He – Asano Keigo – is an ordinary guy who goes to school every week-day, hates homework or any kind of brain-activity unless it involves playing video games or role-playing to invent strategies – he is actually quite talented when it comes to games. He doesn't do too well on exams, but he doesn't do too bad either, making sure he passes every class just not too noticeable or the teachers might get suspicious. One time he did try his best on an exam and it ended with hit parents being called to school for a meeting about their son cheating on exams to get full score on exams – he will never forget that time and he will never do it ever again. He used to take pride in his friends, though, having been used to be alone most of his life until he met Mizuiro Kojima in Middle School – though they didn't have much in common they were both rejects for various reasons and were pulled towards each other. However, already on their first day of High School Mizuiro went straight to the guys that scared his friend the most and befriended them, in the process of course pulling Keigo along, but now, two years later in their final year of High School, he found himself questioning if he was really wanted among his so called friends. He had always been goofy and hyper, but he thought they were okay with it; it's just the way he thought he had to be to be popular, but no matter what he did he was always an annoyance to everyone. He had often asked each of them if they wanted to come home with him and play some game or just do something, but they would say that they were busy – then someone else would ask if they had anything to do and they'd say no. They were painfully obvious in rejecting him, and for little more than 2 years he had pushed it aside and continued just the way he always had. Now, though, he was tired of pretending to be oblivious. For two weeks now he had been ignoring all of his so called friends, but none of them had even noticed he was gone. So that's how much this normal guy was worth – he wasn't even worth being happily missed by some who obviously didn't want him around.

In fact, one day he was so tired of everything he just wanted to scream. Everything was just wrong with his life. None of his friends spoke with him, his bike had been totally molested so he had to walk home, and on the way home some older guys – of course – mugged him. He wanted, but he didn't scream; doing so would only result in him being depressed that his screams were hollow and soundless.

So he had run home as fast as he could do avoid having a plane crash on top of his head (it wouldn't surprise him anymore if it did). Luckily no one was home so he wouldn't have to explain just yet why he hadn't brought his bike home. He disappeared into his room, turning on his computer to start erasing every user on whatever chat he ever found and got his friends to create a page on too – they always ignored him no matter how many times he wrote to them, but they always wrote happily to each other. He was just sick of it, being treated like he wasn't even there. He admits it might be a bit childish to erase his profiles, but he didn't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing him suffer in his loneliness – he had enough of that being ignored in school, he didn't need to imagine their grins as they chose to ignore his messages in a stupid chat-room.

Ten minutes later he had already erased his user-name from four such chats, and he was now looking through his last one. It was the most popular chat-room, his friends used to write a lot of stuff to each other there; posted pictures of parties and adventures they had forgotten to tell Keigo about. Well, he didn't care anymore. If they didn't want anything to do with him then he wouldn't bother annoying them anymore, even if it meant being alone for the rest of his life – he was lonely already, it wouldn't make a difference. He was about to enter the page where you erase your profile when suddenly he saw that he received a mail. Deciding he could read the mail (it was probably just some silly news-letter from the staff anyway) before deleting his user, he got to the message-page and saw that it was another user with a name he had never seen before: Jaegerjaquez. It was probably only another bastard who wrote to say how stupid he was to post pictures of himself when he looks like such a clown; it wouldn't be the first time. But curious as he was, Keigo couldn't just ignore it (even if it was something evil in the mail the day just couldn't get any worse than it already was). So he opened it and read.



Title: Hey


I'm bored. Wanna chat?

Keigo just stared at the screen; dead sure it was a really bad joke. Why would some stranger write to him and ask if he wants to chat? Who is it anyway? Determined to find out before erasing his user he pressed on the username of this mystery-person and got to his or her homepage. No pictures, no information, no nothing, simply the username 'Jaegerjaques' was presented to him, which means his/her information is only visible for those on the friends-list, which Keigo obviously isn't on. Shrugging it off Keigo decides to humour the person, fully knowing that it could just backfire and hurt him more once he gets interested. It doesn't matter anyway; he's erasing that page once he's finished typing to this person.


