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Matt sighed. It had been a long day of contract negotiations and wondering. But, Jeff was at home, downstairs in the living room watching something on TV, if Matt remembered right, and that made him feel better. The TNA and WWE schedules couldn't have been farther apart.

Matt walked downstairs, a little upset that these contract negotiations had gone on as long as they had. But, he was all done now. A quick glance at the clock told him that he had been up there for three hours trying to work things out. Jeff was probably sleeping…

Matt walked quietly into the living room, his eyes going to the couch. Lying on the couch, his pants thrown carelessly on the floor, was Jeff. One hand was wrapped around his dick, his eyes closed and his face scrunched up in pleasure as that hand moved up and down. He was letting out soft, breathy moans as he thrust into his own hand. Matt's brown eyes were glued to his brother, his own pants getting dangerously tight at both the sight and the sounds he was hearing. He reached into his own pants, bypassing the boxers, and gripped his own hard cock, his hand moving in time with Jeff's. Something seemed to alert the blond on the couch, because he opened his eyes, the green orbs glazed slightly in lust, and seemed to find his brother immediately. Seeing that Matt's hand was in his pants just seemed to make Jeff more turned on, because the moans became louder, and his hand sped up. Matt walked over, putting his hand over Jeff's.

"Slow down, Jeff," Matt breathed, leaning in close to Jeff, who watched him. "You'll cum too soon…"

Matt's lips descended on Jeff's, their tongues dueling hungrily. Matt's hand took over the pace, stroking Jeff's dick, causing the younger Hardy to moan into his brother's mouth. Matt smirked to himself, until he felt Jeff's hands pushing his pants down and then the hand on his own dick. He groaned, pulling back to watch Jeff's hand work his dick for a minute.

"Fuck, Jeff," Matt muttered. Jeff laughed softly, moving his head and taking Matt's cock in his mouth. Matt swore almost violently at the way Jeff's mouth wrapped around his thick cock, tongue teasing and probing. He worked his way down the thick meat slowly, his lips eventually wrapped around the base, his nose brushing the light dusting of curly pubic hair. Jeff's green eyes looked up at Matt, who was staring in awe at his baby brother, and Matt swore he had to fight hard not to blow his load there. Jeff smirked internally and began to move, sliding the thick dick out of his mouth and then going back down it, the tip brushing his throat as he continued. Matt's hand continued to move on Jeff's own cock, his movements a little jerky, but Jeff didn't seem to care. After a few quick, tight strokes, Jeff nearly swallowed Matt's dick and stayed there, thick jets of cum filling Matt's hand, staining Jeff's abs. Jeff let out a sound, his throat vibrating around Matt's dick. Matt pulled Jeff off his dick, moaning at the slurping sound that Jeff made, before he moved, kneeling between Jeff's legs. Jeff looked at him, almost curiously, but his head was thrown back, back arched in ecstasy, as one of Matt's cum-slick fingers pushed into the tight hole. Jeff let out an incoherent sounds, louder moans escaping him now, as Matt pushed a second and then third finger in, moving them, stretching his brother. Matt's tongue was lapping up the spilled semen on Jeff's stomach, and then moved up, twisting with Jeff's own tongue as the brothers kissed again. Matt pulled his fingers out, lifting Jeff's legs and surging into Jeff.

In Matt's various fantasies, he had imagined taking Jeff for the first time. Jeff always moaned, almost screamed, out his name, his back arching off the floor, wall, couch, whatever surface Matt was going to fuck him on, his head thrown back. Jeff's back arched off the wall, his head thrown back in ecstasy, but Matt's name didn't leave his lips.

"Brother!" Jeff cried out. Matt moaned Jeff's name, his hips thrusting quickly in and out of Jeff's tight heat. Matt shifted a little, Jeff's knees resting on Matt's shoulders, and continued to thrust, gaining a scream of pleasure from the younger Hardy as Matt's cock slammed against that tight bundle of nerves. Matt's hand came back down to stroke Jeff's dick furiously, matching the breakneck speed of his thrusts, and Jeff came again a moment later. Matt held back for a few thrusts, but Jeff's tight heat clenching around his dick was too much, and he came, crying out Jeff's name. He pulled out, lying down on Jeff, who held him. After a minute, Jeff smiled, kissing his brother sweetly.

"I love you, brother," Jeff whispered. Matt smiled.

"I love you too, little brother."


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