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If you haven't read it already, I recommend 'Bella Swan: Kidnapper' written by Kambria Rain. It's probably one of the best I've read so far.

Summary: I stared at the beautiful creature before me, his skin pure yet pale, his eyes a striking green. He noticed me watching him, and he looked over at me, not smiling. I had never felt like this before. He was truly the most beautiful boy I had ever seen.


I stood there in silence, waiting for death to find me.

Would it be painful?

Would it be fast, swift, so I wouldn't feel a thing? There had been many times in my life that I imagined this moment. That he would find me and finish the job. But I had never, not once imagined it to be dying for the one I loved. The one I cherished. I hope he'll miss me. At least then I know he has my heart and his own died with mine.

The predator growled softly behind me, and I felt a sharp shiver travel up my spine. All I kept saying to myself was, it'll be over soon, no more pain. But the harder and harder I tried, the more I felt guilty of leaving him. I loved him so much, it was unbearable to think what he would be going through once it was finally over. An everlasting life of grief. I hoped he would forgive me- hoped one day he would understand why I did what I was about to do. Sacrifice myself for the sake others. I felt almost happy that the chase was finished, the predator would finally get what he wanted, and I my freedom.

I felt his breath at my cheek, wet and frantic, the thirst overcoming him. I closed my eyes and sighed, ready for him to take me as he took hold of me in his steel-tight grasp.

I just wish—just once, I could have said how much I loved him one last time.

Chapter One

It took several shouts for me to realise my mother was calling me. It wasn't the first time my mind had left earth completely and gone elsewhere, in fact to everyone now, except my mother, it was just a part of life. I sighed as I sat up slowly from my bed so as to avoid getting a head rush. As usual, I flopped back down on my pillow due to light-headedness anyway. It was kind of natural for me. I wasn't exactly lazy, just always—well—elsewhere. Away with the fairies as they say. I couldn't help it.

My mother tried everything, sending me to loads of clubs, giving me chores, and paying for music lessons, just to stop this 'dreamy' factor. Nothing worked. I still go to all the clubs of course. Mothers never really give up you see, or mine doesn't anyway. She worries a lot for my wellbeing.

"What would your boyfriend say," she often said. "When you're always daydreaming and never paying attention."

Like I'd ever have one of those! The word itself made me cringe. All that happened in relationships nowadays was snogging, breaking up, crying, more snogging, making up, more crying, sex. Then the cycle just went round again till they both get so bored they would both agree to end it there. No way was I going through that. My mother can dream.

"Isabella!" my mother's irritated voice yelled from downstairs. I groaned as I forced myself up again and dragged my feet across the floor out of my bedroom. This was the worst part of the day for me. Not the morning, oh no, that was probably the most enjoyable part, bolting out of the door for school. No no, for me it was the event mom liked to call 'reflection time.' You can probably figure out what it meant. I hated it. What was there to reflect on exactly? The reality of life? Regardless, every day at approximately five o'clock in the afternoon, mother would call us for monotonous meeting in the living room.

As usual, the weather was atrocious, freezing cold (I'd heard on the radio it was negative 7 degrees); I noticed the icicles hanging from the windowpanes outside on my way down the large flight of stairs leading to the entrance hall. Well that was Alaska for you. Really cold, really windy and not really that jolly at all- unless you liked snow of course, which I did. Snow had its beautifying moments. The destruction it caused afterwards is not so cool (no pun intended). For example, freezing my butt off as I feed the horses outside. Well you live and learn as they say.

My mother was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, her hands on her hips, her expression, as usual at this time of day, scolding. This wasn't the first time I'd belated her meetings. And trust me, it wouldn't be the last. I loved her of course, but her sense of logic was incredibly ludicrous. I wondered when she'd realise we were no longer in the 1970's.

Mom is definitely someone all the boys and men alike would dream of having as a girlfriend. She looks like me of course, just beautified more. Her skin is more olive coloured, despite the infrequent sun, and her hair is longer and thicker, her thick, black curls cascading down her shoulders, resting on her breasts. She was wearing a dark silk dress, which fit snugly across her waist and elegant legs. She wore a set of large golden bangles on her arms, which matched with the pair of earrings she wore as well. I have to admit I envy her for having such a figure. But then again, according to her, I was far too pretty to be 'unnoticed' by the boys.

