Warning: This fan fic is about Jack and Ianto's relationship and will contain m/m sex scenes in most chapters. If you don't like this, be sensible and don't read it!

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The team came crashing back into the hub laughing insanely and desperately trying to avoid touching Owen.

'It's just not fair...why did it pick me to explode on?' whined Owen looking forlornly down at himself.

He was covered in all manner of alien goo most of it green and snot looking and it smelt particularly unpleasant.

'I'm not sure it actually chose to explode at all Owen' sympathised Toshiko with a barely repressed grin.

'The fact that it did so on you, is just a bonus' announced Ianto seriously.

'I stink' moaned Owen.

Ianto at last took pity on the medic and shooed the other team members away as he consoled his friend.

'Hit the showers Owen...I'll make a nice strong coffee for when you get out' soothed Ianto looking sternly at the others who were still chuckling.

Owen slumped off to get cleaned up and Ianto headed to the kitchen to rifle up some cookies for him. He rarely got treats for the moody medic but there were times when even he could elicit some sympathy.

Toshiko headed to her workstation to begin calculations on the rift coordinates they had been investigating and Gwen accompanied Jack to his office. Ianto frowned, there was no reason for Gwen to follow Jack and it annoyed him. He took a deep breath and told himself it did not bother him and he was most certainly not feeling jealous.

Jack paused at the door to his office.

'Did you need something Gwen?' he asked.

Gwen stopped. She had no reason to follow Jack she just wanted to remain in his company for a while but his air suggested this was not a good idea. He had seemed to need more time alone since he returned from wherever it was he had been.

'No' she said carefully 'just wondered if I should write the report or if you wanted the privilege' she smiled.

He smiled back.

'Oh you do it...have fun!' and he closed the door.

Ianto refused to acknowledge or think in any way about the small thrill of elation he had felt as Jack closed his door on Gwen.

Ianto was having difficulty with Jack's return. He had been deeply hurt when Jack had left without telling them, he should have had more respect for their friendship. That was all they were at the time, friends and part time lovers. Ianto had been broken by his failure to save Lisa and Jack had comforted him. When they had learnt to trust each other it had become physical. Ianto had never had sex with a man before but it didn't seem to matter, he trusted and respected Jack. That trust had been broken when Jack left.

Now he was back and Jack seemed to want more from their relationship. Ianto wasn't sure. They had been on several dates which alone had been strange. Ianto found it odd to be on a date with a man. He could justify sex. Sex was just an animal itch that had to be scratched and Jack fulfilled a need. But dating was on a different level.

Ianto recognised that he cared for Jack. He had never been good at separating sex from emotions and he could not help but care for someone with whom he was frequently intimate in such a way. But it still felt strange to go on a date with him. It was ok whilst they were just having dinner, but when Jack wanted to hold hands or whisper seductively in his ear Ianto began to feel distinctly uncomfortable. He became even more uncomfortable when he realised just how much he was enjoying the attention.

He really needed to stop thinking about Jack in terms of someone he dates, oh God in terms of being his boyfriend. Ianto refused to think about it anymore, and he definitely was not jealous of Gwen spending time with Jack. Oh God my life is beyond weird he thought morosely.

Ianto took coffees to the girls and a strong black and very hot one down to Owen as he emerged from the showers and headed for the med lab.

'Thanks Ianto'

Owen spoke begrudgingly but Ianto was the only one to show him any sympathy so he refrained from using his usual derogatory term of teaboy.

'What did you do with your clothes Owen?' asked Ianto.

'Threw them away. It was only a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Except my jacket, I don't know what to do about that, it's my favourite so I'm not throwing it unless it can't be saved' Owen replied sadly indicating a carrier bag with the garment inside.

'Leave it to me Owen. I'll get it cleaned for you, I know a discreet place' he winked at the doctor.

'Cheers mum' beamed Owen not liking to ask if Ianto really knew a dry cleaners or if he had some sort of alien cleaning device secreted somewhere.

Ianto happily removed Owen's jacket. He enjoyed taking care of the team, making their lives run more smoothly, he liked to look after people, but he frowned at Owen's choice of pronoun.