To: Jaegerjaques

Title: Re: Hey


Okay, sure. But what about?

He was almost certain he wouldn't get another reply but found himself sitting there, waiting for it anyway. It didn't take too long before he was surprised a second time when another message arrived.



Title:Re: Hey


I'm just so extremely bored.

University is driving me up the wall with assignments and shit – I seriously hate staying behind for evening-classes.

Tell me about your day.

So whoever this Jaegerjaques is, he or she goes to university. Would it be too straightforward to ask if it's a girl or guy? Yeah, it probably would.


To: Jaegerjaques

Title: Re: Hey


Evening-class and you sit in chat-rooms? Nice going, sounds like me.

I only just got home from school (my final year in High School). Has been a really shitty day, though. My bike was destroyed, and I was robbed on my way home. Just plain shitty.

As soon as he sent it re realized how pathetic he must sound. Mugged? Shit, only geeks get mugged. Well, he probably is a geek, but he didn't have to brag about it like that. Damn, he just ruined his chance of a good conversation.

Sighing at his own stupidity he left the screen as it was, going out to make dinner; it was usually up to him to get food on the table anyway since his parents often worked late and his sister simply couldn't cook for the life of her. Not that he complained about cooking – at least that gave him a purpose in life.

About thirty minutes later he returned to his computer, just to see if he by chance had gotten another message before he sat down to eat, and sure enough, there was a message waiting for him; two in fact.



Title:Re: Hey


Robbed? That sucks. Get mugged a lot?

You sound like one of those who gets harassed a lot – you gotta stand up to them, they wont hurt you if they fear you.

Keigo actually laughed out loud at that. Sure, he could just see himself standing up against the bullies in school when he couldn't even get attention from his friends. Opening the newest mail sent only a few minutes ago from the same person, he got confused, causing him to hurriedly write a reply.



Title:Re: Hey


Aww, did I say something stupid or do you just not wanna talk?


To: Jaegerjaques

Title: Re: Hey


Oh, sorry, I was making dinner.

He didn't know what else to write and feared that he might've screwed up this chat so bad by now that whoever was receiving his answer was probably laughing at his behalf by now. Though he did get another reply fairly quick.



Title:Re: Hey


All right, cool. What are you having?

Look, my class finishes in ten minutes, I gotta start packing up.

Talk to you later.

Typing a reply with what he had made for dinner he swiftly went to eat, thinking that for sure that was the last he had heard from Jaegerjaquez – but then again, maybe it wouldn't hurt to keep that chat for just a few more days, just to see if he did get another reply.

Sure enough, Jaegerjaquez wrote again and they began talking quite a lot, though mostly about movies, music and games much to Keigo's delight. Though he still didn't know whether the person was a guy or girl and he didn't want to ask, but it was quite unfair that he couldn't see any of Jaegerjaques personal information on that site, but he/she could read everything about Keigo.

This went on the coming days, then weeks turning into two months, and they still mostly talked about games and such. A week of holiday was coming up and Keigo had absolutely no idea what he would do that week, especially since Jaegerjaquez had told him that he/she would be away with some friends and wouldn't be able to go online. It was amazing how much Keigo had begun to look forward to replying to mails, but really, he had perhaps gotten too used to it. On the first morning of his supposed holiday he had opened up his computer and logged in out of habit and saw that he indeed had gotten a mail from his online-friend – he immediately went to open it and almost fell out of his chair. A number. He had gotten Jaegerjaques freaking number!



Title:Re: Hey


I'm leaving in ten minutes, just thought I'd log in to say bye.

And to give you my number, just in case you'd like to chat.

I mean, who knows, I might get horribly bored out here!

I was tricked into coming along, after all.

The number was typed in at the bottom of the message, staring back at Keigo's wide eyes as if the numbers were mocking him. Really, he'd gotten someone's number! Just straight out of nowhere! That's just so cool! But… would he ever dare to actually phone this Jaegerjaquez?


