Ode To Misha

Author: Tara aka LovinJackson

Summary: A parody of the Australian Vegemite Song dedicated to Misha Collins. For all Misha Minions!

Disclaimer: Kripke owns Supernatural, Kraft owns Vegemite …All I own is my crazy, crazy thoughts LOL

We're happy little Misha Minions

As bright as bright can be.

We all listen to our leader

At breakfast, lunch, and tea.

Misha says we're growing

stronger every single week.

Because we love our Misha Collins.

We all adore our Misha Collins

He gives us purpose with every Tweet

A/N: Okay. This is nuts. I know it LOL Since Misha's last post on Twitter this idea popped into my head and it wouldn't leave me. I finally sat down tonight and wrote it. FYI? Unlike most Aussies I personally can't stand the taste of vegemite (I know very un-Australian of me LOL) Any Aussies will understand the significance of this jingle LOL Hope everyone can at least get a giggle out of this LOL

Also, in Misha news? Misha is another one of the guests (Beside Jim Beaver) at the "All Hell Breaks Loose" Aussie convention in May next year. Yes, Misha is coming back to Aus and I, for one, cant wait to meet the man again :) So this is an ode to our fearless leader LOL

Here is a link if you want to see the classic original Vegemite ad in the '60's where I took the jingle from …

http : // www . youtube . com / watch?v = 7pvo5oZWdQM

Tara x0x