring to take a sip of the still hot refreshing drink. Noticing another female employer cleaning and mopping near the kitchen door, the DCI wandered over to her, tapping her on the shoulder as she looked up, wondering who this strange man was.

'Sorry to interupt you from doing your job love but don't mind if I ask yer a few questions about Bobby Jacobs"

"For you anything darling" she smiled, briefly flirting with the Detective Chief Inspector which he didn't really mind getting all the attention.

"Did you notice how he acted around fellow employees.. I mean did he keep quiet or came as a chatterbox"

She paused for a second, unsure of what answer to give, Gerry walked over pointing at his gold expensive watch.

"You gonna be all day here... I do have a home to get to later"

"Will you stop rushing me" Winking cheekily at the young blonde haired female worker " you haven't even loud this lovely employer to answer her soddin question yet...sorry sweetheart about this grumpy young man 'ere'"

"Well I'm not really sure... he wasn't someone who had that many friends outside of work.. On occasions he was asked if he'd like to come for a few drinks with us.. but he said no.. its a shame what happened to him.. the boss told us this morning" she sighed, hand clutching polish spray.

"Did he happen to mention if he had any brothers or sisters, any that came to visit the store?" Gene wrote a few details on a small notepad, pausing to look down and take in the answers that had been written down.

"Come to think of it, yeah one day he got into an full blown argument with this taller man in his middle 40's, one of the guys asked him what it was about, but he refused to say"

"So what do yer think Standing?" with three fingers tapping on the table like something from Riverdance, eyes contemplating the real truth behind this mystery, eager to hear Gerry's full opinions.

"Well for starters I think that he may have been covering for the real suspect in this... i hate to admit it but it doesn't sound like he's the kind of blackmailing type.. someone probably asked him to do it as a favour in order to hide their identity" Gene hated to admit it but he was soon coming round to the idea of believing most of the optimistic views from Gerry, a man he thought he would end up punching in the gob. They were stumped about who to ask next, Alex would have the right idea as usual, use that Psychiatry magic of hers in getting a confession from the real kidnapper.

"Think we're done here c'mon may as well get back in the Quattro and drive back to Fenchurch.. suppose Bols will have a right moody face on her face"

"Well you two do seem close" Gerry hinted, eyes knowing of what he meant.

"What yer talking about.. me and her are just colleagues nothing else... plus she drives me up the wall with her 'I am right and you're wrong' attitude in solving any cases"

"C'mon you have cut her some slack... I read in a book that female detectives are more intelligent than any male detectives in the police force"

"Buggering Hell I think you may be morphing into her" Expressing his annoyance at being outdone by this man's approach in how to cope with working alongside policewomen.

As they reached the shop floor, Gene looked around the massive store to see whether he could spot Alex, there was no sign of her, "might have gone to sit in the Quattro little miss moody knickers" chuckling at that thought. When they walked outside, heading towards the Red Audi Quattro, the door had been left open, both of them ran over to investigate.

"DI Drake... where is she.." Holding both hands on his head running one through his brown hair, silently cursing to himself for not allowing her to stay by his side at all times like she would do.

"No sign of Rhys either Gene.. what's your brilliant plan now eh?" They didn't know of what must have happened to their friends, one thing Gene knew was that Alex would some times tend to wander off in her own way, which would then end in her facing immiedate danger and he would always have to play the hero part by rescuing her like he done so many times before.

"Oh god Dunno...Who ever took them better not have laid a finger on them... I swear I'll get revenge Gene Genie style if they have"

Gerry jumped in to the passenger seat, looking for a seatbelt which to his surprise had been removed.

"Blimey you don't have seatbelts... that could cause a serious car crash for you"

"Oh here we go the how to be safe while driving tutoring"

Gene climbed in next, struggling to keep his composure in the correct manner, everytime he tried to block out all the bad things that had happened over the past few months many memories reminding him, it all lead to what was currently happening now, this is felt even worse, stinging and hurting him inside. Staring heavily and deeply into deep space unaware of the heavy hand tapping him on the shoulder.

"Ahem.. Gene you do want to find DI Drake don't you?... well get a bloody move on with driving the car then"

"Alright.. " He replied back, voice appearing to sound of deep sadness, why he did seem to feel this way, when a colleague found themselves in danger, in the past him and Alex had became very close when they were locked in one of the rooms in Edgehampton, it caused a close relationship to develop between the pair, sometimes he would always feel like sharing the deepest of his feelings with only Alex as she would understand any of his problems . Now at this moment being lumbed with Gerry, who appeared to be more intelligent than eanyone he'd ever met and dressed very much like himself especially that they both had the same hairstyle as each others.

"I hope to god that we catch the nasty piece of work"

"Yeah lets hope so... my nerves can't take much more of this"

At least they could both eventually agree on one thing.