Three days went by and he was practically bored out of his mind. Playing games was only fun for so long when there's no one to play with, and he didn't have any books left to read – hell, he didn't even have any homework to busy himself with. What should he do?

If he went for a walk he'd probably get mugged or beaten on the streets, so that was out of the question. Trying to get one of his so-called friends to come over was also out of the question. So what could he possibly do? Well, he could…

… No, he couldn't. Could he? What if it was a bogus number and he'd end up calling some pervert or something! Well, if it was then he'd just say he dialled wrong number and hang up (his number is hidden anyway, one score for being paranoid). But what if he interrupted something important? That would be so embarrassing. Maybe he should send a text message first? No, then he would come off as a wimp, that's definitely not positive. But he was too much of a coward; he simply couldn't pick up his cell-phone and make the call.

Brown eyes glanced at his clock on the computer – 22:17. Was it too late to call? He had been trying all day to decide whether or not he should call, but he simply wasn't getting any answer from anywhere. If he called now it probably wasn't too late, seeing as they used to chat to midnight every evening, but maybe Jaegerjaquez was busy… What if Keigo called in the middle of something and ruined everything?

No, he's been a coward all his life, and Jaegerjaquez was constantly telling him to toughen up – that's definitely what he should be doing. Anyway, if he made a fool of himself it was easy to just delete his account in that chat-room, his number wouldn't be traceable and no one was home to watch or hear him. That settles it, then. He grabbed his phone, plumped down on his bed and forced his fingers to dial the number he had saved in his phone under the name Jaegerjaquez and held the phone to his ear with a very shaking hand. On signal… two… three. Perhaps it was for the best if Jaegerjaquez didn't-


Fuck, shit, damn! Any little bit of courage was officially blown away as the receiver picked up the phone and replied.

"Hello?" the same voice repeated a little firmer this time. "Anyone there?" It was a male voice, sounding rather annoyed and… more mature than Keigo did. "Fuck, if ya're not gonna talk then-"

"U-uhm, h-hi." Could one possibly stutter more than Keigo does when he's nervous? The other end got very quiet, save for the loud noises in the background from lots of people talking – it sounded like it could be a party. "E-eh, you g-gave me your number, I t-think." That sounded more stupid than it had done inside Keigo's head, he just knew this wasn't turning out well. "D-delicate raiser." There was another silence that followed, making Keigo believe that maybe it was the wrong number, or maybe the receiver simply hadn't been listening or heard him at all. He was making a fool of himself, yep.

"Oh!" the male voice practically screamed in recognition. "Why the hell didn't you say so to begin with!"

"Eh, I just… thought it would sound… too cheesy." If he answered the phone and someone said 'Hi there, I'm Delicate Raizer' he would've changed number immediately.

"Hah, maybe you're right! Oh, hang on just a moment." Keigo waited, shaking so bad he thought the bed would break, listening as Jaegerjaquez told someone he was 'getting the fuck away from them' and then bid them all a goodnight. Moments later the sounds of the other people were dying down and the voice of the male who called himself Jaegerjaquez returned. "Ya saved me from being tortured to death in boredom, man. Shit, I could barely hear a word you said in there with them loud idiots." Keigo had a feeling it wasn't just because of surrounding noise, he had probably been whispering more than speaking, but he chose not to say that. "Thought you'd never call, though. Whazup?"

"Eh, I just…" What would he say now? This was so different from typing messages on a computer. "I was just… bored."

"That's always the case with us, ain't it." Yes, that's why Jaegerjaquez had started writing to him in the first place – boredom at university evening-classes.

Through the phone Keigo could hear keys being inserted in a lock, then a door opening and closing, always followed by some strange (annoyed?) sound from the male on the other end of the line, and finally a relieved sigh as he probably sat down or something. The silence was tense, though, as if neither knew what to say now that they were speaking instead of writing. Was this always the case, or was it maybe because of slight disappointment that Jaegerjaquez obviously wasn't a hot female?

"So…" Jaegerjaquez interrupted Keigo's drifting thoughts. "Wha'cha been up to this week?"