Mom is extremely anxious about our relationships to come at school. When I say 'our', I mean my two pain-in-the-butt sisters, Tanya and Kate. Mom was insistent that we all found a partner once we were in first-grade high school. Or at least a guy we could rely on. She cared for our reputations too much I suppose, and just couldn't rest till she fixed us up with someone. She tried with me once and failed tremendously. The fact that he was actually my cousin escaped her notice apparently.

Then there was my oh-so-gorgeous adopted brother Jacob. He's an exception to other guys. He is undeniably hot and all the girls knew it. I can always rely on him to keep his mouth shut about what's going on at outside home. I adore him of course, but I can't go any further than that. That would be incest you see. I have no idea what life would be like without him. Mom adores him too and I swear sometimes it's as though she wishes she wasn't his mother. That freaks me out a little. Shouldn't have adopted him then should you? Then maybe I would have had a chance too.

Mom scowled up at me as she noticed the little smile creeping across my face.

"We're all waiting for you," she pointed out.

I rolled my eyes. "Be there in a mo. Need caffeine." I slid past her and stumbled over to the kitchen, feeling her eyes on my back. I went straight for the fridge at the far end of the room and took out a can of soda. Yeesh she was so persistent sometimes.

I think I should tell you know that our house, is big. I mean like mega-huge big. We have mother to thank for in this case. She's an actress, and earns at least five million just by holding a branded item for a magazine picture. My father Charlie however, stuck to local business. He's known as Chief Swan around here, and everyone in the whole of Alaska knows who he is, and we've only been living here for a few years. Partly because of mother-they've only just married you see-but generally because he's the bees-knees in Alaska, being the chief officer. My father's a diamond compared to mom. He often just lets us get on with what we want, so long as we're not up to too much mischief. That's the way I like it. But as they say, in every family, there's one nut. We seem to have three in this family. My mother, and my pain-in-the-butt sisters.

I gulped down the soda as I shut the fridge with my foot, checking the clock as I past it on my way out of the kitchen. Quarter past five. Right on schedule. Late for the session-again. Mom wasn't in the main hall waiting for me, which was a relief. The last thing I wanted was her eyes burning holes in my back as she follows me to the conference room. The door was slightly ajar, meaning they were all in there, waiting for me. Wondering why the hell I was doing this, I took a deep breath and went straight in.

They were all there, sitting around the large mahogany table in the centre of the gigantic room, mom at the front. They all turned as they heard me enter. I blushed as I closed the door behind me, and started towards them. Tanya and Kate were both in second grade, Tanya the eldest by a few months. They were both stunningly beautiful of course, and both knew it-unfortunately-very well. Most of the time, they spent in their bedrooms, completely absorbed in trying to look amazing for the boys. More fool them I say. Jacob was furthest away from the front of the table, which meant I could sit next to him instead of mom this time. He winked at me as I caught his gaze. I blushed a deeper red, smiling weakly in reply. Mom must have noticed, for her next notion didn't suit me at all.

"Come on Bella," she urged. "Tanya, move one seat down so she can sit next to me." Tanya made to get up and comply, when I retorted back in a hurry. "Mom it's alright, I'll just go sit next to Jacob."

Mom raised an eyebrow curiously. I sighed. Would she ever give in? Then Jacob came to the rescue.

"Mom I'm sure she'll hear just fine sitting next to me." Mom looked up, startled by his voice.

"Well I suppose—," she stuttered fretfully, god she was so childish. "Well alright then, hurry up Bella, we want to start."

I gave Jacob a gratified smile as I went and sat beside him, free from mother's clutches.

"Thanks," I whispered softly to him, shuffling the chair slightly to avoid being heard.

"I'm here for you," he whispered back, a smile in his voice.

I smiled to myself as I looked over at mom. She was fiddling around with various sheets of paper she had out in front of her, sorting them into different piles. Next would come her famous catch phrase—

"Well then children," she said, echoing my mouthed words, her voice playing an English accent. "Tell me your thoughts."

