Darker Than Gemini
What is Truth?~

Inside and outside
Through a twisting plot
Wondering what truth is
Where is does lie

Or is in fact truth
Simply itself a lie
And the lies known
Were really the truth

Turning the world
Upside down, inside out
Not understanding
Happenings that happen

Hoping now and again
To simply live a life
Yet through what pain
Must one go?

Is the enemy a friend
Is the friend an enemy
Who can we trust
To keep us from harm

Where can one go
Away from persecution
To safety and freedom
A new kind of heaven

Author's note – I have to catch up on the episodes. My brother thinks that fanfic writing and watching Anime is a waste of my time, while gaming is not. He likes me to play with him… some of these gaming RPGs… and there has so far only been one successful one… so, anyways, hopefully I'll be able to catch up soon.