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Time for Bed

How much had he drunk? He thought looking at the empty whiskey tumbler, and feeling decidedly shaky.

"Is there anything else sir?" enquired the barman, praying he said no.

Staring at his watch, he couldn't focus to see the time, "Ere, what time's it?"

"Just gone one Sir"

"Right" he said swaying as he stood and walked away from the bar. "Suppose I should try to get some sleep" he grumbled.

"I wondered where you'd got to?" said Tina, clearly a little more sober than earlier in the evening.

"Er yeah" replied Gene

"You going to bed?" she said with a twinkle in her eye. Gene raised an eyebrow, he was being offered 'it' on a plate.

"Yes love" he said gruffly, pouting.

"I'll come with you" and with that she'd linked arms with him and pulled him towards the lifts.

Looking at his key it took him a few minutes to focus on what room number he was in, room 75. Pressing the call button for the lift, his mind wandered back to Alex, "Stop it" he mumbled to himself. Here had a pretty woman offering herself to him and all he could think about was Alex bloody Drake.

The doors opened, Gene practically fell out of the lift, dragging Tina with him. "Which room are you in" she asked


They started to walk down the corridor, Gene had a feeling in the pit of his stomach, something wasn't right.


Alex lay pinned to the bed, she'd given up fighting Evan, tried to imagine being somewhere else, 2008, with Molly, she missed Molly so much she'd give anything to be with her right now. But Molly was safe with... Evan. She gasped at the thought of her precious daughter with that man, with this man, it crashed her back to reality, she had to fight, had to fight him. Mustering all her energy, she started wriggling, kicking her legs, but he was too strong, he had the advantage, pinning her down with the weight of his body, not releasing the grip on her wrists.

"Evan, please stop" she whispered. He did, pulled back gave her a smile making her shudder, before assaulting her mouth with his. She bit him hard on the lip, causing him to yelp.

"You stupid cow" he spat. Shit she'd never seen this side of him, closing her eyes her thoughts turned to Gene, he always went where he was needed. Evan released the grip from one of her wrists; her eyes snapped open, just in time to see his raised hand hurtling towards her face. She shouted out as his hand made contact with her cheek.

"I said get off me" she screamed, her cheek was stinging, but she at least had one free arm to fight back with.


Gene snapped out of his drunken stupor and practically threw Tina to one side, "Bolly?" he said, hearing her muffled screams.

"Where you going?" asked Tina, upset and confused by his second rejection of the night.

"Where I'm needed" he said as he kicked in the door where he'd heard her voice coming from.

The sight that met his eyes stunned him for a second, that bloody bastard touching his Bolly, he launched himself towards him, ripping Evan from the top of Alex, he punched him in the face there was a loud crack followed by Evan screaming as the blood spurted from his nose. Gene carried on punching him in the stomach, head, face anywhere he could, as Evan dropped to the floor, Gene started kicking him.

"Gene" Alex shouted, "Don't" her eyes wide with fear.

Gene looked down at the bloodied mess of a man on the floor, grabbing him, he hauled Evan to his feet, "You EVER touch Alex again, I will fucking kill you" he dragged Evan to the door, and threw him out, causing him to crash against the wall in the corridor, "Sorry love" Gene said to a gobsmacked and blood splattered Tina, "Think you should go to bed, eh?" Tina didn't say a word, just nodded, and scuttled off down the corridor. Gene looked down at Evan, if Alex hadn't been there, he would have killed him, he slammed the door shut.

Alex sat up, hugging her legs into her chest, tears streaming down her face, rocking back and forth. Gene sat next to her, "Bolls?" he said softly, "Alex?" he said, trying to get a response from her.. She turned to him, her make up now a streaking mess down her face, her cheek red and angry from where Evan had hit her, but she still looked beautiful in his eyes.

"You came" she whispered, "You.. you" she started, gulping down sobs.

"C'mere" said Gene, raising his arm. She buried her head in his chest and placed a hand on his heart, the steady rhythmic beating comforted her, it calmed her down. "Thank you" she said.

"I told you Bolls I go where I'm needed" he gave her a small squeeze and planted a kiss on the top of her head. She smelled good, bloody 'ell not now you insensitive bastard he thought. "C'mon Bolls, time for bed I think" he said moving his arm from around her.

"Stay" she whispered, face still pressed into his chest, "I don't want to be alone" she looked up at him, her big green eyes red and puffy.

"Course I'll stay Bolly" She slowly stood up and walked to the bathroom.

"Won't be a minute" she said giving a weak smile.

What if I'd left it another minute? Gene felt the anger bubbling inside him, 'don't think about that now' he said to himself. He took his suit jacket off, and kicked off his shoes, bloody shoes, wasn't wearing them again.

Alex stood in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to compose herself. She placed a hand to her swollen cheek and grimaced, how could he have done that? He'd always been so kind to her, she could feel the tears welling up again, but she blinked them away. Gene was here, her Gene, she was safe now. She slipped off her dress and put on the oversized men's striped pyjamas. She'd found them in the flat, probably Gene's she mused.

The bathroom door opened, Gene looked up and saw her, wearing pyjamas, his bloody pyjamas, he looked her up and down, eyes finally resting on her face, "Ere, been lookin' for them" he said. Bloody 'orrible, he thought, but on her they looked good, she could wear a bin bag and still look stunning.

Alex looked down at the pyjamas, and then over at Gene, who was only wearing his boxers and vest, she couldn't help but stare open mouthed.

"You enjoyin' the view?" he asked.

She felt her cheeks flush crimson, "Oh do shut up Gene" she said trying to act nonchalantly, but failing miserably. Walking over to the bed, deliberately brushing passed him; she slid into bed and lay down. She suddenly felt incredibly awkward; she was going to bed with Gene, the Guv, her bloody DCI. Not like that though, she thought disappointed. "Hmm.. disappointed" she muttered.

Gene looked down at himself, "Well I'm sorry if I 'disappoint' you" Gene said hurt clearly visible on his face.

"What?" Shit had she said that out loud? "No I didn't mean that, I, er, never mind" well done Alex, how you going to talk your way out of this one?

What was she disappointed for? Did she find him that repulsive? What does it matter anyway, she wants you here, as a friend. He walked round to the other side of the bed, pulling the duvet back he got in and laid down next to her. He could just reach out, touch her, make everything ok for her; no she wanted you here as a friend, that's all.

Alex turned her head and looked at Gene, she could tell he was thinking, she shuffled over to him, instinctively he lifted his arm and put it round her, she lay her head on his chest.

Bloody 'ell, he thought, now he definitely 'ad the 'orn, think of something else, Ray dancing in a bikini, holding onto that thought he hoped it would be enough of a deterrent for his body not to oust his secret lust for her.

Her stomach was doing somersaults, his 'man stink' invading her nostrils, she wanted him. She was shocked at her own admission. 'But should you do anything about it?' after the events of this evening she needed him, he made her feel safe. She lifted her head to look at him.

Gene looked down as he felt her raise her head, "What's the matter Bolls?" he asked.

"I just wanted to say thank you"

"No probl..." was as far as he got with his sentence, she had pressed her lips against his. No amount of imagining Ray dancing in a bikini could hide his lust for her now, 'it wasn't just that though was it Gene?'

Breaking the contact she looked into his blue eyes she smiled at him, "Thank you" she said relaxing into his arms, for the first time since she'd arrived in this world she felt truly happy.



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