I fought the urge to say "I'm thinking right now that I could be somewhere else without having to do this crap," thinking what the consequences would be. Dire. I watched as she passed round the sheets from the different piles till we all ended up with five sheets each. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

The first sheet was the trig questions she had set us last session, with a mark out of fifty. I stared at my forty-eight-out-of-fifty mark in red pen on the top right corner of the sheet. What can I say, I like trig. It's pretty straightforward. And to me, school was heaven anyway. I peered over at Jacob's sheet. His was more complicated maths, being in third grade. I wasn't surprised by the fifty-out-of-fifty mark on his sheet in mom's neat handwriting. As well as downright handsome, Jacob was brainy.

The second sheet was a record of all the clubs I'd been attending; hockey & netball, athletics & cross-country, horse riding, Alaska's youth orchestra, street dancing, ice-skating, and basketball. Surely there was nothing to complain about there? My head was spinning already at the overload of homework, coursework deadlines and after-school clubs that I just couldn't take anymore.

The third sheet was about our pocket money, how much we owed mom, not that she needed it, and how much we had left to spend for the week. She gave at least one thousand dollars a week to use, so I had no idea why she had to check whether we were overspending, unless of course you were Tanya and spent all the money at high retail stores on the very day you got it.

The fourth was pretty self-explanatory; our interests right now, what we thought about life right now, blah blah blah. It was like primary school all over again.

The final one was empty, which mom basically asked us to draw or write what we were thinking. I sighed as I got on with filling in the sheets. This was so boring, and it happened every afternoon, without fail. Dad always arrived just as we finished coincidently, which he admitted himself one day, was done deliberately.

I immediately corrected my mistakes in my test. I never quite understood why teachers made us go over test papers they'd already marked. It's not like we can rewind time and re-sit the paper. Just a waste of time.

I read through my finance sheet once I had finished. I owed them nothing of course, and still had five thousand dollars from the last five weeks to spend. I really had nothing to buy these days, except for occasional birthday presents, there were a few major parties coming up I had to save up for. My own dreadful birthday was only a few days away, and it happened to be the day we were finally starting school, September 13th. Mom had been paying for home education for the past two years we had been here, and I suppose it was okay, since I always sat next to Jacob, but it did get boring. I suppose I missed hearing the school bells after each period had finished, and the canteen at lunch, although I guess our kitchen was a canteen itself. Now she'd somehow finally realised that school education was free and there was a school just by our doorstep. I couldn't be bothered to say, "I told you so," anymore. It was a waste of precious air.

I moved to the forth sheet with a soft groan. The first always made me laugh:
Are you happy?

No mom, I'm actually sick and tired of having to do this every blooming day when I could doing something worth while.

I let out a brief snigger at my thoughts and mom's eyes shot up to meet mine. I blushed and looked down straight away, not wanting to try her nerves this afternoon. So with an enduring sigh, I wrote:

Yes, spectacular.

I moved onto the next quickly before I could realise that was a complete and utter lie.

Do you have any interests right now?

Being anywhere outside this house.

I bit my lip to restrain the laughter building up as instead I wrote:


Another lie. I actually found it the most pointless subject anyone could learn. Since when do I need to know what other people think? I stared past mom's head at the clock on the wall behind her. Half past five. Only fifteen minutes had gone past? Time is cruel. The next question wasn't too bad:
Do you enjoy life right now?
That one was obvious:

Of course. Why wouldn't I?

Because my mother was making me do this in the first place, I was starting school again in a couple of days time, my sisters were due to hold a welcoming party, even though we were the freshmen, and my mother was on a hunt for-yet another-partner for me. I think I've made my point. I'd lied again. The remaining questions were all yes and no answers so I answered them in no time at all (lying in most of them), and moved on the final empty sheet.

This was probably the easiest one to do. Draw what you're thinking. I grabbed the pencil beside Jacob's elbow and started scribbling away. What was I thinking? A list of images zoomed past my head as to what I could draw. The icicles on the windowpane, mom's stern expression as I came down the stairs, Jacob's face smiling up at me—nope. I frowned, gnawing at the end of the pencil in thought. I loved drawing, it just always took me time to decide what. I considered it would just be a safe idea to draw something mom liked. My piano for example. I was almost diploma now, and mom loved hearing me play. The pianoforte was in the music hall, a present from mom and dad to me. It was a beautiful instrument after all, and I loved it to bits. With a satisfied nod to myself, I set to work.

