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You and Me Equals Love

Chapter 26

"Hinata, is that really you?" the voice asked. Hinata slowly turned around. "Hello Dei-chan. I thought I knew that voice." she smiled. Deidara smiled as well. He looked good. He seemed to have gained some weight since the last time they've seen each other. Deidara stood outside and she quickly opened it and motioned the man to come in. "You look really well. You seem to be compatible with America." he laughed. Hinata giggled. She honestly missed Deidara. He was the only one she can turn to when they still worked together. She led him in her apartment so that they could talk some more.

"So, what brings you here?" she asked as they sat on the sofa. Deidara flipped his hair and smiled. "I came here to make some negotiations for Naruto's concert." he explained as he took a sip of the canned beverage Hinata offered him. She smiled. She saw Naruto on the internet a couple of times in the past few years. She knew that the blonde's career was going well. "That's wonderful. It's going to be his first out of the country concert, right?" she asked and the blonde nodded. "He really is something. His charms couldn't be compared with Sasuke's... but he has his own charisma." he pointed out.

With the mention of the dreaded name, Hinata grew silent. Deidara noticed the sudden change. "Uh, you are still mad at him?" he asked. Hinata sighed. So Deidara wasn't aware what Sasuke did to her. He must be very busy with Naruto's career to check on Sasuke's doings. "Well Dei-chan... it's really a long story..." she sighed. Deidara propped up an arm and rested his head on it "...I am all ears. What happened Hinata?" he asked. She then started telling him her tale of her last meeting with Sasuke. Deidara listened intently as she spoke. She really needed her opinion on this matter.

She decided to open everything to Deidara. She needed his help to clear her mind. She can't hide from Sasuke forever. They now moved in the same world. Another meeting wasn't impossible. After the tale, they both grew silent. Deidara took a deep breath and sighed "I wish he would just find courage to confess. I know you are aware that he is attracted to you..." the blonde eyed her. Hinata gave a sour laugh "That is impossible... his tastes on women are far different from me... I am not a vamp or a bombshell... I am just a plane Jane..." she commented. Deidara started laughing at her.

"Sorry my dear... but don't get me wrong..." he said in between guffaws. "You are too innocent Hinata... aren't you aware how beautiful you are?" he asked as she looked at him. She never considered herself beautiful. She was still plain. Deidara smiled at her "Hinata... even if Sasuke won't admit it, I can see that he likes you. He may actually already love you... he's just not aware of it yet." the blonde stated. Hinata grew silent. Love? That was insane. The Sasuke she knew was so used to get everything he wanted that he really didn't need to ask for it. "You must be mistaken Dei-chan. Sasuke doesn't have feelings for me..." she whispered.

"Hinata... I know you and Sasuke had a bad past. I was there when you started to work for him. I saw the change that took place. I was really hopeful that it would continue. You were the missing puzzle in his life. I may have not voiced it often to you Hinata, but you were good for Sasuke." the blonde smiled and Hinata blushed. Maybe she was just denying those things. She wasn't blind, she was aware of those... just too pessismistic to fully believe in it. She looked at Deidara and gave a weak smile. "Sometimes, I really don't undersatnd him..." she confessed. "I have been with him for the longest of time... I also get confused with him." the blonde chuckled.

"Every bad thing happened all of a sudden... Itachi's death... your outburst... his surfacing feelings... he was too confused with all the pressure that he just exploded." the blonde said as he looked at his shoes. Hinata looked at her feet. The blonde was right. "I was really hoping that he will let go of his pride and apoligize to you. But when you left and when he didn't go after you, I felt sad. I thought that with you, Sasuke would have been a better man." the blonde explained. "But that was all in the past now... he has his own life." Hinata murmured. The blonde took her hands and patted them "Learn to forgive him... if you do, you will forget him." he advised.

"Hinata... I may not be good in relationships and stuff. But I know true love once I see it. Fate will make a way." he said as he got up. Hinata looked at Deidara. The man was serious. He looked at his watch and smiled "I have to go... we''ll meet again before I leave the city. I'll call you, hun..." he said. Hinata walked him to the gate. "Thank you for coming..." she said with a bow. Deidara bowed as well "Cheer up. Live life fully. Don't waste your youth." he said as he waved. Hinata watched him leave. She went back to her apartment after locking the gates and her door. She was alone again to wallow in her sadness.

She went to her room. She rested her head among the pillows and stared on the ceiling. Why was she sad? She asked herself. Her career was good. She have a loving family and a great circle of friends. But she still felt empty. She sighed as Deidara's words rang in her heard "Live live fully..." How? She asked. Her life was like a machine. She did things automatically everyday. She got up, went to work. Then from work she goes home to sleep. And the cycle goes one. She hated to admit to herself that she really did have a boring lifestyle. She was absolutely gonna be an old maid in the coming years.

Deidara was right in many things. She wasn't sure why she still can't forget Sasuke after all these years. First of all, they were not an item. Never was. Never will be. But she was a naive and inexperienced child in the matters of love when Sasuke came to her life. She never got over this madness because it was her first taste of attraction. She must find a hobby of some sort to free her mind. Maybe she needed a psychologist. Maybe she needed a new life. She was working too hard. Maybe... there were so many maybes in life. She closed her eyes and listened to her heart. Nothing... so far she heard nothing from it but silence... and of course, Sasuke.

She gave a loud sigh. She had no one to blame but herself. She have been so contented with life that she never took time to think what she really wanted. It wasn't too late. She was still young. She needed a distraction. But she knew she really didn't need a boyfriend. She just needed to find herself. Learn the reason of her life. She decided to take a break from work. She was sure her father won't mind. She will take a week off, go to a foreign island and forget who she was. Maybe she can also go on a religious retreat and learn cultures. She had so many options to choose from... but she wasn't excited.

She closed her eyes and flung a pillow over her face. She wasn't dumb. She knew exactly what to do. In order to get over your fears and anxiety, she needed to face her greatest fear. She screamed, a common stress reliever she made for herself. She had to be strong and firm. She needed to face Sasuke. Linger with his presence and look him straight in the eye. Only by that she will learn to forget him. Sasuke was just Sasuke. He was like any other man out there. But no matter how many times she repeated that line in her mind, her heart repelled it. Sasuke wasn't just any other man. He was one of a kind. He was and forever will be Hinata's first love.


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