In a small vacuated business office in Central London, two larger than life friends were busy arguing amongst themselves, something was clearly bothering them, a disagreement, a falling out or a planned revenge, as they finished their loud argumentative chat, they began walking towards a deserted part of the building.

Looking through the misty plain glass office window, three figures were tied up to three wooden chairs.

"Lets hope he gets 'ere before that Standing manages to find out where we've got his young friend and those other two"

"James I hope this goes to plan like we said a few weeks ago"

"What yer worrying about of course its gonna go plain sailing... We get our money from him and then we hop it out of the country before the cops can identify us" The smallest of two of them, grinned pressing his face against the office window.

Alex looked around the room for ways to escape, there was a small opened window above all of them but would require something to climb up, like a ladder for example.

Charlie looked terrified, he knew the identity of the kidnapper it was a familiar face to him from work. Frank's brother David, who was an ex friend of Richard Mills.

"Alex please find a way to get us all out of here"

"I'm trying Rhys.. see that window up there..must be about 20 feet up.. do you think you may be able to reach it?"

"I dunno but I'll try can't guarantee" Rhys was an expert at undoing knots, displaying a lighter from his jacket pocket, Alex immediately thought he would light himself on fire to escape but he was the kind of person to that, he was more cleverer than anyone else tht she met.

Freeing one hand from the rope, he undid the knot, running over to the chair Charlie was tied to, clicking the button on the lighter, it lit up like a light attached to a bomb that was ready to explode.

"Thank you mate.. clever idea to undo knots"

Before they had the chance to untie the knots from Alex's wrists, there were voices outside coming nearer to the room, Alex told them to leave, saying that she would try to knock the two guys out if they entered the room.

"I'm not leaving you here Alex... I'm staying put"

"Charlie I'll be fine... when Gene and Gerry arrive let them which room they've got me in"

"But..." Rhys dragged him away, as he found a step ladder in the empty room, stepping up followed by Charlie who looked more upset, he'd been through a lot over the past few days, seen the worst of people he thought that were like mentors.

The two men entered, running for the ladder, luckily Rhys and Charlie had got through the window and onto the roof of the building.

"Good luck" she whispered sadly, fearing that this woud indeed be the end for her in the 1980's.

Back at work in the Fenchurch offices Chris had managed to find the car registration number of a Jaguar XJ6 that had been located around Central London containing 4 passengers, the car had been spotted by an off duty police officer, who recognised Alex straight away.

"Thanks Chris you're a life saver" Gene proclaimed over the car radio assuming that everyone would proceed to wind him once they returned back to the office, he was smiling more happier

"Steady on Guv.."

"I'm only kiddin... Lets hope me and Gerry can get there in time to save Alex, Rhys and Charlie" clicking the radio button off.

They had also been informed as to where the car stopped, at a small deserted business building in Thorpe Street EC2

"I've been working here for 3 years now and I still don't have a soddin clue where I'm driving around"

"Best leaving this to me then Hunt.. I know my way around London even if I was blindfolded" He took a streep map book from the glove department, taking a closer look.

"Hang on... where that not far away according to this look.." a finger pointed to the map, indicating that were at least around 35 minutes away from Thorpe Street as they were now driving around West London.

"You had better be right.." Gene growled fuming, the signs of an headache developing even more

"Where they go... you'd bet start confessing or I'll hurt you if i have to darling"

Alex showed defiance against James, as he grew impatient of her silence. His boss had now entered the building and was heading upstairs to see them.

"Oh James he's on the second floor better get her talking or he won't be pleased with you" His friend shouted in while standing by the door.

"If your friend DCI Hunt shows.. I'll guarantee you that I'll have a boot pressed against his face and then I reckon you'll be frightened"

"You don't don't know DCI Hunt Like I do... He'll knock your lights out if he doesn't like the look of you... doesn't take no crap from anyone.. If I was you I'd be running away from him not running at him" she smiled, warning this criminal, knowing what she''d seen Gene do over the past few years that she knew him, sometimes she felt she'd a lot from the Old school copper, kicking someone in the groin for example.

Their boss had finally arrived, David someone who Gerry knew very well of, having done Ploice training with him. Unfortunately he was now a Mason, taking backhanders behind his boss' back.

Rhys and Charlie had just about escaped from their captors when they ran into the speeding Quattro coming right at them in the wet alleyway.

"Its Charlie!!" Gerry jumped out of the car giving his friend a tap and hug.

"Where's Drake?" Gene dreaded the worse, the woman he'd came to admire and secretly develop close feelings for, was not with the two young men.

"She's still inside... we heard gunshots before .. when we ran the fire escape stairwell"

Gene felt himself breaking down emotionally, bending on his knees by the side of the car. Feeling himself tearing up inside, it bought back memories from 4 years ago when Ray delivered the bad news about Sam driving his car into the cold lake back in Manchester.

