Chapter 1

Bella POV

The medical room. They brought me and my older brother in. They put us in tanks and I felt this gooey liquid swim around my body. Then the pain. I felt weird. I screamed out. And metal came out of my hands. I broke the tank and my brother broke his. We started to run, still in pain.

"Bella?" Someone asked, worriedly. I have always been scared of hospitals since then. "Bella!" Someone else yelled. I finally came back to reality to the stares of the Cullen table. Their faces were all worried, confused, and concerned. "Yes?" I asked. "Love, are you alright?" Edward asked. "Of course." I responded, they didn't believe me. "The bell rang 3 minutes ago." Jasper said. Jasper, Alice, Rose, and Emmett all left the lunch room leaving Edward and me.

"Bella are you sure your okay?" Edward asked. "Yes, Love. I am absolutely fine. Now, come we are already late." I said and grabbed Edward's hand. We walked into biology and sat down at our table. "Mr. Cullen and Miss Swan, you are late." Mr. Banner said without looking away from the bored. Edward was about to give a good lie to him but I said, "Yes, sir. We are terribly sorry. See I am a klutz as you probably already knew and I fell in the cafeteria and Edward brought me to the nurse. So I am already patched up and ready to go." Mr. Banner turned around, shocked from hearing me with an excuse. I was usually the quiet one that tripped and was in love with the most beautiful guy in school.

Edward seemed shocked too. "Well yes miss swan. I will let you off, since you were at the nurse." Mr. Banner said and returned to his teaching. All of a sudden a note was thrown in front of me.

Bella.. Are you sure you are alright? Your worrying me.

I smiled a little and wrote back to Edward.

Of course. What is so wrong with me telling Mr. Banner why we were late?

Then I passed it back to Edward.

But I was lying to both Edward and myself. I was not okay.

When I was 16 I was kidnapped along with my older brother who was 24. His name was Logan. We were brought to some type of medical room where we were tested with some kind of chemical. Pain went through our bodies and I thought I was going to die. But obviously I didn't. While I was in the tank my hands felt like metal and sharp pains began there. Then I freaked out when metal sharp claws came out of my hands. 3 on each hand. I looked over to see the same thing happening to Logan. Him and I clawed ourselves out of the tanks. Then we ran.

People started to follow us so we split up. 1 year later I was in the woods alone. I have been surviving off of fruits found in the forest. My clothes weren't clothes at all. I only had a bra on and some underwear. I didn't know where I was or what I was. My claws were tucked in and all of a sudden I heard some noise. I turned to my left then to my right. To be tackled by someone that smelled oddly familiar. "Get off me." I shrieked. "Bella?" They asked. "Logan." I said. My brother! We hugged.

It turned out that while I was a homeless gal. Logan found himself a home. He lived in a huge mansion called Xavier's School For Mutants. He brought me there and I learned everything I have been questioning. I was a mutant now. I have sharp claws that come out of my hands and if I get to angry sometimes I may loose my temper. My eyesight, hearing, and speed are much faster than before. And I don't age. So I am stuck at age 16 forever and having healing abilities. Logan is the same as I.

I learned that Logan is a part of the X-Men. The X-men are a group of mutants like Logan and me. They help save the world but undercover. Because humans are not ready to know about us. In the X-Men are Xavier. He is the world's most powerful telepath, has mind control, and memory manipulation. He is the founder of the X-Men. Scott Summers can shoot laser beams from his eyes. Jean Grey possesses vast telekinesis and telepathy. Logan Swan obviously. He has his razor sharp claws and a healing ability. Storm can manipulate the weather. Finally, Kitty Pryde can phase through solid objects.

Overtime I became part of the X-Men. I got a cell phone and a stretchy outfit. My brother and I went on missions together. And just had fun. But soon the fun ended. 30 years later.. I went to the market one day and was called, 'Freak' by millions of people. I went home and told Professor X and Logan and they said that someone found out of my ability. "We have to move. I cant erase the minds of every single one." Professor said. "No. I am not letting you all leave just because of me." I said. "I will leave by myself and you will all live peacefully." I said. "Bella." Logan said but he knew I was stubborn.