Owen had only recently joked with the others about Ianto and Jack being the parents of the group. Jack being the dad who they went to with their problems and Ianto being the mum they went to for comfort and food. Jack had laughed but Ianto had been annoyed and saddened in equal measure.

Ianto sighed, he and Lisa had discussed children at length. If Ianto accepted that what he had with Jack was actually a relationship, he would also have to accept that he would never become a parent.

Ianto was not sure Jack was worth that sacrifice.


'Ianto I need the file on the Ogons can you fetch it from the archives?' shouted Owen from his lab.

'Yup' answered Ianto immediately closing the file he was working on and going to complete this new task. He had barely reached the archives before Owen was badgering him to hurry, and Ianto had already told him twice that he was going as quickly as possible.

'Ianto have you found that info yet?' demanded Owen.

'Once again may I remind you that when I discover the information you have requested I will immediately inform you via the com link' replied the exasperated Welshman.

Ianto was glad there were no CCTV cameras in the archives so that Owen could not see how frustrated he was becoming. He could control his voice when speaking to him, but only because he could vent his frustration by making obscene gestures.

Unbeknown to Ianto Jack had followed his lover to the archives. He had watched Ianto when they returned from the mission and how he had looked after the other team members, especially Owen. He had listened to the medic demand the information over the coms and was annoyed. He hastened to Ianto to console him.

He had stopped and laughed silently in disbelief at the obscene gestures Ianto had made belying his calm voice as he answered Owen yet again. Jack decided his lover needed a reward for keeping his temper.

Ianto had just put his hand upon the searched for file and was about to inform Owen with a crow of triumph when he was startled by the sudden appearance of Jack.

Jack swept over to him and put his hand over Ianto's mouth, indicating that he should be quiet and pointing to the coms. Ianto was compliant as always to his captain's commands and became silent. He wound one of his hands up to his com to disengage it. Jack stopped him and looked at him with a wicked grin on his face and an enquiring look. Ianto rolled his eyes, he knew Jack wanted to do whatever he had planned, whilst the possibility of the others hearing remained open. Ianto would never let him do anything sexual in public, or whenever the others were in viewing distance, he supposed he could give the older man this. He grinned back at him and took his hand away from his com.

Jack smiled and leaned in to kiss Ianto violently leaving the younger man breathless with need. Jack broke away and pressed his fingers to Ianto's lips again. He nibbled his way down Ianto's neck, then sank to his knees in front of his lover.

Ianto found it hard not to gasp as he realised what Jack intended to do. Jack quickly unbuttoned his trousers and released his already half hard cock. He stared at it for a long moment, letting his breath gently graze over the sensitive flesh. Ianto made a low noise at the back of his throat reminding Jack that his patience would not last forever. Jack smiled and took Ianto's cock into his hot wet mouth and began to suck greedily causing Ianto to hold his breath as he tried not to make any noise. Jack looked up into his lover's face to watch the effect his ministrations were having and smiled around the hard flesh at the ecstasy on the young Welshman's face.

Ianto began gasping, desperately trying not to make any noise. Jack smirked to himself at the effect he was having and increased the pleasure by gently tugging on the younger man's balls. Ianto clenched his hands into fists trying to keep his moans inside.

Jack lessened his efforts and began to tease by swirling his tongue around the head of Ianto's cock and only sucking softly on the tip. The younger man looked at him pleadingly with tears in his eyes. Jack relented and began to suck in earnest, his head bobbing up and down the length of the other man's cock.

He took Ianto's fisted hands and opened them, briefly entwining their fingers then placing them gently on the sides of his own head. He placed his hands on the wall behind the other man and leaned onto his arms to brace himself as he looked up at Ianto giving him permission. Ianto recognised the move and holding his lover softly by the neck he began to thrust. Ianto loved it when Jack let him do this. To be able to thrust fast and hard into Jack's wet mouth was the biggest sexual thrill Ianto had ever had. Jack submitted to being used. Ianto looked down at him gagging slightly and felt the familiar tightness coil into his belly. He thrust fast and hard into Jack's willing mouth becoming faster and more erratic as he felt his orgasm building and his cock slipping further down Jack's throat.

