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Dancer of the Shadows

Red eyes twinkle

Green skin glows

Energetic movements

She gracefully holds a pose

Leather and gemstones

Made to fit tight

A slaving collar tinkling

Through the vague spotlight

Red lips for kissing

Sparkling white teeth

Once sharp pointed talons

Now cut short and neat

An exotic dance

Some lame human word

They lacked rich language

They lacked rich culture

They lacked the beauty of alien worlds

Barely even seen

Barely even heard

Alone on the dance floor

On a strange world

A female

A play thing

That's all she ever heard

Nothing but a doll

Stuck in a males twisted world

Lekku swinging to the beat

Legs leaping high

Arms helping her to balance

While her sore neck cried

She retired every day

She barely got a bed

Sleeping on the ground

With a blanket over her head

She wasn't a musician

She couldn't even sing

She usually danced to twi'lekian techno

Exotic dances weren't her thing

Lonely and cold

Starving and stiff

Sore muscles

Sore neck

Heart pounding

A dancer

A twi'lek

A female

That's all she had ever been

Where was her father?

Where were the guards?

Where was her mother?

Surely Nolaa was coming?

She slipped away

Into the crowd

Tried her best to stay hidden

But stayed proud

Her friend Lyn Me

Laughed and pointed from afar

So much for friendship

"What a big sister you are!!"

How she longed for the sun

To feel the soft hot sand

To feel the desert breeze

And the chance to fly off this land

She could have been Rutian

Trained as a yobana

She could have been Lethan

Trained as a lover

She could have been Tyrian

And stayed on Ryloth

But she had been born as a Tukian

Trained as an exotic dancer

A single flame in the darkness

Gave her final bow

Left the world

Became rancor chow

In a bright desert plane

Under the hot sun

Shadows appeared in the dust

Spirits of twilight

Danced in a line

A familiar figure

Graceful and fine

As the sunlight creased

And darkness fell

A single spirit stood

Red eyes twinkled

Green skin glowed

The dancer of the shadows

Slowly faded as a new dawn rose.