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You and Me Equals Love

Chapter 27

Sasuke tapped his pen on his table. He was feeling jumpy all of a sudden. He knew he still had a lot to do. Papers piled up before him. He still had to read the reports and check the stocks. He have been trying hard to function properly. He took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. He wasn't getting anywhere.

There were really days like this. But who was he kidding? He have been like this for years.

He got up and walked around his office. He can't stay in the freaking room any longer. He wanted to scream. He was already at the point of exploding.

He took his car keys and excited the room. He informed his secretary that he will be leaving for a couple of hours. It was still early... a couple of minutes past ten in the morning. Maybe he can take an early lunch. He haven't eaten breakfast earlier. He wasn't really hungry. He just needed some fresh air.

He got in his car and sped off. He rolled the windows down and let the wind touch his face. Somehow, it felt good. He reached a public beach. He didn't plan to go there... but he was glad he did. He parked his car and decided to take a stroll. He haven't seen the sea in ages.

The sun was high, but Sasuke ignored the heat. The warm breeze from the sea was all over him. The sound of the waves splashing aboout sounded good. The beach was almost empty, except for a few visitors at the end of the shoreline. He walked about and found a big rock. He went to it and removed his shoes and socks and placed it on the rock. He rolled his pants up and waded in to the water.

He knew he looked crazy right now. A grown man in a business suit walking around the beach barefoot. He smiled over the silly thought he had. Sasuke knew that he was just too uptight. He knew that he had no one to blame on what had become of him.

He looked down and followed the path his feet trotted. His attention was taken by a black stone near his toe. I was smooth and shiny. He picked it up and raised it to eye level for inspection. The stone took the shaped of an oblong. It was shiny and black and when he held it, the sunlight gave the stone purple hints.

Sasuke gritted his teeth as his fingers clenched the stone. Even in the most upredictable inanimate objects, he sees Hinata. The color of the stone resembled Hinata's hair.

There, he did it again. It was always like this. It was always Hinata. He thought that by getting away from work will free his mind.

He was in denial for so long. The reason was he was like in a total loss was not because he was stressed, the thing that he tried to implant in his mind for years. It was because everything in his work reminds him of her. The more he fought his feelings and tried to forget her, the more she rooted in.

Sasuke have matured over the years and he came to see his feelings clearly. He knew how stupid he has been over the years. When he thought that he already removed her from his system, fate made them meet... and his feelings and confusion for her came tumbling back in. Their unexpected meeting during that party made Sasuke finally admit that he wasn't over her yet... he will never be over her.

From the moment he started to miss her, he thought that it was just fondness. He liked teasing her and loved the blush that she usually sports. As more time was spent between them, he started to like her for her personality. She was a determined girl trying to prove her worthiness. He watched her blossom into a woman... smart... sweet.. caring... that was Hinata in his eyes. Little by little he stated to miss her. Until one day, he woke up and heard his heart proclaiming love.

He honestly never tried wooing a woman seriously. He was used to women making the first move. Hinata was different. She was innocent... she was special. She was the first woman that made him nervous. Though he may not show it, he wasn't even sure if she noticed it... he sometimes spend his free time looking at her. Hinata completed his day. He was up to a point and decided to confess... but everything crumbled before him. Why did it have to be his brother of all people?

She denied it, but he wasn't blind. He thought that she was different. But as he took time to reflect things, he knew he had been unfair. But pride kept him. And that same pride made him the miserable man he was now.

He was too harsh... to quick to judge and extremely temperamental. There were so many things that happened in one time. So many said words that he never really meant. He let his anger take over. He was still human after all. He got hurt... he got confused. He was not perfect... that he finally learned. He was trapped in his superficial world and closed reality in the madness of his singing career.

He knew he wanted her... but she despised him now. And anytime he would decide to correct things, it comes out all wrong. Like that time they met. He should have started fresh and ask her how she was. But the words get in the way, as the song says. He ended giving her something that could make her hate him even more.

The kiss... that kiss...

But honestly he wasn't sorry he kissed her. He have been wanting to do that since like forever.

Sasuke bitterly smiled as he stared at the rolling waves. Even until now, he can still feel the softness of her lips. That kiss woke him up. Woke him to a reality that he had been denying... to the happiness that he was supposed to have all along.

What Sasuke really wanted to talk to her and patch things up. But he knew this will not be achieved not unless he learns to forgive himself and accept. There are so many things that he wanted to ask her... show her... let her feel. He wanted to say he was sorry for how he acted and for all the things that he did to hurt her.

But most of all he wanted to tell her that he loved her. A feeling that took him so many years to accept that it was indeed existing in him. That this feeling have been there for some time. But will she listen? Will she give him a chance?


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