Trunks walked to the bathroom inside his room to take a bath, to at least be cleaned up for breakfast. Soon enough, he found himself clean...dressing in some cute short boxers blue, and a gray tank top ( sexy enough for a M.Trunks looking type of guy !!!)

When he got downstairs, Pan and Bulma were talking on the table. Vegeta had already stuffed down his food, and back inside the G.R in less than two seconds. Trunks strolled downstairs. In Pan's eyes he could be seen as a dream she was far away from reaching. Of course that didn't stop her from turning away proudly, making him feel slightly uncomfortable that he had made his way downstairs.

" Hi, honey..." greeted Bulma grinning at him sweetly. Trunks faked a smile, quickly turning it into a serious, deep glance over Pan. Pan met his intense stare, which she could do nothing more than just stare longer. A look that was so deep she had to keep looking until she found out what he was trying to show...or not show in front of her. Bulma cleared her throat, breaking off their burning feeling through their eyes.

" Trunks....why was Vegeta so cold right now? Any ideas?" she asked him. Trunks looked back at his mother, finding it hard to answer back.

" Well, he said I need my concentration back....something about a woman..." he stated a bit muffled. Bulma's eyes widened. She immediately started walking out of the kitchen, saying beneath her breath something about laundry and shopping with Bra. Soon, Trunks and Pan were left alone in the kitchen.

Trunks sat down on the table, intending to ignore Pan all the way by grabbing his breakfast. Pan sat beside him, real near to him. He looked at her again. That same intense look that held so much passion yet so much innocence. Pan stared again, trying to decode what was he trying to do by just looking at her like that. She was sure the pain she felt for looking into his eyes was soon to be noticed...not that she minded anyway.

" I hope that Marron can hopefully bring your concentration back, you look like shit. Your father's going to kill you if you go back there..." she broke the silence. Trunks frowned.

" For your information Marron is not the woman I was talking about!" he stated back angrily. Pan's expression softened a bit. She leaned closer to him and stared at his eyes now completely serious. Trunks stared back.

" Who were you talking about then...." she asked, narrowing the space between their faces. He breathed on her lips quite tenderly. She closed her eyes.

" Not that you care..." he breathed inside of her, pressing his lips against her own. She kissed back shortly, then backed off.

" Who were you talking about then?" she asked a bit angered. Trunks cupped her face in his hands, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. He smiled

" You..." he replied sweetly, pressing his lips against hers again. She giggled, kissing him back quite deeply, greeting every movement Trunks made inside her mouth.

The phone rang, making Trunks break the kiss. Pan opened her deep blue eyes, looking at him quite pleased. A simple smile ran over her features, the phone ringing still. He traced her cheek bones gently, smiling back at her.

" Was that...meant to ...happen?" she asked him unsure about what she had just asked. Trunks smile grew bigger, then he kissed her lips shortly again, holding his place close to her face.

" I...don....know...." he replied back, staring at her lips quite playfully. Pan looked at him again, this time confused.

" Where did this come from, then? What will happen now?" she asked him, her heart playing with her mind with hopeful expectations. Trunks sighed hard and backed away.

" I'm sorry....I shouldn't have.....I shouldn't have kissed you...." he stated, standing up from the table and starting to walk away. Pan stood in front of him, blocking his way inside the CC stairs.

" What?" he asked quite stern. Pan frowned at him.

" What are you sorry for? Really...tell me!" she demanded loudly. Trunks frowned at her now his anger beginning to show.

" I already told you.-"

" You told me what?! That you're sorry for kissing me!!? Damn it, Trunks!! What was that supposed to be? Are you sorry for the how the things turned out to be?! Are you sorry for still being in love with me!!?" she shouted. Trunks frowned harder.

" Who said I was still in love with you!!?" he asked, now practically releasing all of his anger. Pan sighed hard and turned away. Trunks stood there, watching all of her movements as she grabbed her coat and started putting it on.

" Where are you going?!" he asked her, concern noticed on his tone. She sent him a death glare.

" Out.." she headed to the door, but was stopped by Trunk's hand holding her wrist before she could reach the door knob. She unembraced her hand from his tight grasp with difficulty, looking at him, her expression showing offend.

" Let go off me, you asshole..." she said, her voice meaning every single word spoken. " You do not have control over me. You're a fucking jerk-"

" Pan...stop it!" he demanded sending her to silence for a second. She reached the doorknob, swinging the door open.

" Trunks. You are the person I mostly hate right now!!!" she shouted, walking her way out the door, then shutting it hard behind her. Trunks stood still....not two seconds passed before he cursed loudly then turned away from the door and into the living room.

Suddenly the door was opened again. He looked up quite frustrated, only to see Pan staring at him quite sadly.

" You would give me up that easy?" she asked him. Trunks looked at the ground shortly then gazed at her, penetrating his powerful eyes inside her soul. He breathed in and nodded.

" I wouldn't....why must you feel like you can forgive me?" he asked her. She smiled, walking towards him, then tapering the space between their faces.

" I know I love you. That must be enough ..." she smiled. Trunks smiled back at her, cupping her face warmly.

" I'm .........sorry...." he managed to whisper, although a bit hard to get it out of him. Pan embraced her hands around his neck, then leaned and brushed her lips against Trunk's. He deepen the kiss, making it scrumptious, yet delicate and filled with passion. She felt her body weaken a little bit, as his gentle hands caressed her neck and back. Kissing him and being in his arms again felt so good at this time. Not just because she had missed it for a year, but because she had missed him still coming back to him. She smiled a bit, breaking the kiss.

" I should let you know I am not weak so I hope you're not just kissing me out of pity so I won't stand there wondering about you.." she stated as a matter of factly. Trunks chuckled, clearing the soft long waves from her hair to the back of her face, then resumed kissing her. This answered her question quite well....


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