"P-playing games, going m-mad, nothing unusual," he replied, trying to get back to his normal self, imagining it was just Mizuiro he was talking to; that would've been a lot easier.

"Do you always stutter?" came the very blunt question, startling Keigo. "It's just… you don't stutter when ya type." Now, it could've just been his imagination, but Keigo was sure he could hear a murmured 'obviously' as if the other male too could hear the stupidity in his own words.

"Eh, I… I just stutter when I'm nervous."

"Oh?" The guy immediately took the bite, any previous discomfort forgotten. "Do I make you nervous?" He sounded terribly amused and pleased with himself.

"I-I mean, it's… It's not every day I call someone I hardly know. I didn't even know if…" Oops, he had trailed off, almost saying something he was sure he shouldn't.

"Hm?" Jaegerjaquez inquired. "'Didn't even know if' what?" Although Jaegerjaquez couldn't possibly see Keigo's blush the brown-haired teen was embarrassed that he reacted that way. "Didn't know if I was a male or female?" the other filled in, spot on. "Well, that's part of the thrill, ain't it?" He laughed, but not evilly or anything, just… honestly genuine. "Besides, does it matter?"

"N-no, I suppose it doesn't." And it shouldn't. Even if it wasn't a hot girl he could possibly hope would have slightly bad eyesight so he could have a shot at her, maybe he could at least get a new friend out of this.

For about an hour they talked about anything and nothing, just like they would if they would've been in front of their computers typing messages; neither of them noticing how late it was getting or how much this call would cost the High scholar. Well, that is until Keigo's door suddenly burst open, causing him to give a highly unmanly scream and dropping his phone beside him on his bed.

"It's all your fault, Keigo!" his sister barked, angry and about ready to explode, pointing a very scary finger at her younger brother. "You're a curse, Keigo, a curse! Do you hear me?!" Nodding to save his skin, Keigo hugs a pillow to shield himself from a possible assault on his frail body as his sister goes on and on about how his mere existence ruined her life and that because of him she never got any boyfriends and so on. She must've ranted five minutes flat before slamming his door shut without another word.

Too shocked to function Keigo just sat there, staring at his door as if it would burst open again and he'd get something rather hard thrown at his head, but before that happened he heard a low voice from somewhere. Realizing he was still talking on his phone when his sister started cursing him out he immediately picked up his cell-phone.

"Eh, yeah… Sorry about that, my sister, she's…" Well, how does one describe her?

"She's fucking scary, dude."

"I know!" That must've sounded too much like he was about to cry, so he cleared his throat before continuing. "I best be off before she gets another fit."

"Aight, man. Hey, don't be a stranger now! Call again if you'd like – seeing as I don't have your number yet – and if not then I'll write when I get home. Bye!"

After they hung up Keigo sat there, reflecting on the call. He didn't know what to think of the guy, but he enjoyed the attention he was getting.

A lot later, as he was getting ready for bed, he recalled the last part Jaegerjaquez had told him and felt like an idiot once again. Grabbing his phone he opened a text message.

Hey, it's me, Delicate Raizer.

So, here's my number, anyway. Goodnight.

He lay down, hoping it wouldn't be too difficult to fall asleep, but he had just settled his head on the pillow when his phone gave off a beeping noise, signalling he had gotten a message. Confused he reached for it and opened the message.

Finally, thought I'd never get it.

Sweet dreams, Keigo.

The usage of his name took him a little off guard but then his sister had been screaming it at him so it would've been odd if Jaegerjaquez hadn't caught on to it.


Two days later Jaegerjaquez called Keigo around the same time he had called him the other day, and they spoke about nothing in particular but it was easier this time to talk. After that they didn't talk for a few days, and school would start the day after again. Keigo was just getting ready for bed when his phone started ringing, scaring him half out of his own body. It read 'Jaegerjaquez' on the display, confused he replied.

"Hey! Thought I'd call instead of typing, seeing as you ain't online at the moment. Did I wake you?"

"Uhm, no, I was awake." Only half a lie, he hadn't fallen asleep even though he had been close.