As I drew, I remembered the first time I'd played to Jacob. I hadn't actually meant to; he had been listening behind the door. Then he had stepped in and applauded when I had finished. I had blushed and chided him for listening. He had then replied, "There's no need to be ashamed of playing something so beautiful."

I had been speechless and touched in a very special way that night. I would never forget it. I lightly shaded in the corners of the keys to make it look more realistic, adding hints of shade to the darker keys. Art really was fascinating. People had their own versions, all unique and as interesting as the others. I was inspired by it all. The freedom to do whatever you wanted. To draw a light on an apple's surface if you believed you saw one, a banana in hat if you felt like drawing one, a crease on a shirt if you wanted one. It was great. Freedom. Something I didn't have much of.

Once I'd finally finished, I leaned back and analysed my work of art. I liked it. It looked realistic enough, and the shading was good too. Then I felt Jacob turn his head to look beside me. He let out a low whistle and everyone looked up in response. All eyes followed Jacob's gaze to my drawing, and there were a mixture of gasps and wows, and even snorts, probably from Tanya.

I looked over at mom expectantly. She was always proud of my artwork. Thank God there was at least one thing she didn't moan about, otherwise I would have died. Mom stared at the piece of drawing with analytical eyes. I held my breath. Then she looked up at me with a large, beaming smile, and I could breath again.

"That's beautiful honey," she commented, her eyes warm and proud for once. "Is that what you were thinking about?"

I nodded, shrugging briefly. "I have an exam coming up." Mom looked almost at the verge of tears, but then again, she was a good actress.

"I'm so proud of you baby," she sniffed, wiping away fake tears. "That's why I just wish that there's someone out there for you."

I ignored that comment, resting my chin on my arms. Another advantage of drawing is that time flies when you do. It was now ten to six. Almost over.

"Alright everyone," mom finally announced after her tears had succumbed. "Pass your sheets down please." I piled up my pieces of paper and handed them to Jacob with a reproachful glare, he had started the drama after all. He smirked back at me before he turned away to pass the back the papers. Sometimes even he didn't think before he spoke. We all watched as mom read through our questionnaire replies, reading her ever-changing expressions. I couldn't help sniggering slightly when her delicate eyebrows shot right up her forehead. Probably reading Tanya's overdue repayment.

I was right.

"Darling Tanya," Mom groaned. "When are you going to learn that you can't buy a whole wardrobe's set of clothes every time you receive pocket money. You owe me over ten thousand dollars."

It was my turn to raise my eyebrows in shock. That was high even for her. What did she do? Go on a shopping spree during schooldays?

Tanya seemed unaffected by mom's 'polite' scolding. She folded her arms and examined her nails, completely oblivious to mother's voice. She was such a spoilt brat. Kate was sitting opposite her, looking over at her with an ' I told-you-so' look. She was a lot more sensible with her money I admit, but still spoilt. No way near as spoilt as Tanya though.

Tanya and Kate were also adopted into the family you see, so-thank god- they're not actually my actual flesh and blood, I just have to live in the same house as them. My mom chose them when I was in sixth grade in junior school. It was the worst day of my life. I knew straight away they were going to be spoilt rotten. My mom was in her prime at that time, and she gave them everything they asked for, which is why they're the way they are now. I blame mom and no one else. I was on my own with Jacob for a few years though and they were contrastingly the most awesome years of my life. Dad found him with mom all the way in La Push. I say good choice to you father. Being only four months older than me, he only just missed being in the same year. He used to drop me off to my first class, every day- without fail- giving me a quick kiss on the cheek, before sprinting off to his own class. It was great. We'd have lunch together as well, amongst our friends of course-we weren't antisocial- and then we'd walk home together too. That's probably why I like him so much. Those several years we spent together, we were never apart. I wander if it would have been the same for Tanya and Kate? I looked over at Tanya, who was staring over at mom, cheeks puffed out in a sulky manner. Maybe not.

