AbNaGbEyL's Challenge: Harry Potter/ Twilight 'Harry Whitlock' Challenge

Shortly after his fifth year, Harry's Aunt and cousin die in a car crash, leaving him without any ties to hold his blood wards in place. In desperation, Dumbledore uses a spell to locate his next closest relation in hopes of re-establishing the wards to keep Harry protected.

However, Jasper Whitlock-Cullen wasn't exactly what he had in mind when it came to protection.


He was Harry's only 'Living' relative.

Obviously, this is a HP/T crossover. Don't add any other book/movie/etc.

Slash preferable, but not required.

Summary: An accident leaves Harry with no-one to hold the blood wards, in one last attempt Dumbledore finds one relative. Only to find that Jasper Hale is a vampire, not his best choice. But Harry leaves and finds himself with a family and a love. SLASH ECHP

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Chapter One: It's a sad picture

"Excuse me, Mr. Potter?" Harry turned to the nurse beside him; her curly red hair was in disarray under the cap. She looked at him almost pityingly, Harry hated it when people looked at him with pity, it was almost as bad as when people looked at him with the admiration for something he barely remembered.

"Yes?" he replied quietly, her blue eyes were sad as she uttered the next words.

"Perhaps you and I could talk for a bit?" She said as she led him over to a bleak room. It was all white with metal chairs and a table, the nurse gestured to the chairs and he sat down.

"I'm afraid Mr. Potter that Petunia and Dudley Dursley were unable to make it through the surgery and that they both died from the wounds that they sustained. Vernon Dursley did live, however he is now in what we believe to be a permanent coma. The doctor's think he is brain dead. I'm sorry." She said, Harry nodded and she left him alone in the room.

Twenty minutes later Harry hadn't moved and her words were repeating through his mind: died, died, died like a mantra. He may not have particularly liked the Dursley family but he didn't wish them death. He tugged at his hair lightly to try and dispel the mantra but it wasn't working. He half-laughed half-sobbed when he realized he had no-one to take him in, Petunia and Sirius were dead. They were the only two that had any claim to him. He supposed he could live with the Weasley's for a while, but too much time with them might drive him crazy now that Fred and George had moved out. He looked up when he heard the screeching of the chair against the floor. A tall thin man was looking at him intently, he had greased back hair and his eyes were shining unnaturally. To Harry this man was like a tall, thinner and more angular Severus Snape, give or take a creepy aura.

"Harry Potter? My name is Leonard Halson, I specialize in wizarding affairs, I have been assigned to your case by Albus Dumbledore. Mr. Dumbledore has reviewed your case and after some deliberation has found a living blood relative of yours to take you in for the remainder of the summer whilst he petitions for your guardianship at the Ministry." He said, Harry shivered at the way that Halson rolled his r's it was similar to how Voldemort hissed his s's.

"What about the wards?" He asked quietly, Halson blinked for a moment before the man's face lit up in understanding.

"Well, according to Mr. Dumbledore, the relative will need to be around you on the three days surrounding your birthday to keep your wards safe, however it will be requested that you stay with your relative for the first holidays at least." Harry sighed.

"So, who am I staying with?" He asked.

Jasper Hale was written on the piece of parchment in front of Dumbledore. He sighed in defeat as he read the name for what seemed like the hundredth time. Harry was staying with the Weasley family while he waited for the elusive Mr. Hale to turn up at Hogwarts to be sure he was a true relative of Harry Potter. Dumbledore had cast the spell in a moment of desperation and was shocked to find that Lily Evans actually did have a living relative, and a magically inclined one at that. The doors opened quietly and in walked a tall, lean male. His hair was a dark blond, honey like in color, his eyes were haunted and golden and he had some scars on his body that Dumbledore could barely make out. But that wasn't what Dumbledore was worried about, he could tell from the moment Jasper walked in. Everything gave it away: his grace, his facial expression, the slight shadows under his eyes and the way he avoided full sun. Jasper Hale, Harry Potter's new guardian, was a vampire.

