There were three worlds, obviously not meant to combine. From space, there was the world of Star Trek, respectable and scientific. From the United Kingdom comes the world of Harry Potter, battling Dark wizards. And from all over came the NW, a group of writers who were never on topic but still lovable. They did combine one day, and chaos broke lose.

On September first, at around eleven in the morning, the scarlet steam engine train known as the Hogwarts Express took off along the tracks weaving through England. It held students from the NW called Leo, Noah, Kitkat and Audio. Leo was a werecat that lived in Alaska. Noah was cool. Kitkat was sitting with Luna Lovegood, and the two were getting along well. Audio was annoying Harry by poking him, but was getting along with the Gryffindors despite it.

The starship Enterprise was encountering issues, however. There seemed to be a problem with the bridge. The crew exchanged glances, then realized that the bridge was going to fall to earth, the rest of the ship floating in space until the end of time. This was soon recognized by James T. Kirk, the captain (or, if you had a Russian accent like Chekov, 'ceeptin').

"Spock! What the heck is going on?" he barked at the half-Vulcan being drooled over by Nurse Ninja.

"There seems to be an engine problem, Captain." Spock replied, emotionlessly. Seeing Kirk's mouth open again, he interjected. "No, I am not scared. Being frightened is a human emotion and frankly quite illogical."

"None of that!" the captain yelled, throwing his hands toward the ceiling. "Bones! What's with the engine?"

"I'm a doctor, not an engineer!" Dr. McCoy boomed.

Wolfie rolled her eyes and turned back to the screen she was facing. Did Bones have to shout that often? She was tired of his never-ending rant. Hello, they all knew he was a doctor; could he finally just shut up about it?

"Sc-" Kirk started. However, he was cut off by the human portion of the crew's screams.

The bridge was falling, spiraling toward earth below. They were frantic, panicked. Scared. Nurse Ninja was clutching Oralee. Malfoy (I'm sorry, Draco) was clutching Ninja. Then they landed.

Right in a boat of first years.