A Criminal Love Story

Part Fourteen

The confrontation with Shannon Marconi and the long case exhausted Emily, both mentally and physically. She desperately needed some down time. As she poured herself a cup of coffee she looked around the police station for Jennifer and wondered if the blonde wanted coffee too.

"Garcia, where's JJ?" Emily asked as she walked over to the desk where the computer expert was shutting down her laptop. Before Garcia responded Morgan and Reid walked into the police station and approached the female agents. Emily spent the next ten minutes telling them what happened with Shannon Marconi. The brunette profiler repeated the events again to Hotch when he arrived.

"Good work." The team leader complimented the brunette. "You put a lot of time into this case. We'll finish up here. You can go to the hotel. JJ is already there."

"Thank you." Emily replied and assumed Jennifer left because she was also tired. The profiler picked up her jacket and walked towards the door. As she opened it Morgan approached her.

"Prentiss." He said and crossed his arms. "I know it's none of my business, but I want to talk to you about something."

"What is it?" Emily asked curiously.

"After the fight between you and JJ she was worried you were upset with her about it." Morgan said. "She took it very hard."

"But it was part of the job." Emily replied and held up her injured hand. "This is nothing. I've been hurt worst."

"I know." Morgan said and stared down at the floor with a frown.

"What else?" The brunette asked, sensing her colleague had more to say, but was reluctant to do so.

"The stuff you said to Marconi about it probably made JJ think you're mad at her." Morgan said. "She's sensitive about it. She didn't even like it when I made a joke about it."

"I didn't mean any of it." Emily insisted and added, "You know we have to say anything in those situations."

"Yeah, I know." Morgan agreed and nodded. "Just make sure JJ knows that."

"I will." Emily said and stood alone for a moment after Morgan walked away. She felt like an idiot for not talking to Jennifer after the fight.

At the hotel Emily went to the front desk to get her key then went to her room. She tried to call Jennifer, but there was no answer. It made her wonder if the blonde didn't want to talk to her. Emily sighed and wished she would've never talked harshly about Jennifer. She should've thought of another way to handle the killer. The brunette took a shower then tried to call Jennifer again, but there was still no answer. Frustrated by the lack of communication between her and the blonde Emily threw her phone on the bed and walked to the window to stare outside.

Being suddenly woken up by the sound of a loud knock on her door Jennifer was surprised she fell asleep. She looked at her watch and saw that she had slept for over an hour. There was another hard knock on the door. Jennifer shook her head and wondered who it was. She moved her hands through her hair then went across the room and opened the door. It surprised her to see Emily. When they made eye contact Jennifer could see that the profiler wanted to say something, but she was silent. Jennifer broke their long stare and looked down. Her eyes focused on Emily's injured hand. The guilt of what she did made her feel sick again. She wished Emily would say something, anything, even if it was to yell at her for what she did.

The last thing Jennifer expected was to feel Emily's other hand on her face. The contact made her move closer to the brunette. When she looked up their eyes locked together again and Emily smiled at her. Jennifer wanted to cry because she was so relieved and happy. The way Emily looked at her conveyed the same love Jennifer felt. No spoken words were needed.

Jennifer put her arms around Emily and pulled her into the room. As she pushed the door closed their lips met for a kiss that was slow at first then quickly grew more intense as Jennifer backed Emily up against the wall. Her hands moved through the brunette's hair as she tasted the inside of her mouth. It was hard for Jennifer to control herself because she wanted Emily so badly. The long kiss and feeling Emily's body against hers turned her on and made her want more contact. If they continued she knew she wouldn't be able to stop. Unsure if Emily wanted the same thing she broke the kiss and took a step back away from the brunette.

Emily didn't want to stop. The woman standing in front of her was her best friend and soul mate. She was everything Emily ever wanted. They waited long enough to be together. Emily didn't want to wait another moment. She separated the space between them with one step and took Jennifer's hand in hers. After she brought it up to her mouth and kissed it she held on to it and lead Jennifer towards the bed.

When Emily stopped next to the bed Jennifer moved her hands to the brunette's back and held her as they got lost again in another long kiss. Their mouths didn't separate as they undressed each other. Their hands began exploring, touching and caressing exposed skin and curves. The kiss ended when Jennifer pulled Emily on the bed with her. The brunette settled on her back and stared up at the blonde on top of her. Their eyes locked together for one of their usual long lingering stares. The end of the love story they witnessed earlier that day was forgotten as they concentrated on the beginning of their own.

The End