Ianto screamed 'fuuuck' as he came hard into Jack's mouth, still giving shallow thrusts as he rode out the pleasure.

'Ianto? you ok mate' asked Owen over the coms.

Ianto struggled to control his breathing and gasped.

'Yes Owen..just stubbed my toe... found that file... I'm bringing it up to you now'

He switched off his com and breathed heavily looking at Jack and laughing slightly. Jack stood and kissed him.

'Don't you just love it when it has to be quick and quiet' smiled Jack.

'Oh yes' laughed Ianto.

'Don't you just love me for teaching you?' Jack asked.

'Don't be daft Jack' smiled Ianto, but he leant in for another kiss before grabbing the file and heading back to Owen.

Jack looked after him disappointed. Ianto had evaded any admission of feelings since Jack had returned despite agreeing to date. Even when Jack directly asked for some affirmation he used humour or work to avoid talking about his emotions.

Jack wanted their relationship to move forward to a new level. He wasn't in love with the younger man, but he was ready to explore the possibility and Ianto clearly wasn't. Jack wanted to talk about the future but Ianto was still uncomfortable being seen in public with another man.

Jack had spent much of his year away thinking of Ianto and building castles in the air about their relationship and how it would be when he returned. It had helped him to cope with the pain and isolation. Jack had been truthful when he told the team he had come back for Ianto, but he had come back for the Ianto of his dream world. The real Ianto was different. It was wonderful being with the young man in the flesh, but the Ianto of his dreams fitted Jack better. He did not require teasing into a relationship and he showed his love for Jack unreservedly.

The real Ianto was not living up to Jack's expectations.

Jack thought back over his time with Ianto. He had found it surprisingly difficult to lure the younger man into his bed. He wasn't used to having to try so hard and it had definitely piqued his interest and made him redouble his efforts. Even once Ianto was in his bed he was resistant to full sex. They had only done it once, after Jack had returned from 1941. Jack had been distant and distraught that night and had turned to Ianto for comfort. Ianto knew what had happened from Toshiko and he felt the older man's pain at his inability to alter the inevitable.

Ianto was no stranger to pain and loss and comforted his captain in the only way he knew Jack would respond to. Jack knew Ianto was only offering it because he wanted to give comfort to his friend and lover. The fact that Ianto had been extremely vocal in his enjoyment did not alter that. Despite knowing his reasons and his reluctance, Jack had selfishly taken what the young man had offered and had left with the Doctor soon afterwards.

Jack thought about how they had each betrayed the other. Ianto had betrayed him with Lisa before they had become anything more than boss and employee. Jack had forgiven Ianto because he had seen the depth of love that had driven the young man to such desperate measures, and frankly he had been impressed that the unassuming Welshman had been so easily able to deceive an experienced and corrupt time travelling conman.

They had found their way back to trust and friendship and then Ianto had betrayed him again when he helped the others to open the rift. Again Jack had forgiven him. This betrayal had hurt more because they had seemingly become much closer, their relationship more intimate. Yet Ianto had still been able to walk away from him so easily.

Would Ianto forgive him for leaving with the Doctor?

He should, I forgave him! Thought Jack bitterly.

Ianto had allowed him back into his life and his bed but his heart was still closed. Jack always wanted something more from this young man and right now he wanted the devotion he had witnessed focussed on Lisa. He wanted someone to care for and someone to care back.

Jack sighed, he could hardly blame Ianto for being reluctant to trust his motives since his return. It would appear that coaxing him into a relationship was going to prove even harder than persuading him into bed.

Was the Ianto of his dreams embedded in the reality of the young man in the hub?

Jack wasn't sure what he wanted from Ianto, but he was sure it wasn't just sex anymore. Perhaps that was all Ianto really wanted. Jack gulped as he realised the pain that would cause him. He hadn't cared for anybody beyond friendship for a long time.

Maybe it would be better to stay as they were.