Well, to be honest, I was planning on leaving the Logan's Run story at the end of HIGH VOLTAGE, but due to popular demand (and my own twisted sense of humor) I decided to 'resurrect' the unstoppable Garfield Logan for one more CRANK-tified romp through the city. Keep in mind that this is a completely different song and dance this time. Let's see if this one will answer all the questions. Once again, all criticism welcome in my house!

"He's dead."

The words hung in the air just the same as they had done three months prior, the day Garfield Logan died – before, you know, he came back from the dead to settle the score with those who had stolen his heart. All the abuse he had withstood, all the damage he had taken had proven to be his undoing in the end. He had died before his friends on a cold operating table, his fight seemingly giving out just when he needed it most. But he had done the impossible: he had beaten the odds one more time and brought his friends back together to save their city from villainy. They would take up the mantle from here. In his honor, they would finish the job.

The extended Titan family sat silently in the nerve center of the tower. Only the dying sobs of Raven punctuated the still of the air. She had been the one to utter those cryptic words three months before, but this time the duty went to Aqualad – someone who had literally received a call from a dead man looking for help. Sadly, his help hadn't been enough to keep Logan from getting dead again.

Robin leaned against the wall near the window, looking at the other grief-stricken Titans. This was the second time they had lost a man – the same man, to be exact. His own eyes, however, were tearing up as well. Deep in his heart, he knew the truth. He had failed. Destroy the H.I.V.E. and save Garfield Logan – that was the goal. Neither one had come to fruition. Logan was dead, and the H.I.V.E. still stood. Sure, they could take it down at a time of their choosing now that it was leaderless, but it still didn't make the pain of his ultimate failure any less. If anything, it made it worse. Logan had saved his life before, on the rooftop of the Perez. He had sworn to repay that debt, a blood oath to be settled. That would never happen. That window had closed forever.

Aqualad noticed the pained expression on Robin's face. He understood what was going through his head. He was kicking himself as well for not moving fast enough. Maybe if Garfield had listened, if he had waited, if he hadn't been a one-man-army…well, it was over. Not much he could do to remedy the situation now.

It was here, at this very moment in time, that the red warning light in the tower started flashing, its' siren blaring throughout the room. For the first time, however, the heroes were not as quick to jump on it. They simply sat, bathed in the red light, listening to the distress beacon.

Finally, after what seemed like the longest moment of their lives, Robin stood up straight. "Sorry, team," he said, sadly. "Looks like it's back to work."

Lad gazed over at the young hero, a quizzical expression on his face. "Robin, if you guys don't wanna do this, Bee and the rest of us could handle it…" he began.

"No," the Boy Wonder said with a wave of his hand. "This is our city. We'll handle it." At that, he gave a tight smile. "We have to."

Looking over at the Herald, the hero sighed. "Herald, take everyone back home," he ordered. "Once this thing gets settled, we'll go about making preparations to deter the casket and lay Beast Boy to rest."

"We're staying," Bumblebee said, firmly. "Steel City can handle itself for a little while without us."

Robin considered the notion. "Fine," he said, quietly. "Everyone else goes – no exceptions. As for you guys, you are to stay in the tower unless we call for you – and under no circumstances are you to enter the medical ward unless you're dying!"

The last remark came out rather cold and callous, startling all the Titans – including Robin himself. "I'm…I'm sorry," he said, quickly. "It's just…"

"No biggie," Lad said, smiling faintly. "We understand."

The Boy Wonder nodded. "Okay, we all have our orders," he said. "Raven, I need you to-!"

"I'm going," the girl said, flatly.

"You're not in the right state of mind," Robin said, firmly. "You'll be a loose cannon out there, and I don't need…"

"I'll be fine," Raven said, pulling her hood up over her tear-streaked face. "I'd be more concerned about you right now."

Robin opened his mouth, but thought better of it. Raven knew he hurt just as much as she did, as they all did. This mission would be for Beast Boy. On the upside, at least they'd get to crack a few skulls. Good for releasing tension.

"Okay team," he said as the now-six strong team prepared for action. "The city needs us, and we need it. Let's show them what we can do. TITANS, GO!"