Bra opened the door and saw no one less than her best friend for life: Pan.

" Pan!" she squealed excitedly, leaning forward and hugging her with great joy. Pan hugged her back with the same enthusiasm.

" You look nice" stated Bra looking at her long lost friend. She had gone to study on a University in Rome almost a year ago. She was on scholarship...it was a a goal she had finally reached due to her academics efforts. Bra hugged her again without hesitation, it had been sooo loooong without her best friend.

" Come in.." she gestured smiling, helping her with the bags to finally make it to the CC guest room.

Bra stared at Pan as she talked through the cell phone a bizarre language she didn't understand a word of. Her face was...different. It was filled with happiness...with peacefulness. Her skin was so silky.....so deep. It was ivory. Her hair was silky. She had clarified her hair the natural way...now it was really radiating. Long, wavy locks that fell on her back, some hanging loosely on her face....she flicked the hair behind her ear and continued talking the bizarre language, taking one bag at the time to unpack things on the drawers in the guests room at CC.

She had a black sundress that covered her mid thighs, now showing...a good....body?

Bra glanced twice and in fact...it was true...Pan had developed herself on this first year at the University. She didn't look fat or thin...she looked....perfect. She actually quite learned good taste in clothes, and make up and accessories. Bra noticed because she decorated her neck with a beautiful choker that had a black star and a sparkling rhinestone in the middle of it. One of her hands was holding its beauty with a black, sparkling bracelet, while the other one had a black rhinestones necklace....which really looked casual and good for the occasion. Pan finally hung up the phone. She sighed hard and looked at Bra staring

" What?" she asked a bit surprised and curious.

" Did you manage to....'grow'?" she said signaling her own breasts. Pan giggled a bit at her statement and blushed lightly

" Well...actually...I did....it is a crazy world now..."

" Talk about it" stated Bra sighing hard again, now sitting on the edge of her bed 'now'.

" I'm starting to think it was a crazy idea...I mean one day I'm size aa, and the next I'm heading to a mall to buy some brassieres size b, which I was naturally not used to..."

" Same thing happened here..." both girls giggled.

" So what are you working on? Sounded like you had a great deal through the phone.."

" Well, actually, I never thought it would happen this way but...ok!! This are some great news!!....[hard sigh] You know how I was cursing in the Communications business, right?"

" Sure" stated Bra curiously and eager to find out about Pan. Pan resumed

" So.....they thought I was the best aplicated for the business and they had offered me a job....not a big company though...but I was winning the extra money, and I liked the way it functioned and everything....so..."

" So...." encouraged her friend to continue

" So...the company went up mainly in my department....and they were offered to sell...which they did. To a very prestigious company named ' B & V National Communications'. It's a company that dedicates their contains to the informational communications through out the world...I mean they send us different deals that one Country wants with another and we information the country about the deal, then they use us to pact the dial and to handle it....etc...I know you wouldn't want to listen about that anyway....and they decided to name me Independent Communications Consultant....which means..." she grinned, a very joyful smile

" I'm one of the biggest pillars in this Company....I translate and close deals...I mean although I'm not doing bigger deals....I'm only in my first year of College....but they thought I was so good they gave me one of the top jobs....do you believe that!!" she said. Bra smiled at her and hugged her again

" Congratulations...I never doubted you'd get this far!!! God!!" she said excitedly. Pan broke the embrace and looked at her...her eyes shinning.

" I mean, I just couldn't believe it my self.....[happy sigh] It's just great!!!"

" So do you have to leave again?.." asked Bra a bit saddened. Pan looked at her and her eyes and smile saddened a little bit too.

" I do..." she said putting her hand on Bra's shoulder to cheer her up." Don't worry....it's won't be for long, I mean. I'm not planning to live there all my life. I will run companies later on around the world..."

" I hope so" she said now smiling a little bit. Pan smiled back at her.

" So...tell me.....what has been going on around here?? I mean it has been one year after all..." she said. Bra sighed full of joy

" Well, Goten and I are still together..." she stated. Pan moved her head in agreement and a bit of surprise, then giggled. " Yes....we're going to be 4 years and 7 months this Thursday..." she said. Pan squealed and hugged her again

" I'm so happy you guys are still hanging in there" she stated.

" Well, yes....I mean we had downfalls and everything, but nothing we couldn't handle, you know.....he's a lot taller and stronger by the way.."

"....and how are your mom and dad?" she asked among other things.

