What Wasn't on Camera.

Ok, so I have been wanting to do this idea for a while, but I just haven't had the time to start it, well its here now!

This story will be several chapters of 'Behind the Scenes' stories, like I'll be taking clips from the show and extending it to tell a story, for example, let's take the Total Drama Island episode 'Basic Straining' we barely got to see what Duncan was thinking and doing in the boathouse, what I'll do is take that clip and extend it to see what might have happened.

I also want you, the readers and reviewers to get involved, at the end there will be a small form that you can fill out to tell me what chapter to do next, there will be many and I'm and aiming to do a lot, however I can't do it alone!

Without further ado, let's bring forth my first 'what wasn't on camera' chapter, Beth and Lindsay during the episode 'Paintball Deer Hunters'.

Chapter One, Beauty.

What is beauty? Was it something that you were blessed with? Something that was a way of living? Or was it more like being beautiful makes you that little bit better than someone that was considered as 'ugly' and that gives a pretty person the edge against you.

Most pretty girls can be bitches, they'll hurt you and make you feel small, they use their good looks to make you realize that you'll never be like them.

Beth seemed to think this every time Heather opened her mouth, Heather was beautiful, she had long mocha hair that shined, her piecing eyes were cold but yet they seemed to put a spell on you and needless to say she was blessed with a good body with curves in all the right places.

However, Heather's attitude was harsh, unnecessary and rude. Ever since she turned up on the island she would rip apart any person that went near her, Beth felt lucky when Heather started talking to her and when she told her that she was going to the final three, Beth felt like she was the luckiest girl in the world.

However, Heather started pushing her around, her and another girl, Lindsay. However, the two just stood for it; they couldn't do anything to stop her.

The power of beauty can be very strong.

This morning, the girls of the Screaming Gophers were awoken by the sound of a helicopter flying over their cabin; Beth awoke as soon as she heard a loud thud coming from Leshawna's bunk.

"Ooh!" Leshawna cried out, holding her head, "Ok, that dude is really starting to get on my last nerve".

Heather yawned loudly, "Whatever, he just loves ruining our mornings".

Before Beth could make an escape, Heather had spoken again, the power taking over, "Beth, Lindsay, go warm up the shower for me?"

Beth looked down at Lindsay who had just climbed out of her bed, "Now!" Heather said a little more forceful, "And remember-."

"Not to hot this time" Beth mumbled, she had heard this every morning ever since the show started, "I know".

Beth gave a long yawn and adjusted her head brace, then she jumped out of bed and took her clothes with her.

Lindsay was already out of the door and walking towards the showers, Beth couldn't help but watch her as she walked away, Mother Nature sure had been kind on Lindsay, she was gorgeous. She was a lot like Heather, curves in the right places, and a terrific body, but she had long blonde hair and her bright blue eyes looked warm and kind, even though she was beautiful, she was dumb as a post, clearly Mother Nature had not been kind about that.

Still Beth knew that she would die to be one of these girls, she didn't care if she was as mean as Heather, just as long as she looked like her, she didn't care if she was as stupid as Lindsay, just as long as she looked like her.

Beth's parents had always told her that she was beautiful, however as she grew older she begun to see what kind of beauty was accepted in this world, you had to be stunning to be accepted, she realized that when she first started high school, boys wouldn't go near her, girls would talk about the clothes that she wore behind her back, Beth begun to see that she clearly was not beautiful and she realized that there was no hope.

Instead of hoping that she would one day be pretty, she begun to wish.

Once in the bathroom, Beth had turned on the shower and was waiting for it to warm up; Lindsay was staring at her reflection in the mirror and was sorting out her hair.

Beth watched as she flicked back her silky blonde hair, it was so much better than Beth's mousy brown locks.

While flicking her hair Lindsay accidently knocked off Beth's glasses, without them Beth couldn't see a thing.

"Oh my Gosh, Bertha I'm so sorry!" Lindsay cried out, she picked up Beth's glasses and held them in the palm of her hand, "Don't worry I got your glasses here".

"Where?" Beth wailed, "I can't see anything!"

Beth opened her eyes wide, hoping that she could see at least her hand in front of her eyes, nothing.

Lindsay looked back into Beth's eyes and let out a gasp, "Oh my Gosh!"

"What?" Beth cried, beginning to panic, "Did you step on my glasses?"

"No, your eyes!"

"What about them?"

"They…they're so pretty" Lindsay cooed.

Beth's ears pricked up, "They're…what?"

"Pretty" Lindsay repeated, she pushed Beth's glasses back on her face and then gasped again.

"Oh my Gosh, they're even prettier with these on" Lindsay said admiring her eyes.

Now with her glasses back on, Beth could see again, she looked up at Lindsay who was smiling at her, she looked genuine and like she really meant what she had said.

Beth nervously poked her glasses, "You really mean it?"

"Totally!" Lindsay cried out, "They make your eyes really big and sparkly".

Beth was taken aback, never in her life had she heard something like that come from a girl like Lindsay, Beth looked back in the mirror and unhooked her head brace, after she laid it down in front of her she looked at her reflection and especially at her eyes. They were pretty; they were stunning in fact, well in her opinion anyway. But still Beth never realized those small little things were pretty.

Every time Beth used to look in a mirror and see her eyes, they just looked like small black dots, but now, they were a bright green and they shined like emeralds.

Beth sighed and looked back at Lindsay, "What's wrong?" Lindsay asked her.

"Nothing" Beth replied, "It's just no one has ever said something like that to me".

"Really?" Lindsay said a little shocked, "I always have people telling me that I'm pretty".

"That's because you are".

"So are you" Lindsay told her, this made Beth smile and Lindsay gasped again, "Did you know that your teeth are really straight?"

Beth ran her tongue along her teeth, "I guess they are, my braces did that for me".

Lindsay look confused, "Braces?"

"These" Beth said pointing to the metal on her teeth.

"Oh, I thought those were your teeth".

"No" Beth said.

But then she looked in the mirror again, and instead of seeing herself she saw a girl, she was different, she was pretty.

But the strange thing was that it was Beth, Beth was looking at her reflection and finally saw herself for what she was, her idea of pretty was looking attractive and being stunning, but it wasn't.

As dumb as she may look, Lindsay, somehow had managed to show Beth that beauty could be expressed in many ways. No one, in fact was ugly.

Beth suddenly found herself hugging Lindsay, she looked down at Beth confused, "What are you doing?"

"Thanking you".

Lindsay heard Beth's words and thought hard, "Thanking me?"

Beth nodded, "You're kind of strange" Lindsay said, "But I like you".

Then the two girls left the showers to get Heather, but Beth had learnt a valuable lesson, that even though she didn't feel pretty she was, no matter what anyone said about her.

The other thing was that the power of Beauty wasn't as strong as she thought, it was just fake. Maybe next time she saw Heather she would stand up to her.

Then again, maybe she just wasn't that brave. Just yet.

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