A/N: This is a Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Story

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Rating: Mature

Author: Touch of the Wind

Summary: I've read loads of stories where Harry is turned into an Elfling, my idea that Harry and Draco are turned into Elflings, they used a spell to regain their childhood since both had suffered abusive childhoods. They were a couple and neither would do the spell without the other. (There soul mates) Harry is found near Rivendell, Draco is found near Mirkwood. Draco is adopted by King Thandruil and Harry by Lord Elrond. Both are able to remember what they were before.

Pairing: HarryDraco

A/N 2: The story is named after Josh Groban's song, Solo Por Ti, which means Only For You.

Solo Por Ti :Chapter One

Solo por ti,caminaría
en la infinidad.
contigo la eternidad.
Solo por tí...

In the Land of Middle Earth, the peace would unknowingly be shattered later that night. All inhabitants of Mirkwood and Rivendell were heading inside, putting protective barriers around crops and their homes as they saw the looming thunder clouds rolling in.

Lord Elrond looked at the skies and sighed, his youngest Estel had recently gone off to find himself. He knew that he was harsh on Estel, especially recently, trying to get the young man to understand his heritage and what he would need to do during the future but he would have none of it and a few days later he announced he would be travelling Middle Earth. Estel was now considered a man by human years and therefore Elrond could not stop his youngest son from leaving. Watching the storm clouds roll in he couldn't help but think about his son who was out there somewhere, alone. He had sent his twin sons out to shadow Estel but had received news that they had lost the human.

Hearing the first sounds of thunder in the distance he made his way into his study and sat down hoping that his youngest would come to his senses and come home.

King Thandruil stood on his balcony, watching his only child pack his weapons up to come inside for dinner. He had hoped to give Legolas a younger sibling so that he would have someone who he could connect with; however, his wife had been killed before that could happen. Legolas was the last elfling born to Mirkwood and it did not seem like any would be born soon. Legolas had just reached manhood and soon he would be ready to go train in another Elven kingdom to expand his knowledge, the halls of his home would feel so empty without Legolas being there.

He sighed when he saw his son disappear inside and took once last glance at the thunder storm that was coming in and disappeared inside to greet his son.

Later that night the storm raged, thunder shook the skies and many elves jumped at the sound…it was the loudest they had ever heard before. Lightening ripped across the skies and rain poured down. Winds howled and many trees could not withstand the gales.

However, in the morning a sort of peace came over the lands, the sun rose over the kingdoms and slowly the rain began to dry away and many ventured out of their homes to see the damage that nature had done to the land.


In a glen near Mirkwood, the leaves were still wet and the sound of water dripping from trees could be heard. The sunlight filtered through the trees creating golden warm glows around the forest.

Illuminated by the sun was a figure. The figure was small, about 5 years old; a male, white blond hair fell upon pointed ears and was loose around the small head creating a halo. His hair though was dry- along with his clothes and skin- he was warm and undisturbed by the fallen tree that lay a few feet away from him. The child was sleeping, peacefully oblivious of the world around him. The little one's face was perfect, high cheek bones and porcelain skin. The small elfling had no marks on him to show anything about him. His skin was as soft as a newborn and the clothes he wore were clean, the mud and other dirt around the elfling seemingly unable to cling to the fine material the child wore.

His clothing was strange, he wore small trousers made of a fabric like silk however the detail and texture were so much finer that it almost seemed like it was made by a higher being, a small tunic was worn on the upper half of the child, made from the same material but whereas the trousers were a deep green the tunic was white, pure brilliant white, which gave the sleeping child a look of angelic beauty.

The child's chest rose with each breath he took, unaware that others drew close to his resting place.


Near Rivendell, another similar scene was found; this time a small dark haired elfling was laid within the forest which surrounded the kingdom. The child, though, was wet, small droplets of water were on his pale skin and his hair was falling onto his shoulders in wet stands. His delicate small hands were laid next to him, dirt covering the fingers and his clothes, green and white, the same as the blonde's, were wet and clung to the elfling's small frame, smaller than that of the blonde.

Slowly the elfling moved, a small snuffle came from his nose and slowly emerald eyes opened and looked up into the forest above him. The first thing he saw was the sunlight filtering through the trees, casting light around him in golden beams of light.

The little elf slowly sat up and looked around, his eyes taking in everything about the area he was in. Standing on unsteady feet he began to walk around peering at everything and exploring.

It was then a breeze drifted over him, lifting his black locks from his shoulders and it was then he heard a whisper from the trees.

For only you,
Would I walk in the infinity.
I would face
eternity with you
For only you.


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