A Criminal Love Story

Part One

It was the middle of the summer in Wetumpka, Alabama and the heat outside was almost unbearable. FBI profiler, Emily Prentiss wished she was at home in her air conditioned apartment instead of where she was. There was no escape from the heat anywhere. Being inside felt worst because there was no air conditioning. Fans didn't help. They only circulated the warm around. It was hotter outside because of the bright sun, but Emily preferred being out where she felt free and she could walk around without bumping into people.

Instead of enjoying the little bit of solace outside Emily wondered about the people she walked past. Was one of them the UnSub? She asked herself that question many times, but didn't know the answer yet. As she observed everyone's behavior the profiler walked around with no particular destination. With an occasional glance behind her she felt tenser as the minutes slowly passed. It was getting harder to breath because of the heat and her nervousness. It was the same way she felt when she approached a violent suspect, but this time she didn't have a gun.

"Check out the skinny blonde." A woman near Emily commented. The brunette profiler turned her head to where the woman pointed and felt better as soon as she spotted Jennifer Jareau. It was a relief to see a familiar face, but the feeling was only temporary. Emily started walking again and tried to clear her head, but it was impossible to get rid of the bad feeling she had. Every case she worked on was a challenge, but this one was the worst because she couldn't stop worrying about Jennifer.

"Where are you from?" A woman asked the blonde FBI agent, but Jennifer didn't respond. She was preoccupied with watching Emily as she slowly walked towards her. In the middle of all of their bad cases the brunette was always a comfort. Her strong presence made Jennifer feel more confident about their current investigation. She admired Emily and felt lucky to have her as a colleague and friend. She didn't want to do anything to taint their friendship.

The profiler stopped a few feet behind Jennifer. The blonde glanced back at her and they made eye contact for a moment. Emily anxiously waited for Jennifer to approach her, but the blonde didn't move. The group of people near them talked loud and didn't pay attention to the FBI agents. Emily took a deep breath and let it out slowly in an attempt to calm down. In front of her she was surprised when Jennifer began to walk away.

Frustrated about the case Emily rushed towards the blonde and grabbed a handful of her hair. Jennifer responded by shoving her elbow back against Emily's stomach. The brunette was surprised by the force of the hit. A short distance in front of her Jennifer turned around and swung a punch, but Emily moved to dodge it then pushed the smaller woman hard enough to knock her down.

The blonde didn't stay on the ground long. She quickly stood up and charged towards the brunette causing both of them to fall. As soon as they got up Jennifer continued the fight with strength and ruthlessness Emily didn't expect. The brunette held her arms up to block punches aimed for her head, but it left her stomach unguarded. Jennifer took advantage of it and hit Emily's side hard enough to make the profiler stagger backwards.

"Fight!" The word yelled out by an observer made more people gather around the FBI agents. The crowd cheering them on frustrated Emily. They were maniacs who wouldn't be satisfied until one of the women got beaten to death. The distraction of the crowd gave Jennifer a clear opening to connect a punch to Emily's jaw. The profiler grunted in pain from the hard hit and Jennifer stepped back away from her. Her eyes were wide from the shock of what she did to Emily.

Although the blonde stopped Emily didn't give up. She pushed Jennifer on the ground again then straddled on top of her. It was a good opportunity for her to return the merciless punch Jennifer threw at her seconds earlier, but no matter how mad Emily was she couldn't hurt the blonde. A warning from someone in the crowd got Emily's attention. "Here come the pigs!" The profiler glanced up and saw two men in uniforms rushing towards them through the crowd.

With little force Jennifer pushed Emily off of her then reached into her shoe and pulled out a knife. As her eyes locked together with Emily's she opened the knife to reveal a small blade. She plunged the knife towards Emily's stomach. The brunette put her hand down and blocked it from stabbing her body. Instead it sliced across the palm of her hand and made her scream out.

Trying to ignore the pain Emily paid attention to what was going on around them. The knife dropped on the ground and she heard Jennifer gasp. Two men in uniforms pulled the blonde away. Emily tried to make eye contact with Jennifer again, but someone walked in front of her and blocked her view. The last thing she saw was tears in Jennifer's eyes.