5 years after Klaatu leaves. A fanfic, just for him. (Keanu Reeves)!

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"Sophie, get away from the window," my mom whispered, shooing me away from the window. "It's raining really hard out there."

Smiling, I twisted my head around from the couch and stared at the flashes of light outside the window.

"I don't mind," I said, giggling at a ball of light that slammed into the backyard. "Did you see that? It was pretty."

"Honey, please," my mom shoved me away from the window, cautioning me as my step-dad came trudging down the stairs.

Step-dad grumbled in, yanking me by my golden hair and throwing me onto the couch, my back landing on the cushions. He yelled out curse words at me, screaming at my mom.

"Five years old, and can't even . . ." he didn't finish his sentence—he never did. "Worthless piece of—"

And I tuned him out, listening to my mom as I climbed off of the sofa and rounded the corner to the back of the house, my mind still playing around with the little light that had bounced into my backyard. I slipped into my rainboots and I could still hear my mom and step-dad arguing, my mom's shouts louder than his curse words.

"I can't believe the way you treat her!" she screamed. "She's not an animal!"

The sliding door opened, and I slipped into my Blue's Clues rain jacket before heading out into the thunderstorm with small ears pointing out of my hood, following my friend, the lightning and thunder.

I giggled as my face was beaded with rain, my hair turning a deeper gold color as I lifted off my hood, my feet dancing across the puddles. But out of the corner of my deep brown eyes, I caught a glimpse of a glow—and being a girl and all—I loved shiny stuff.

The glow came from a deep pit, but I was still determined to see what it was. I wanted the shiny thing to be mine. As I kneeled beside a pressured soil that had made contact with something at a high speed, my face seemed to be glowing, and I brushed off all the dirt beneath the soil, my small hands digging into the earth before brushing against a pebble-like texture. My eyes gleamed as I dug out the orb, my hands wrapping around it as the rain patted on it.

It was warm, warmer than my own skin. Even in the thunder and rain—it was warm. There seemed to be something alive in it as something swirled and twirled, the turqoise blue and green mixing together—almost like the earth was being put into a snow globe.

The orb's size was a bit big for my hands, but not massively big—it was . . . just almost my size. I wiped it off with my jacket sleeve, the dirt seeping away as I pressed my cheek to the warm orb, a single sentence flashing through my mind, my eyes going pale as everything went white.

Klaatu Ishnit Semai . . . Niclatio

Klaatu's coming . . . for you.

After the whisper, came shrieks—directly from inside my house.

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