"Cool. I just got home, a little later than I thought I would. Do you have your computer on?"

"Uhm…" No, he didn't. "Why?"

"Got somethin' to show ya."

"Oh, uhm, eh, yes." He shot out of bed, putting his computer on and hoping the beeping sounds of it starting wouldn't reach the other's ears. "Yes, I've got my computer on, I'm just gonna…"

"No stress, man, it can wait if you're busy."

"No, it's fine, I-"

"Shut up, Keigo! I'm trying to sleep here!"


"Let me guess… Your sister?"

"Yeah." Finally, computer on and ready to use – thank god for quick connection! "So, what did you want to show me?"

"Oh, just log onto the chat-site."

Keigo did as Jaegerjaquez instructed and the first thing he can see is a flash-message saying 'one new friend-request' in big letters. Blinking dumbly he opened his friends-list and in the waiting list he read the very name of the person on the other end of the phone. Not knowing what he's supposed to say he simply accepts the request and adds it under the column of "internet friends" without adding a description of their relation because he wouldn't even know where to start.

"Finally!" Jaegerjaquez announces. "Now, what I really wanted to show you was a picture. So go to my gallery and I'll tell you which one I mean."

Feeling more than a little stupid Keigo press the other's username and is immediately redirected to Jaegerjaquez profile, now filled with text and… an image. Stunned at what is presented before him Keigo completely forgets that he is on the phone and just stare at the image of his online/phone-friend.

He's an undoubtedly handsome guy, to say the least. No, handsome isn't the right word for it, but he'd be damned if he'd sit there and stare to find the right word to describe the guy he's been talking with for little over two months. He's got light blue spiky hair and electric-blue eyes, lined with green markings in the outer edge, and as if to be a little bit too eccentric he's got half a jawbone of some animal fastened on his right cheekbone. They guy looks like a model!

"Oi, d'ya fall asleep?"

"Uh, s-sorry, I was… reading you-"

"Yeah, yeah, stop checking out my profile and go to my gallery." It sounded as if the guy was grinning as he said that, which only caused Keigo to blush deeply for some unknown reason.

He was met with a gallery filled with images in albums, which meant there could be up to fifty pictures in each album. Shit, the guy sure knew how to update his profile! He tried not to focus too much on any particular album since he didn't know which one he was requested to look in yet.

"Which one?" he asked, trying to sound as normal as possible without letting his nervousness show through his voice – why was he nervous anyway?

"Right, enter the last added album. It's from the trip, but I'm sure you can spot immediately what I wanted to show you."

Doing as instructed he was met by incredible photos taken on some mountain, showing landscapes beyond imagination. There were also people on some pictures but Keigo chose not to ask who they were, it was none of his business anyway. Rolling down, a few pictures from inside a cabin, some with Jaegerjaquez and some of other guys and a few girls – probably not what the guy wanted to show him. Then… At the bottom of the album he saw it, what it had to be what Jaegerjaquez wanted to show him.

"Gah, you got it before me!" he screamed, completely forgetting about his sister trying to sleep in the next room; though he immediately put a hand over his mouth as soon as realization hit him.

"Heheh, yup! Haven't played it yet, though. Gonna do that tomorrow. Jealous?"

"I so am! Aww, now I really want to buy it!" It's the latest game in a series of games they both enjoy playing, and had talked about the new game since the first day they spoke.

"Well, until you do I will gloat in the fact that I've got it and you don't. I'm gonna let you go to bed now. Oi, don't forget I got evening-class tomorrow! Keep me company online!"

"As always." That sounded too weird. "Uh, see you." Ugh, that didn't sound good either. "Goodnight." He heard the other laugh genuinely before he ended the call, turning his computer off at the same time.

Shit, his new friend was a model with good taste in games. Huh? Damn, he's thinking too much, and he didn't even get to read the information on his profile! Gah, what if he'd terminate their friendship again so he wouldn't be able to read his information and check his other photos!

… Fuck. It's too late for this. Damn, he's even beginning to curse as much as Jaegerjaquez!

