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This chapter was one of my ideas and I confess it wasn't chosen at random! Why? Because it suits with the time of the year.

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On Cartoon Network, a special of Total Drama Island aired of the five finalists getting a video message from home, that meant that Duncan got one (See where I'm going with this now?)

So, it involves his parents sitting on their sofa telling Duncan how much they love him, despite the bad things he's done in life, including…a naked stunt on New Years Eve!

And that's what gave me this idea!

So, without further ado, I present the next chapter of 'What Wasn't on Camera', Happy 'Nude' Year!

Chapter Five: Happy 'Nude' Year.

"Duncan, are you sure you're going to go through with this?"

Duncan paused as he watched the crowds gathering in the City centre, getting ready to bring in the New Year, there were a lot of people there celebrating and drinking, building up their excitement, Duncan scowled at this site and turned to his friend.

"Yeah Charlie, I've been ready for this since the day I was born".

"Good…you're not going to pussy out right?"

Duncan scoffed loudly, "Hey, when have I ever backed out of anything?"

Charlie paused, "That's true".

Duncan looked back at the crowd, there were a lot of people there all getting ready for New Year, Duncan swallowed nervously, he loved New Year, it was just another excuse to break the law by under age drinking and destroying stuff, whenever the cops got involved he just had to plead his case by saying it was in the spirit of the New Year and with a lot of paper work and the occasional caution, he was let off.

But this year, this year was going to be explosive, and he wasn't talking about the fireworks.

He was going to cause uproar by doing what many people are not comfortable in doing…a streak across the centre when New Year hit.

Duncan looked back at his friends, right now he was hiding in a bush with three of his closest friends with several bottles of alcohol surrounding them, he grabbed a bottle of beer and popped the cap open with his teeth before taking a swig of it.

"This is going to be hilarious" Another boy, Mark, said, "Duncan, man I salute you for this".

Duncan smirked, "You're only praising me because you're to chicken to do this yourself".

Charlie sniggered, "I have to agree with that!"

Mark frowned, "Sorry, but…I'm not that comfortable with streaking in the city".

"Just because you have a tiny penis-."

"Shut up!"

Duncan laughed at his squabbling friends, then he turned back to the gathering crowds, in a few minutes none of them would know what hit them as Duncan would be running by, completely naked.

He had to admit he was a little nervous but then again, he wasn't ashamed of his body, he was pretty proud actually, he wasn't ugly, or morbidly obese, and he had to admit that his below region was pretty fantastic too.

He just hoped that there were some good looking girls out there to enjoy what he was about to do.

"And we are live in the City Centre getting ready for the New Year celebration here".

Duncan paused when he heard an unfamiliar voice talking very loudly in front of them, Duncan slowly peered over the bush and looked at who was making that noise and when he saw what it was he gulped.

It was the local TV crew making a news report on the New Years celebrations, if they stuck around long enough they were going to see something that wasn't child friendly.

He leant back down in the bush as he heard the female reporter carry on her report; he then looked at his friends who were also fearing for their friend.

"I think I need a shot of some sort" Duncan mumbled as he reached over and grabbed a vodka bottle and drunk some of it flat.

A good ten minutes had passed and time was ticking on, in exactly 30 seconds it was going to be the New Year, and Duncan was now lying in his boxers, slightly intoxicated waiting for the right moment.

"The New Year will be here soon and we are looking forward to seeing what display will be happening this year" They could hear the reporter blabbering away as she spoke to the camera.

"It's nearly here" Charlie said patting Duncan's bare shoulder, "Are you ready?"

Duncan nodded, while taking a very deep breath, "Yeah…I'm ready".

"Jeez…make this and you'll die a legend".

"I know".

Soon the countdown began, he could hear the crowds counting backward and his heart started beating.


Duncan took another swig of vodka, he was running on courage and booze.


"Don't forget your boxers" Charlie said to Duncan, "It's not going to be nude without them off".


"Don't worry I won't" Duncan said.


Duncan's heart was thumping loudly as he tugged at the elastic waist band of his boxers and started to lower them.


He pulled them off his waist and let them fall to the ground.


"You'll need this" Charlie said placing a shiny pink and green party hat on his head.


"Here I go Boys!" Duncan announced as he stood up, bearing all.


Duncan clambered over the push, wincing slightly as the branches made contact with his bare skin.


He broke into a run as he heard the calls from his friends behind him, a smirk spread across his face as he did so.


Screaming wildly, Duncan sprinted towards the crowd, waving madly.


"I THINK YOU MEAN, HAPPY 'NUDE' YEAR!" Duncan yelled loudly as he sprinted into the crowds.

There were horrified screams as Duncan chased the crowds around, tearing down the paper decorations as he went on his rampage.

Little did he knew that people were taking photos of him as he ran, however he was so smashed that he didn't care one bit, he danced in front of small old ladies who cried out in horror and tried to hide.

He tore through paper decorations that had been placed around the town and they coiled lovingly around his body as he ran, the female reporter looked horrified as the cameramen turned to film Duncan rather than her news report.

All the while, Duncan was in a state of bliss, hearing the terrified screams as he ruined the celebrations was like music to his ears, while he ran the only thing that was going through his head was not 'will I get arrested' or 'what will my parents say?' It was in fact…

"How will I top next year?"

In fact he felt incredibly glad when he felt four strong arms grabbing him and dragging him out of the crowds.

"Come on, Duncan!" An angry officer growled at him, "That's enough for tonight!"

"Come on, man!" Duncan protested, "It's 'Nude' Year! Streak with me!"

Local boy ruins New Year's by Streaking.

Duncan's Father furrowed his brow as he read the headline of the local paper the next morning; sure enough his son was son the front cover with a party blower in his mouth, running through the streets, naked.

He sighed angrily and handed his wife the paper, "Look what he's done now!" he growled as his wife picked up the paper.

Her eyes widened as she saw her son on the front cover, she immediately read the article and sighed herself.

"Well…at least he's out of the City Hall Fountain" He mumbled to her husband with a gentle smile.

The only thing she received was an angry glare from her husband…

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