Harry drummed his fingers on the table absent-mindedly, waiting for Dumbledore or someone to bring news about this Hale guy. Ginny was watching him from the stairs and to be frank it was starting to irritate him. Just that little bit. He resisted a smirk when she jumped as Fred and George apparated next to him. They both raised an eyebrow at him and in a blink he was in their old room.

"What is it?" He asked immediately, both twins blinked innocently.

"What makes you think we have done anything?" Fred asked, Harry rolled his eyes and both twins laughed.

"We tried this new expansion of the extendable ear." George started.

"And we found some… information about your Hale." Fred finished, Harry nodded telling them to continue.

"It turns out that Dumbledore doesn't want you to stay with him anymore."

"Said that he would find his own way around the wards."

"He thinks that Jasper Hale is too dangerous for you to be staying with, Hale was a bit…"

"Split minded about what was going on but he definitely was going to take you in."

"Said that he remembered your mum, even though he's only about eighteen or something." George said with conviction. Harry's eye twitched and he stalked out of the room towards the fireplace.

Jasper Hale looked at Dumbledore without an inch of respect, this man had called him all the way from Forks, a nine hour flight full of sweating, stinking humans, to discuss the upbringing of a fifteen year old kid, only to discover that Dumbledore hadn't bothered to find out that he wasn't human and therefore wasn't a safe option for the kid to stay with. His eyes had darkened to pitch black and he smiled when he felt the touch of fear around the old man. Granted, Dumbledore was a lot younger than Jasper, but he had the advantage of being near the age of a teenager forever. The door banged open and Jasper was greeted with the sight of a very angry boy that had the familiar eyes of Lily Evans. The young boy stalked down towards Dumbledore, Jasper almost winced at the turbulent emotions rolling of the young boy. He stopped when he noticed Jasper, his guard was up but he was intrigued by the newcomer.

"Tell me professor, do you really think that you can stop me going with last blood relative?" Harry whispered but it seemed to echo around the halls. Dumbledore paled slightly at the words.

"No Harry," he started, "I just think that Mr. Hale is not the best candidate to look after you."

"But I thought it was only temporary, sir. I thought that it was only this summer and a few days a year." Harry continued, Jasper inwardly applauded his discreet disrespect for the headmaster. "I want to go with him."

"Harry, I can't condone this. It is safer to be-"

"Safer?" Harry laughed almost wildly. He walked over to Jasper. "I'll be going with you Mr. Hale. I'm being tracked down by a psychopath and my bedroom was a cupboard under the stairs professor. What's a little vegetarian vampire?" He said turning to Dumbledore, a wild look in his eyes. Dumbledore held his gaze before he was forced to look away. Jasper placed his hand on Harry's shoulder and led him away softly.

"What do you need to bring with you?" he asked softly.

"Nothing," Harry said, "I'm ready, just take me away."

Well... you likey? This is my first attempt at: TwilightxHarry Potter, slightly angsty characters and Jasper... and bashings... Tell me what you think and hopefully this will increase in length.


Evil-Sami-Poo's Author's Note:

No. 1: Hey I love all of you who like this story and reviewed and alerted! Thank you so much, I'm doing the NaNoWriMo this month so I'm afraid that I won't be able to write the next chapter until after December starts. Sorry!

No. 2: There is a new poll in my profile about this story so I hope that you will vote in it! Quick explanations:

Bella never arrived in Forks and stayed with Phil and Renee: No involvement of Bella in this story
She leaves for Phoenix and never bothers them again: Bella leaves near the beginning of the story and you never see her again
Bella moved, but never got into a romantic relationship with Edward: Bella is just a girl at the school that doesn't have much real significance or becomes a friend of Harry
Bella is an antagonist and tries to keep Edward and Harry apart etc.: Typical TwilightxHP Bella who hates Harry and tries to keep the two apart through out the story before they get together
Bella is over Edward, gets her own boyfriend and tries to set up Harry and Edward: Bella and Edward break up and the Cullen's leave, but Bella gets over it quickly and attempts to set up Harry and Edward, Harry and her are really close and she will be the main instigator of Dumbledore and Ginny bashings through out the story.

(This was in a separate chap but I changed it because of the guidelines)