School was just like every other day – boring. They got an unannounced test that completely threw most of them, had to sit through a two hour session listening to a boring old hag talk about whatever it was she was talking about, but all Keigo could think about was how to get his hands on that game as soon as possible. He just knew that while he was being tormented in school, Jaegerjaquez was playing the new game since he didn't have to go to university until that afternoon – it was still not fair.

On his way home Keigo rode by the game-shop – the game hadn't gotten there yet. He asked the shop-employee to keep one in store for him once it did get there and only because he was a regular in the shop was he granted that favor. Beaming with joy he rode on his bike all the way home with a bright smile on his face, feeling happier than he had in a long time.

When he got home and turned on his computer, logging onto the same chat he had done the last two months, he almost immediately got a message from Jaegerjaquez stating how fun the new game was – gloating, indeed. But in-between messages and schoolwork Keigo got incredibly curious as to read Jaegerjaquez' info, seeing as he hadn't terminated their relation on the site. Feeling more than a little stupid for doing it, Keigo entered the other's profile, met by the same image from yesterday, and began reading.

Apparently Jaegerjaquez was 3 years older than him, but that was about the only new information he got out of the text as the rest was about games he played and music and stuff like that. Feeling even more stupid than before he went into the guy's gallery to continue roaming the albums, opening one randomly.

There were many images of the blue-haired guy known as Jaegerjaquez, showing him off as a tall and muscular guy with a shit-eating grin often plastered on his face. He's exactly what Keigo would imagine girls find sexy. He would admit to himself that he felt kind of… a lot… jealous that he didn't have a body like that – not too muscled and not too lean – but he would never say it to anyone else. Even Ichigo should with his right mind feel slightly jealous.

Most images were from parties and therefore had a lot of people on them, though one particular image caught Keigo's interest. Jaegerjaquez was standing outside by a road, looking nothing but bored, and next to him was a sign stating… Karakura Town.

"What?!" No, that's too creepy. The site they've been chatting on doesn't require knowing location of the user so it had never crossed Keigo's mind that they could live in the same town. But maybe he had just been visiting? Yes that had to be the case. He had never seen a guy with blue hair in Karakura, so… But Karakura is bigger than many thinks and Keigo only travel from his home to school and to the local store in the neighborhood, he rarely see much else. Shit… The beeping of his phone stating he'd gotten a text message brought him out of the worst shock.

Oops, I got myself thrown out of class for not paying attention. Ah, can't be helped. Guess I'll just have to play a little more of that game today then, ey.

Keigo held no doubt in his mind what so ever that Jaegerjaquez hadn't planned on being thrown out of class from the very beginning. Though while his brain was still slightly in a confused state he replied with a question that later made him regret it.

Where do you live?

He had just pressed 'send' when he realized what he had written. He was staring at his phone in disbelief as if blaming the phone for not stopping him from sending it when his phone made another beeping noise, startling him so that he threw the cell-phone before he knew what he was doing. He watched in horror as it flew through the air and landed with a re-bounce on top of his unmade bed. Though it took a lot of will power for him to actually go over and read the message he had gotten.

Heh, that desperate for a game, huh.

I live in a shit-hole called Karakura. Heard of it?

Fuck. "Sweat-drop" was an understatement, Keigo felt as if he was bathing in sweat. He reread the message five times before deciding that he had to give an honest answer.

Know it – I live there.

He didn't know what else to reply and before he knew what was happening his phone was ringing. He didn't receive a message, no… Jaegerjaquez was calling him. Shit. Was this just another set-up? Well, he had to answer, the guy knew he had his phone close by since he only sent a text message only seconds ago.

"Uhm, hey!" he sheepishly replied, not knowing what came over him, he sounded like a nervous little girl standing on a stage to give a speech for the very first time.

"Yo, you shitting me? You live in Karakura too?" He sounded truly surprised, maybe he really hadn't known.

"Uh, yeah."

"Whoa, that's freakin' awesome, dude!" Really? Keigo thought it was pretty creepy. "Oi, I just got a great idea!"