I kept forgetting they weren't even on the same wavelength as me. I smiled to myself at my own private joke as I watched Kate discuss her spreadsheet with mom. At least with Kate, you could I suppose, try and reason with her. Tanya never took no for an answer. Ever.

Now incredibly bored, I picked up my pencil and starting drawing over my piano art piece. I risked a quick glance at Jacob through the screen of my thick, curly hair. He was busy drawing on his sheet of paper, his brow ever so slightly creased with concentration. I peered down at his sheet, curious. I gasped quietly in silent shock. It was a beautiful wild wolf, its large magnificent head raised proudly as it howled into the sky. There was a large full moon directly behind it, a beam of light shining over its body. It was so realistic, that I could almost hear its piercing howl breaking the silent air around me, searching for its soul mate. It was truly breath taking. His drawings usually were. That's the way it worked; I drew a very impressive drawing, and then Jacob goes a draws a masterpiece. I sighed as I watched him carefully draw in the detail of the eyes, the pupil dark and cunning, surrounded by a mysterious shade of grey. The pencil stopped moving. I held my breath and winced. I risked another glance at him, and felt my cheeks boil in pure embarrassment, as I looked straight into his eyes. He smiled down at me, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

"What?" he mouthed, his eyes teasing. I couldn't resist a smile.

"Nice wolf," I mouthed back, smirking up at him as I inclined my head towards his drawing. His smile widened slightly in reply and he shrugged appreciatively.

"It's nothing." We exchanged amused grins, both knowing it would best not to laugh out loud and alert attention.

Then I noticed the time. I bolted up from my seat, eager to leave. Mom looked up, eyebrows raised in alarm.

"Where do you think you're going?"
"It's six o'clock," I explained, indicating to the clock behind her. Mom turned to look behind her. Would I lie about something like that? I frowned as she turned back to face me, her face frustrated. It looked like I'd won. I made to leave the room when mom stopped me.

"Just a minute," she called, her voice calm and level. I closed my eyes as I twisted round again.

"You can wait another fifteen minutes to leave," she said. "You delayed the meeting anyway." Her words drove through me like a knife.

"Mother!" I cried reproachfully. Fifteen more minutes? I'd rather die.

Mom seemed unaffected by my exclamation. "You will stay for another fifteen minutes till I have spoken to you. Now please return to your seat."


"Now Isabella!"

I staggered over to the table, dragging my feet in utter defeat. This was like being given the death penalty. I slouched into my seat with a deep sigh of anguish. Now what? I grumpily looked over mom, who had come over to speak with Jacob, her voice almost flirty. Yeesh she made me cringe. I watched in disgust as she leaned over him, her large breasts pressing against his shoulders, showing off her cleavage. My shoulders shook in anger at my mother's disgraceful behaviour, feeling for Jacob. He was her son for Christ's sake! Jacob seemed unaffected by her crude mannerisms, looking straight at her face, his expression calm. That must have been irritating her. I turned my head away from them, unable to watch anymore, when I noticed Kate was watching me. She had that very rare concerned expression on her face. Like I said before, Kate was probably the most considerate and understanding of my two sisters, and she was always very good, at those times, at reading my expressions. I raised an eyebrow, challenging her to speak. She stared at me for a while, indecisive, then took a blank sheet of paper from the pile, and began to write. I thought she had given up, and had decided to draw instead, when a folded piece of paper, skidded across the table towards me. I looked up at her, confused. What had brought this on? She had her chin resting on her own arms, folded on the table, waiting. I smirked at her, my expression sarcastic.

"Very subtle," I mouthed. She smiled slightly, rolling her eyes in reply before indicating to the paper impatiently. With a soft sigh, I picked up the folded paper and opened it carefully. She had written on the top left corner of the sheet, her calligraphy elegant and precise.

What's going on between them?

I looked over at her enquiringly. She smiled deeper and wagged her eyebrows. God she could be so childish. Deciding to play along, I picked up a pencil and began to write.

I don't know. Nothing on Jacob's part anyway- I hope.