I left the home of the family I loved. I left my brother behind. I ran off with my X-men cell phone with me and my suit on. Professor gave me some money to start anew elsewhere. And for some reason Forks, Washington spoke to me. So I moved there. Xavier led me his power to use and I used it. I made Chief Charlie Swan and his wife Renee Swan believe I was their daughter. I mean I did look close enough. Soon Renee divorced Charlie and she moved to Phoenix, Arizona. I stayed with Charlie in Forks. It is so weird living with someone who isn't your family.

Logan and everyone else weren't allowed to contact me unless there was an extreme emergency. I was on my own. I felt lonely without my big brother but I knew I could probably see him again one day. Soon I met the Cullen's and found out they were vampires. I wasn't scared. I didn't tell them my secret. They would think I am a freak. I fell in love with Edward Cullen. And I knew everything about him and he knew the basics about me but not my real past.

He also doesn't know that I play just an act. I am not a klutz at all. I am usually graceful. I trip on purpose. Of course I love him but I am scared to tell him that I am a freak. A car engine pulled me out of my revoir. I looked around to see I was in Edward's Volvo. How did I get here? Edward started driving out of the school parking lot. "Where are you taking me?" I asked him. He quickly looked at me and breathed a sigh of relief. "Bella in biology you completely blanked out. You had been doing it all day but this time you didn't come back in a few minutes like normal. I carried you out to my car. We are going to see Carsile at the hospital." He said. The hospital!! "No." I whispered.

"Bella?" Edward asked, confused. "No, I am not." I said. "Am not what?" He asked, still confused. "Going to the hospital." I whispered. Edward seemed to roll his eyes. "And why not?" He asked, annoyed. "I don't like the hospital. I don't need to go." I said. "Bella I don't care if you like to hospital or not. Something is wrong with you." He said. We were nearing the hospital. If I got in there I will go nuts and if I got nuts I will be put in the nutty home. Only one way out of this. I know it will hurt but I heal fast. "I'm sorry Edward." I whispered. "Wha-" Edward started to say but I already opened the passenger door and jumped out while we were driving. "Bella!" Edward screamed.

I rolled down the road and I saw Edward immediately stomp on the brakes. I had some blood all over me but I didn't care. I need to keep moving. I am not going to the hospital. I stood up quickly and started to run into the forest. I didn't go human speed, I used my mutant speed which is faster than vampires. I knew Edward would be able to smell my scent so I decided to jump. I jumped from the ground to a tree and then a sat up as far as the tree would let me. I then listed as Edward rampaged through the forest. Edward stopped when my scent didn't go anywhere else and he looked around. "Bella?" He asked. He looked absolutely terrified. Then he pulled out his phone. I listen to both sides of the conversation with my good hearing.

"Where is she, Alice?"

"I don't know. I am searching."

"Find her Alice. She could have been kidnapped."

"Edward calm down. Come home. We will search together." Alice said and Edward hung up. Edward took one more look around and ran back to his Volvo. When I heard the engine leave I jumped down to the ground.

After an hour I was basically healed up. The only sign that showed that I got hurt was the blood all over me. I hate lying and hurting my love. I ran back to his house. I walked in and everyone immediately surrounded me. "Bella! What were you thinking? Where are you hurt? Someone call Carsile. Bella you are in so much trouble." Edward growled. I had to resist to roll my eyes. "Edward, honey I am just peachy. I am not hurt." I said. "But you jumped out of a moving car!" He exclaimed. "You what!" Everyone else yelled. "Yeah." I said.

Carsile came home immediately and also concluded that he didn't see any injuries. "I told you so." I said. "How is she not injured?" Emmett asked. Carsile shrugged. Just then it started thundering. "We still playing baseball tonight?" I asked. "Hell yes!" Emmett yelled. Esme, Carsile, and Edward weren't sure if I should go out but they let me anyway. So I stood outside in the rain wishing I could play. I used to do this all the time with the X-Men but I have to keep undercover.

Then all of a sudden I heard a familiar noise. A wheel chair. I haven't heard the sinceā€¦ then I say them. The X-Men. My family walked out of the forest. And a huge smile came upon my face.


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