" Well they're actually doing good....I mean....in my father's way of showing love, that is..."

" It's good to know they've improved...you know....your father isn't the easiest guy on the world..."

" Correction....he's the most complicated guy..." she stated. Both girls giggled. Pan stood up from the bed and glanced at the surface beside the bed...there was a picture. It was Pan kissing Trunks cheek and his eyes widened in astonishment along with his cheeks bright red. She sighed hard...

" Where is he?" she asked a bit of gloom in her voice. Bra walked beside her and held the picture in her hands

" He's in his room...he doesn't know about you..."

" What has he been up to?"

" Well, he dated Marron for 8 long months.....but they broke up almost four months now..."

" Marron?" she smiled " Well, I knew she'd go for him...I mean....it was her crush after all..." she remarked thoughtful. Bra tsk in response.

" Pan...he didn't love her....we both know that...."

" It's.....uh....." Pan sighed hard and looked at her. " He suffered because of me..and I didn't mean.-"

" Don't say that things....he suffered because this had to happen, and you can't blame yourself for things ending the way they did. You had to make a decision and you did....and look...look how it turned out to be....see?" there was a brief pause. " He loves you still, Pan....no one can deny it..." Pan looked at her, hope in her eyes. Her expression quickly turned to confusion and complication

" What am I to do? how can I just come here and expect him to be happy for me...."

" You just go to him....things will happen when you get there...." she said, dragging gently her friend out the door.

" What should I say?" she asked, opening the door.

" You say nothing then.....you go...." she said, finally leading Pan out the door. The door was opened back

" I have to unpack.-"

" I'll do it for you...go!" she said. Pan nodded and headed out the door.

" Still so insecure...." Bra said to herself smiling and starting to unpack Pan's stuff.

Pan walked through the hallway, nearly feeling fear as she walked closer to Trunks room. There she was. In front of Trunk's room. Trunks...the man that stole her heart..the man she loved still....the man that changed her life....

She decided it would be better if she didn't knock, so she entered the room. When she got in, Trunks was below his computer, fixing something that was wrong with it. He was wearing a blue jean, with a black tank top...the CC jacket on top. His stomach was showing, featuring his strong abs and his great hip bones. His arms could be seen a little through the table which were quite strong and...perfect? He glanced beside, looking only at her legs

" Marron, what the hell are you doing here, I told you I wouldn't-" he slipped himself below the able only to find Pan angelically looking at him. She was smiling..and sparkles could almost be seen out her teeth and her eyes. Her hands were on her hips and her long waves were basically hanging loosely behind her, some strings on her face. He stood up and looked at her again, wiping his hands off in a towel he had beside the table. He looked adorable. His blue eyes were sharply and deeply lost in a blue sea. His short hair was cutely falling on his eyes....and she saw the rest of his hot body. His buns had turned out to be quite nicely and his skin hadn't aged one bit ( take a clue...he's Mirai Trunks basically). They stared at each other for a long while.

" You've got something....here.." she walked up to him and narrowed the space between them, swiping a black spot he had on his face because of the computer's ink flood. Her hands were gentle and soft. Her fingers wiped his cheek with grace. He sighed hard and took her hand on his

"When did you come back?" he whispered lowly, his breath tingling on her lips. She unembraced her hand off his and embraced both hands on his neck, her thumbs caressing his face

" I missed you..." she stated whispery, blinking freshly. Trunks embraced his arms around her slim waist and rested his face on her shoulder, his lips against her neck. She hugged him back, clasping her arms around his neck They stood in their gentle embrace for what could seem hours. The phone rang, making her break the hug, and look at him. He looked at her back

" Are you....going...to answer?" she asked. Trunks never took his eyes off her. Neither did she. His hands rested on her waist and her hands rested on his shoulders.

" No.."

" Why not?...Could be important..."

" It's Marron....." he stated smiling a bit. She cupped his face in her hands and kissed his lips gently. He kissed back softly, letting himself experience her lips that he once lost. Pan opened her mouth and inserted her tongue inside witch he welcomed gladly. Suddenly, Trunk stopped.

" What?" she asked stranged at Trunk's reaction. He turned his back on her and started walking to his window, never wanting her to see his unexplainable expression.

" Nothing...when did you get back?" he asked lowly, now turning again to see her. She sighed hard.

" What was that all about? " there was a brief pause, just the two of them looking at each other. She walked towards him

" Trunks?...." she asked again. " What was that all about?"

" I don't know...."


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