I slid the paper back towards her, and she caught it with quick slap of her hand. I watched her as she read, her expression altering to amusement. She looked up at me and it looked like we were agreeing with each other on this one—for once. She began to write again, her smile desperately restrained. She shoved the paper back to me.

Poor Jacob. Mom needs to learn to resist.

I chuckled quietly, agreeing totally. At least someone was on the same frequency as me on this subject. I scribbled away, more excited.

It's the hormones I think. They haven't quite left her yet.

Kate actually had to cough to conceal her laughter as she read, nodding her head in obvious agreement. I chuckled again silently and shook my head in restrained hilarity. This was probably the most entertaining 'reflection time' I had ever experienced. Then I felt mom's aura behind me, and all the happiness disappeared in a flash.

Here we go again.

I heard a chair being drawn beside me, and I winced as she sat in between Jacob and myself. Did she have to go and ruin things? Jacob had turned to watch the performance, his expression diverted. I narrowed my eyes at him loathingly.

"Right Isabella," mother began, her voice negatively informative. I noticed she was deliberately speaking loudly so the others could hear. Great sign-not.

"Your mark in your paper was good," she commented, as though expecting a reply. I shrugged, impassive. I heard Jacob attempt to hide his snigger with a cough. It didn't fool me. I glanced over at him indignantly. He winked at me, unabashed. He could be a real tease sometimes.

"You're doing well with your clubs and pocket money," mom continued, she'd obviously missed the drama. I shrugged again in reply. What did she want me to say? That I was enjoying the fact she was basically reading out what I'd just spent the last hour observing? Kate let out a stifled giggle and I frowned. Now she was teasing me too. One more to go.

"It's this questionnaire I don't really fully comprehend," Mom suddenly said, a frown in her voice. Oh boy.

"For the first question," Mom carried on, her tone sarcastic. "I asked whether you were happy. You said 'spectacular'." Jacob coughed louder than ever and Kate and Tanya's shoulders shook with laughter. Even I had to restrain myself from giggling too. It was such a lie and everyone, including mom, knew it.

"I guess I felt spectacular when I wrote it," I replied innocently, shrugging my shoulders as I looked over at Mom. She frowned curiously, but then carried on with a sigh. She didn't like hanging over things. It bored her. I waited for her next observation, pressing my lips into a straight line to prevent myself from laughing, not daring to even look at my siblings, in case it caused an eruption.

"I also asked what your interests are," Mom continued, looking over at me with a mordant smile. "And you said Psychology."

Jacob barked in amusement, and Kate and Tanya mirrored each other in baffled expressions. If I ever took Psychology, it would have been because I was mad.

"It has its interesting factors," I said defensively. Mom narrowed her eyes at me as I attempted to pull an innocent face. Why, oh why, did she have to be right beside me?

Eventually, she gave up and nodded once. I let out a sigh of relief.

Then the door opened with a creak and we all looked up as dad stepped into the room. My saviour had arrived. I leapt up from my seat and bounded towards him, right into his open arms.

Halleluiah, a voice sang in my head.

"Hey there Bella," he said with a low chuckle, patting my head. I smiled, smelling the leather of his jacket under my nose.

"Hey dad," I finally said as I stepped away from him, grinning eagerly. "Welcome home."

"Cheers. Heya there, honey!" he added as he spotted mom at the table. I guessed that was cue to move and I stepped backwards a few steps just as mother glided into his arms. They kissed gently, and I realised then how young the couple actually were.

"Welcome home Charlie," she whispered softly at his lips, her arms wrapped around his neck. Dad smiled down at her lovingly, his handsome blue eyes twinkling with private passion. I looked away, giving them a time alone, just as Tanya and Kate bounded up from their seats almost at the same time, their heads held high as they gracefully strode over. Jacob looked at me from the table and rolled his eyes, indicating to our two siblings. I mimicked his action in agreement, smiling back as he stood from his seat and made towards me.

"Good afternoon father," Tanya murmured behind me, her silky voice flowing like honey from her mouth. I shivered as I turned to face them again. She was so good at hiding her true emotions. It never fooled me though.

