Disclaimer – I do not own Darker Than Black. Same goes for my other Episodica poetry collections. One per episode, this is for the second season… told myself I wouldn't… but I am… lets see if I can keep up…

Episodica Darker Than Gemini

Truth of it All

Life should have been filled
With the simple joys
Of boyfriends and birthdays
Also unending friendships

But that isn't the truth at all
Life can be quite bitter
Quite painful, and hurtful
Yet, that was hidden away

Why protect from the truth
Too keep the lies at bay
In the end it will hurt
More so then not

Where did your love lie
After that fateful day
You separate into two
What should be one

There is a bond truly in Gemini
To say that he is gone
I can not see it there
He is still my brother

Author's note - Usually I center the poems, but... the site is having problems with the doccument...