"You gonna be okay Gene.. I' really sorry"

"She's not dead... because what she's feels.. I feel her pain.. her agony and hurt"

Gerry raised an eyebrow seriously not quite getting what the DCI meant.

"Where are you going"

"I'm going into rescue her"

"Its too dangerous... you'll get yourself killed" Gerry feared all their lives if they entered the building but he gave in, offering to go with Gene as back up.

Rhys chose to stay put in the Quattro.

The others walked forward to front main entrance of the building, only to be confronted by David and his henchmen.

"You bastard" Gerry wanted to run straight for his former friend but was stopped in his tracks by a left punch by one of the taller men, he was knocked out cold.

The sound of gunfire filled the walls of the building as David and his friends ran back upstairs.

"Do yer know how to use a gun Charlie?"

The young man nodded and was handed a small pistol, pointing it at one of the blokes, firing it on target

"Ha well what do yer know I hit one of them with a bullet"

"C'mon will yer" He was dragged to hide behind the reception desk, two more shots were fired and they realised they'd taken out most of the nasty bad guys.

"Give it up David its over... drop yer gun now!!" Gene ordered him to back down but to no avail as the corrupt copper fired another shot, which hit Gene in the right shoulder, causing him to collapse forward on the floor screaming in pain.

Everything was left to Chalrie, god he wished they had a back up team to fight against these guys.

"C'mon Charlie drop that gun"

"No" he fired a shot hitting David in the toe, who limped down each step.

Gerry's eyes shot open, looking over to across the other side of the room to see his friend looking like he was about to admit defeat.

A foot appeared by him, he looked at the figure, it was Frank.

"Did yer miss me"

"Thank god you're here" he tapped him on the shoulder as they sneaked to hide behind the wall, reloading their guns, and ready to aim and fire.

"So much for being my brother... deciding that corruption was the best way in life for you to go"

Firing a warning shot, which frightened his brother who knew he couldn't go any further throwing his gun to the floor.

"You're nicked Bruv" Placing handcuffs on his brother's wrists.

"What would dad have said if he found out what you've done"

"Did you kill Richard Mills and Bobby Jacobs" Gerry wanted the know the whole truth, having seen the case be reopened and closed so many times.

"I killed them.. they knew too much.... I knew they would only end up grassing on my crimes"


He didn't give an answer, only choosing to laugh in his brother and Gerry's faces as he was lead away to the police car outside.

"Hunt where is he?" Gerry jumped with realising that the DCI had disappeared, had he been injured?

Looking and scanning right around the room, but as he walked by the stairs, pivoting around he saw him lying flat out on the floor, like he'd had the life drained out of him.

"Gene...Gene talk to me" tapping both hands on each cheek.

"He's gonna be alright isn't he?" Frank kneeled down asking his colleague. Gerry checked for a pulse, luckily he still had some fight left within him.

"Yeah still breathing... gotta admit Frank this guy has got a lot of undeniable strength and power within his blood. and I think Alex has regnitied that in him... Charlie's gone to call an ambulance.. right in the meantime we'll look for her.. you take the second floor and I'll take the third floor upstairs"

"Gotta yer"

"DI Drake.. DI Drake" Gerry repeatedly shouted, having no look in finding the female detective, he heard the sound of a boot tapping, banging against one of the doors but was unsure about which room the noise was coming from.

"I'm in here" a voice screamed out loud and clear, he had inkling as to which room the sound was coming from, the far room at the end of the long corridor.

Kicking the door in, he found her tied up against a wooden chair, untying her, she hugged him for rescuing her.

However she confused the situation, as Gerry leaned closer to see that she had scratches on her forehead, she pulled him closer without thinking and kissed him.

He pulled away from the kiss immediately, shocked and surprised at what she did,

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to"

"I understand.. that your emotions are running high" They both agreed that they wouldn't speak of that moment ever again.

After the ambulance had arrived outside, Alex insisted on going to the hospital, choosing to stay by Gene's side as the dooes closed. He started staring, looking wide awake to see Alex smiling down at him.

"Bols I'm bloody glad to see you"

"Me too... Have told you to stop trying to be the next Clint Eastwood"

"I can't help liking Western Films"

"Oh here we go another boring conversation about what films you like" she folded her arms, impersonating Gene's voice.

"Oi stop trying to impersonate me Bols.. you know I'll only throw on a brown wig and take your voice off next"

"Hmm I look forward to the day... Chris will think we've morphed into each other"

They both laughed feeling at more ease around one another, the paramedic could even see the real closeness between the two detectives.

Heading back to their own station, Gerry entered the main offices to a rapture of huge cheers and clapping.

"Blimey I never expected this... " he laughed and looked amused at his popularity amonsgt everyone else, Don would be proud at least it would ease the tension and friction between the two of them.