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"Can you quit shouting , I'm not deaf!" Hinata yelled as Sasuke looked at her, annoyed.

"I wasn't yelling, I just asked you not to act the way my mother would!" he declared loudly.

"Fine! Now if you could just straighten your crooked ways..." she angrily said but was cut-off.

"My crooked ways? Tell me, Hyuga-san...what is it that you hate about me?" he eyed her.

"I despise you! I never thought I'd waste my time over someone as stucked-up as you!" she fumed.

This time Sasuke chuckled as he moved closer. Hinata eyed him angrily..daggers flying out of her eyes.

"You really amuse me, Hyuga-san...I just wonder..." Sasuke huskily whispered at her.

He then grabbed Hinata by her waist and laid her on the couch...she blinked..too shock to move.

"You're cute...do you know that?" he smiled as he leaned over Hinata. Her eyes grew big.

"Uchiha-san...what do you think you're doing?" she exclaimed as she tried to push him away.

"You said I've got crooked ways...Im just living by your word.." he laughed softly at her.

Oh my God! Oh my God! Hinata thought as she squinted her eyes. No! No! No! She silently yelled.

She then felt Sasuke's warm lips brush her own..it was soft and sweet..she shivered heavily.

She opened her eyes and saw her employer's black ones staring back at her dreamily.

"My sweet innocent assistant..." he murmured under his breath..causing Hinata to shiver even more.

He leaned closer and captured her lips with his own...again...and again...and again....