Chapter Thirty

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My fingers brushed over my lips, still tingling from his ardent kiss. I missed him already, even as I watched him walk away down the path with his family. He was my saviour. My anchor. He gave me more hope and pleasure than ever before.

I frowned slightly, touching the scar at my cheek. Edward was right that we had to move forwards and think of the future, but I couldn't help but wonder. I couldn't but wonder why Karl had really been there that night. If he had been there to do whatever he wanted, he could have easily done so. I had no power over him whatsoever. He was a vampire. A member of the Casadores. With even Edward out of the way, he could have easily taken me away in the blink of an eye. Yet he hadn't. The more I thought over it, the more it didn't make sense. The more it made me begin to wonder whether he'd been there for something else.

There was something I was missing.

What had really happened that night?

JPOV (Jacob Point Of View)

Jacob Black...from this day forth...your powers shall awaken...

Man to wolf...Wolf to Man...

Werewolf...arise and serve your duty...

I blinked frantically, brought back to my senses by the hooting of an owl close by. For the last few days, those words had been thwarting my mind. Now I couldn't even close my eyes briefly without them echoing on and on. I didn't recognise the voice either; harsh and cold, like ice. Only the dead would have a voice like that. As for the words themselves, I didn't have a clue what it meant. Serve my duty? What the fuck was that supposed to mean? Duty to who? It didn't really help that I had no recollection of my past, so literally had no clue whatsoever as to whom gave me my powers. I was completely in the dark.

I huffed heavily, rising slowly and stretching my back. Only an hour or so to go before Emmett and his girlfriend Rosalie took over from me. I leapt down from the large boulder-my usual watching post- and made my way down the path to continue my patrol over the eastern borders of the house. Edward was covering the western borders till one o'clock, then his sister Alice would be taking over. I was initially concerned with having such a small young woman patrol by herself, till I saw her in action; she knew how to kick some serious arse, especially with those two blades of hers.

I stopped on the outskirts of the forest and peered across the snowy landscape, towards the house where my family slept peacefully. Bella lay beneath the sheets, hugging tightly to her pillow. Satisfied, I trotted on into the woods, my eyes adjusting immediately to the thickening darkness. Recently she'd been sleeping very well. She knew she was well protected. I had a strong alliance alongside me. The Cullens were good at what they did; there was no doubt about that. They all knew about me too; and still respected me. I was an asset, not a hindrance. That was something I'd never imagined would happen. Even Bella knew now. She trusted me still. I couldn't let her down; her safety meant everything to me.

A small pattering sound caused me to glance up at the pathway ahead. I crouched down, poised for attack. The pattering grew louder; distinctive footsteps crunching through the snow. I let out a low growl in warning. Come at me. I'll crush you with one blow you son of a bitch...

Edward had warned me several times how fast these creatures could move. But I was a werewolf. In the legends, we were known for hunting vampires. Bred for that purpose.

Serve your duty...

There was that fucking chant again. It just didn't make any sense. My duty...I had no fucking duty...

There was a sharp snap up ahead; the braking of branch beneath someone's foot. I snarled, baring my teeth. The footsteps stopped at once. I slowly prowled forwards, peering through the trees.

"Jacob?" a voice called, not too loudly, but my hearing as a werewolf was significantly acute. I recognised his before he even continued. "It's me Edward." I relaxed my stance and waited. He appeared from the shadows minutes later, his black pistol to hand. He spotted me in the gloom and nodded in greeting. "How's it going? Good down your end?" I nodded slowly, watching as his eyes briefly scanned the area.

"How's Bella doing?"

I tensed immediately. Shit. He knew that I could see her from this distance. How the hell did he know so much about me?

He chuckled, patting my shoulder. "It's cool buddy, so long as she's safe I'm fine. Plus I know how close you two are; I wouldn't want to get in the way of that." Well thank fuck he wasn't one of those overly protective bastards I'd heard about. I relaxed and gazed over the horizon; undisturbed and silent.

"I know you're probably worrying about the cross country tournament Bella is going to be taking part in soon," Edward said, following my gaze. He probably couldn't see a thing but to me, it was as clear as day. "Hell, so am I; I'm scared shitless. But we've got everyone on patrol, including you. We'll make sure she's untouchable. I'm sure with your help we can do that without any problems whatsoever." He turned and grinned at me. I butted him gently in response causing him to stumble back a few steps, chuckling under his breath. "Right I'll be heading back. Take care Jacob and thanks for your help." With that he turned and headed back the way he came, his strides confident and stealthy. I stared after him till his figure morphed into the darkness around him. Then I made my way back, retracing my steps to my post. I began to trot briskly, glancing every now and then around me to make sure the coast was clear. Then I broke into a run, the air whistling past my ears as I sprinted out of the woods and into the open again.

I leapt back onto my boulder, my eyes zoning in on Bella again. She hadn't moved at all; sleeping peacefully. Edward was worried about me being worried about the competition coming up. Bella was exceptional and brave, but it still didn't make me worry less about how out in the open she would be. One slip in our surveillance and she'd be an easy target for the vampires. I'd seen the planning so far and it was pretty tight and well prepped, which calmed me a little. Bella-as usual-was worrying about everyone else. It was in her nature to care so much. But seeing how the Cullens fought, I had no idea why she worried. Together, they were a lethal team of vampire hunters.

I leaned back on my haunches, resuming my watch over the landscape. Any danger coming this way; I would be ready for them. Anything or anyone that tried to harm Bella would die. I would gladly crush them. Tear their limbs. Bella warned me that the so called 'hunters of the devil' were deadly. They could try and attack me. Then they'd know the true meaning of deadly. I'd always hated my ability to transform, but it had finally come to some use. Now I was the alpha predator. Vampires were my prey. They were going down.

Arise and serve your duty...

My duty was to Bella. My family. My friends. That was all that mattered right now.

Vampires...I dare you to make your move...

I'm waiting for you...

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