This could be about any number of people - not necessarily in the Bones universe. Still, when I re-read this, I just thought of Booth and Brennan.

I don't own Bones, and as this is unbeta'ed, I apologize for any mistakes.

Too close.

It is the only thought that enters my mind as we stand there on the pavement, not really talking, but not really being silent either.

You are too close to me. There is a new tension in the air. Neither of us know how to act, so we both just continue to look ahead of us, waiting to be picked up.

But we both feel it.

It doesn't feel bad, necessarily – in fact, as a warmth spread through my body, I thought it actually felt quite good.

But it's wrong. And dangerous – so dangerous. If we were going to stay like this much longer, I would do something I would regret. Or you would do it. One of us would.

You shift and your arm brushes against mine. I should not have felt anything – it was just one clad arm against the other, and yet, I imagine feeling little flashes of electricity, and suddenly I'm almost hot.

Hot for you.

The thought registers, but I can't think straight anymore. You are shuffling closer to me until we are pressed against each other, and I think I will burst from the tension.

What is your plan?

Maybe you are just cold; maybe you are just trying to find some more warmth.

But maybe you were not just cold.

How could I know? I contemplate that question as we stand there, trying desperately to get my mind to think about anything other than how close we are. We had never been this close before – we always kept a physical distance. Maybe out of fear.

But now you raise your arm to rub your neck, and then – I freeze – your arm is around my shoulders. And you pull me closer to your body – closer to the glorious heat.

And I don't know what to do – whether to stay or go, fight or flee. I am dazed. I can not think straight – why do you have such an effect on me?

And why – why – can I not fight it?

You turn. Slowly, maybe so as not to startle me, but I notice anyway. Then you are standing in front of me – and looking at me with intense eyes, eyes that asked only one question –

And I answer.

What do you think?! Fitting for Booth and Brennan?