In math, x is a variable, therefore it has the potential to be any number according to the equation x + 2x = y, where x is the variable and y is the outcome dependant on x...

Dr. Thomas Light

October 21, 20xx

Who am I...?

Am I asleep...?

For the longest time all I've done is exist, but will this day be the day I finally know what I am...?

There was this white light just now, and now I'm seeing the images of a laboratory, and this man is standing over me. He has a white beard, brown eyes, and a humble, friendly smile.

"Good morning," he said to me, still with that smile. For some reason, I feel that I can trust him. No, I know I can...

"Who are you...?"

"My name is Thomas Light. I created you, so you could say that I'm your father of sorts."

"You created me...?"

"You are my greatest creation, the first one of your kind. For now just rest, I'll explain everything soon. Good night, X." and with that everything went black again. As my consciousness begins to fade, I think about the what he called me...


My name is.... X.....

The next time I wake up I'm able to move my right arm. It's blue, and has blue armor. The hand is white, and large.

"Well, what do you think?" the man from before asks me. I realize that I can also turn my head, so I turn to him to see him walking over to me. Am I lying down on a desk? "I thought white hands were a nice touch."

"You called me X, is that my name?"

"Yes, it is."

"But, that's only a letter."

"Well, it's more of a variable. Do you remeber when I said you were the first of your kind?" I nod slowly, "You are a special kind of robot not built with a base programming, meaning you aren't programmed to do a specific thing. Essentially, that means that you have the potential to be anything, just like in the equation x + 2x = y. X is the variable, and y is dependant on x, that's you."

"But why would you make a robot like me?" Funny, when I asked that he looked down in sadness.

"You see, I made a horrible mistake. Someone I cared about deeply was lost, all because he couldn't ignore his programming. I swore that I would never make that mistake again," as he spoke he turned to his left and looked at a picture. On the picture, he's with a boy with brown hair and a blue body suit, they look happy together.

"I'm sorry..."

"It's okay X, at least he died doing what he loved. (cough cough)"

"Are you okay Dr.?"

"I am getting a little tired. We'll talk more later. Good night, X."

And once again everything goes dark. Before my consciousness fades away completely, I think about what I learned from Dr. Light.

Unlimited.... potential...

I've woken up again, but this time I'm inside of a capsule. It's locked and I see Dr. Light from inside, but something's wrong. He's still smiling, but he looks weak.

"Dr. Light!"

"X, I'm sorry.... I can't.... keep going...."

"What do you mean?!"

"I'm dieing X......"

"Dieing? I don't understand!"

"I won't be able... to see the world you'll create.... I know you'll..... do the right thing...... Good bye..... X........"

"DOCTOR!!!!!!" it's too late.... I can't stay awake...... My consciousness is fading now.......