This is my first ever fanfic and I can't wait to see how it goes on! It's Reno/Yazoo with maybe some Kadaj/Yazoo as well.

Anyways, I wanna say thank you to my beta City Girl Dreamer!

Warning: Yaoi! Violence! Maybe some other stuff!

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So...on with the story!


The Turks had kept it all under wraps on how they had caught the three silver-haired brothers. No one knew how they did it, no one knew when they did it.

Rumours were speculated...most were based on the fact that whilst they were torturing Tseng and Elena, the other Turks had tracked them down and captured them that way. Other rumours spoke of the middle brother being caught first, whilst collecting young children, the other two followed shortly after, as they were desperate to be back with their brother.

Neither rumours were clear on how exactly they were caught and any information disclosed was vague and cryptic.

Their current location was in ShinRa's prison. Each were isolated in their own cell with nothing to comfort them and nothing to keep them safe.

They all took imprisonment very differently.

The youngest, Kadaj would hiss threats to them during the day, sometimes cackling with laughter as he described in vivid detail what Mother would do to them when she found out her favourite had been captured. However, during the night he would scream as nightmares overtook his mind. Usually he would cry out for Mother or Yazoo to come help him, sometimes it was Loz he wanted and once, on an extremely bad night he cried out for Cloud. It was clear to anyone around him that his unstable mind was crumbling away with each passing day. Kadaj was becoming more and more insane and no one knew when he would crack.

Loz, the eldest was unpredictable. Some days he would crawl into a corner and weep. Other days he would run up and slam his whole body into the metal door that cut him off from anyone else. No one knew what he would do next and that was what worried them. Whenever the eldest heard his baby brother crying out for him, his emotion's would run amok and he would cry noisy tears of pain and longing. Loz's emotions were getting more eratic by the day...he could usually control them but without either brother there to comfort him he would allow such emotions to rule his common sense, be them sadness, lonliness or anger.

Both brother's were the most troublesome and it was them that recieved the most attention. They were the ones that the Turk's had to look out for and keep an eye on. But for Reno it was different. He didn't mind the screaming and the least they were reacting to their imprisonment.

Yazoo, the middle child however, wasn't. That was what scared Reno the most.

The long-haired brother would lean against the floor with his knees brought up to his chest. His arms wrapped around his legs and hugged them close.

...that was it. He didn't scream, he didn't cry, he didn't threaten anyone. Yazoo would just sit there...completely quiet and completely still.

To Reno, it seemed that the middle brother would ignore his younger sibling's cries for him. He would ignore the loud sobs that his elder brother emitted...but then the Turk saw the silent tear that slipped down a pale cheek one night...

Reno realised that Yazoo had closed off the entire world and locked himself up into a shell. A shell that only Kadaj or Loz could break through...

A shell that Reno wanted to break through...and no matter what happened to him, he would break through that shell.

There's the prologue, next chapter will much, much longer I promise.

Hope you enjoyed it.