"Ah Tanya hon," Dad greeted her as she leaned forwards and permitted him to kiss her on the cheek. "Looking stunning as usual." Tanya smiled smugly as I frowned behind her. Why was Dad sucking up to her now? Kate inclined forwards and kissed Dad on both cheeks.

"Bonsoir father," she greeted politely, her voice just as smooth as Tanya's. So she was French now? Dad smiled at her, his dimples creasing his cheeks.

"Hey there Kate, and ah Jacob!" he added as Jacob came up beside me. Being the six-two height that he was, he towered over my five-foot-seven self. I smiled as his walked past me to shake dad's hand.

"Hey Charlie," he said politely. Jacob calls Dad by his first name. Dad insisted that they were more like good mates rather father and son, so now Jacob calls Dad 'Charlie' to abide with him.

I made to squeeze through the gap behind Dad, but someone held me back.

"Isabella I haven't finished with you," Mom chided as she held onto my shirt. I gulped and indicated to the time. Then Dad intervened.

"Give the kid a break Renée," he said to her, touching her shoulder. "You've been doing this for over an hour now." Mom seemed irritated for a moment, her eyes almost desperate, but then with a gentle sigh she released me and went back into father's arms. I let out a slow, relieved breath. Dad winked at me as I smiled gratefully, leaving the room in a rush.

I closed the door behind me, and took a deep breath in, finally free. I don't know when I'll get over this stupid business every day; it's pointless and boring. I leaned against the door, breathing in slowly, my eyes closed. Now I had to think of something to do fast before mom found me again. I sprinted down the corridor and up the main hall staircase, my sock-covered feet padding along the marble stairs. I darted into my room, which was at the very end of the first floor, and carefully shut the door behind me. I sank into my bed with the deepest satisfaction, my bum aching from sitting in that room for so long. Why does time have to pass so slowly when you want it to hurry by? Well, everybody wonders that to be honest. Time drags when you don't want it to, and yet shoots past on a good day. It sucked.

I realised with a groan that it was only Thursday, and that I would have to endure another day of clubs tomorrow. Better than here anyway. However clubs right now, sucked. Mainly because I was known as 'Renee's princess' at the moment because Mom of course was an actress, and apparently, I was just as gorgeous, which might be a good thing, if every single good-forsaken guy in the whole of Alaska wasn't following you. Seriously, every time I looked behind me, there was someone trying to get a photo of me, or someone trying to touch me, or get close to me. Sometimes I wonder whether walking around with a paper bag on my head would stop them. Probably not- they're psychos already. I dreaded what school would be like. Ugh.

I stared out through the large, balcony French doors of my bedroom, the moon glistening a ghostly white in the darkened sky. Somehow, it felt strangely mysterious, as though tomorrow was going to be different to the others crappy schools days I'd had. As though the wolf I'd seen in Jacob's drawing had actually been right outside my window, watching me, guiding me, his howl still lingering around the misty air.

It was then I spotted something dark in the distance. A misty shadow in the midst of the snow, standing still- waiting. I sat up slowly, blinking at the moonlight's glare, scanning the large pond in our garden, which my room overlooked, the ground thick with snow of the lightest touch. My eyes shot up quickly to the shadows again, scared that it would suddenly appear closer.

It had disappeared completely.

The bench I usually sat at during the afternoon was completely obscured from view, the snow twinkling with the sudden light from my bedroom.

I frowned as I turned away, resting my head on the pillow again, doubting my thoughts, that I had just seen a figure prowling the garden a few yards from my bedroom.

The silhouette of a large, lone wolf.

A/N: So did you like it? I know I haven't mentioned Edward yet, but I thought I would be best to let you know what Bella's background was like first before I introduce him into the picture. For those of you who are wondering, Phil doesn't exist in this, just Renee and Charlie, it's seemed cuter and more perfect. I hope you liked the contrast between the Bella in 'Twilight' and the Bella in this. I wanted to make her prettier and stronger, to make it more difficult for Edward, I suppose, to manipulate and blind her from everything else. She's a bit like me actually. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm already working on the next chapter, and yes-Edward's going to appear. Don't worry. The angel is still a main character in this novel. You have to admit that's what you were thinking? It would be great if you could write some comments on what you think of it, you opinion always counts. :)