Logan Echolls did a double take as he drove by; he had to stop and reverse to make sure of what he had seen. He pulled over and quickly crossed the road and caught up with his target.

"So I see you finally decided to live up to your reputation." He muttered.

"Great." Veronica Mars muttered under her breath. "What do you want Logan?"

"Not that I disapprove but I have to know what is with the hooker's outfit."

"I was on my way to see you." She replied. She was dressed in four inch red strappy heels, a denim skirt that barely covered her butt and a tight red top that left nothing to the imagination. "It was you who called 1-800-BITEME right?"

"Cute. Someone else might get the wrong idea."

"I'm on a case. Now go back to whatever it is you do when you're not annoying me." She told him.

"If your Dad has you dressed as a hooker he needs a better class of clients."

"Well you 09ers managed to stay out of jail for a week so I didn't have to blackmail anyone to get you out of trouble. You're not leaving."

"I want to see how this plays out." He smirked.

"If you're not going to leave, you may as well make yourself useful. Give me five minute and then come and drag me out." She stopped in front of a dive bar.

"You're going in there dressed like that?"

"No I'm going skinny dipping. Five minutes."

"Fine." He conceded.

Once inside the bar Veronica drew the stares of every man as she sidled up to the bar.

"I need a drink." She called to the bartender.

"ID." He requested.

"Does it look like I have anywhere to keep ID?" Veronica turned to give him the full effect of her outfit.

"What will it be?"

"Tequila." Veronica pulled a fifty dollar bill out of her bra and slapped it on the counter. "And keep them coming."

She flirted as he kept refilling her glass.

"What do you think you're doing?" Logan came up and caught her wrist to stop her for having another shot.

"Getting a drink. You don't get to control what I'm doing anymore."

"You're dressed like a slut, and you're not coming with me."

"No. I'm staying here with my new friend Jose."

"She has a chemical imbalance and is not supposed to drink." Logan picked her up and put her over his shoulder. Veronica grabbed her glass and downed her final drink before protesting as Logan carried her out.

"You can put me down now." She slurred slightly once they were outside. "You know you're not a bad actor."

"And you're wasted. Do you want to tell me what that was about?"

"I need to go." She patted her skirt trying to find the belt loop she had attached her keys to. Logan deftly snagged them.

"You're not driving anywhere. Come on I'll give you a ride home."

"I'm not going home." She wobbled on her heels.

"Fine wherever you want to go."

"The sheriff's station."

"This should be fun." He pulled off his shirt so he was just in his t-shirt and handed it to her. "Put this on your distracting."

"You think I'm hot." She stated.

"You're gorgeous and as much as I like drunk and barely dressed girls let's get you out of here."

She pulled his shirt on as he walked her across the road and settled her into the passenger seat of his car making sure her seatbelt was firmly in place.

He pulled up at the Sheriff's office and Veronica was already half stumbling out the car. Logan followed her with a bemused smile ready to catch if she fell. She walked up to the desk and hit the bell.

"Service." She called.

"Maybe this isn't the best idea. You could come back tomorrow when you're sober." Logan suggested.

"Well hello Ms Mars. I may have to arrest you for how short that skirt is."

"Deputy Leo." She smiled. "I'm here to see the Sheriff."

"And public drunkenness." Leo said smelling the alcohol on her breath. "Did you have something to do with this?" He asked Logan.

"This was all her. I'm just here for the ride."

"It's hire a teenage slut and get an obligatory psychotic jackass free night." Veronica told him.

"She likes to use big words when she's drunk. Come on let's go and see the wizard so we can get out of here." Logan steered her towards Lamb's office, he glanced over his shoulder to see Leo studying Veronica's legs. "Eyes front Deputy she's still jail bait."

"Sheriff." Veronica almost fell through the door to Lamb's office the only reason she didn't hit the floor was Logan's arm wrapping around her.

"She's drunk." Lamb said.

"You should really think about a career in investigations." Logan stated.

"I got the proof you wanted." She started to peel off Logan's shirt.

"Veronica, as much fun as watching you strip would be keep it on." Logan told her.

"A stripper is better than a hooker." She said as she started to pull up the bottom of her top.

Logan and Lamb turned their backs to her.

"Logan, help me with the tape."

Logan glanced over his shoulder she had a thin wire tapped along her spine, he quickly pulled the tape loose so she could pull the wire attached to the button camera loose and drop it on Lamb's desk. He pulled down the back of her top.

"Your evidence."

"Put this back on and do up the buttons." He told her handing her back his shirt. She did as requested but fumbled with the buttons. Logan was forced to step in and do them up for her.

"You have nice eyes." Veronica told him.

"And you're drunk as a skunk." He turned to Lamb. "There is probably a law against you sending a 17 year old dressed as a hooker into a bar on the wrong side of town and getting her to mainline tequila."

"I just asked to go and see if he would sell her a beer."

"She hates beer. She can't handle tequila, the only things she can drink more than a few of is vodka and champagne." Logan stated.

"As Sheriff I'm not going to ask how you know that."

"If you did I'd have to suggest her father sue you for corrupting a minor. Let's go Veronica."

"Bye." She waved at Lamb.

"Pool." Veronica said as Logan walked her back to her apartment. "Let's go swimming."

"Let's not." He hauled her into his arms he had already taken off her shoes so she didn't break her ankle.

"You're strong." She kissed him. "My hero."

"And there were some many other things I was planning on doing with my Friday night than hauling your drunken ass around."

"You have a nice ass." Veronica commented before passing out.

"Great." Logan sighed. Given that the Mars apartment was dark he used Veronica's keys to let them and deposited her on the couch.

Logan woke up to find Keith Mars standing over him where he sat with the remote in his hand.


"Mr Mars." He glanced over to where Veronica was still asleep on the couch covered in a blanket.

"Do you want to tell me why you're asleep on my chair?" He inquired.

"I was staying to make sure she didn't throw up. She's drunk."

"You got my daughter drunk?" Keith said slightly louder than he intended.

"No she did it herself. Something to do with the Sheriff asking her to see if a bar would sell her alcohol. I just made sure she got home okay. She had a pint of water and some aspirin before I let her sleep so hopefully that should help with the hangover, I had my Dad's driver pick up her car the keys are on the counter. I should be going its late." He made his way to the door. "Tell her she can keep the shirt and you really shouldn't let her go out dressed like that. Despite the rumours she really isn't that kind of girl."

"Thank you for taking care of her." Keith told him.

"Goodnight." Logan let himself out.