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I drew in a deep breath, stepping into the locker room where I locked my orb into a steel locker, typing in the combination again to make sure I got it right. Kissing my orb, I rubbed my cheek against it, making sure my orb was concealed before I closed the door, turning back to get Helen dressed.

"I can do it myself," she huffed. "I'm barely 50 yet."
Shuffling in the suits, I groaned as they rubbed against my skin, itchy.

"I hate these suits," I muttered. "It's too much, don't you think?"

She shrugged, setting her head gear on her lap, fastening the ear piece. I put my ear piece in, making sure it stayed secure in my ear as I pushed her along, out into the open field of airplanes and C-17's.

"Ms. Benson! It's nice to have you on board!" A pilot yelled, nodding to us as I wheeled her into the airplane.

I strapped her in, then the plane lifted off. I gripped on tight.

"Not really an airplane person, huh?" A man next to me said, smiling. "Do you know what this is all about?"

I nodded but didn't care to say anything. He was cute. I liked him. I smiled sheepishly at him. He had his head gear on his lap, his deep brown hair spiked in a cowboy-ish way. His eyes were like an emerald green.

"I'm Mark," he extended his hand to me. "Major in archeology."

"Sophie," I smiled at him, shaking his hand. "Journalist for the Manhattan Times."

"What's your pseudonym?"

"Cameron Lysle."

A bunch of others snickered and my head snapped towards them. They still laughed, loud and mocking.

"You mean the tree hugger?"

"The one who talks about aliens all the time?"

"Ignore them," Mark snapped. "They're all conceited and bratty because mommy never let them watch Power Rangers."

"We are landing in the Red Zone," the pilot announced.

Looking outside, there was a large sphere that we were circling, just like a bigger version of my orb. My heart was beating out of my chest, so extremely excited. My first encounter with my dreams.

"I can't believe I'm actually here," I sighed, turning to Helen. "Thank you so much."

"Everyone out!"

We took our radiation detectors with us (not like we were going to use it or anything), making sure the air was clear for their 'traps.' I wheeled Helen out, amazed by what I was witnessing. As we stepped into the fog, surrounding the sphere, Helen made a remark that I heard through her microphone.

"I feel so young again," she muttered, smiling.

I looked above me, the sphere was just too big for me to even begin to compare.

"Is this how big it was before?" I asked.

"Maybe bigger."

Maybe we should have been backing up, because I felt like something . . . there was something that was creeping up my spine. A feeling.

"Helen, do you want to keep going?"

Helen smiled.

"No, I'm fine right where I am," she sighed. "Sophie?"

"Helen, stay where you are," I said, hoping she'd obey.

"All units, stand down, the thing seems to be . . .opening up!"

A bright light shone, like the sun, making my eyes hurt as I saw a shadow-two shadows to be exact-walking towards us. One shadow lingered over the entire sphere, like some sort of protecter of the sphere-a robot. The other was . . . OhMyGod-an alien? Everything was rotating around this entire moment. Every voice that was screaming through my ear was drowned out, slow and slurred.

"All units, ready fire!"

My head snapped around and there was fear on my face, pure fear and nothing else.

"NO!" I screamed-a bit too irrationally. "It activates in the presence of violence!"

My head searched the fog for the alien, stepping closer, my senses firing as I extended a hand to it. The red eyes of the robot shot at me, the laser bright and blinding as a soft sound came from it, almost soothing as I smiled. A song of some sort. But to everyone else, the sound was a high pitch that made everyone fall to the ground and all the machinery stop. Above me, I could see a helicopter crashing on top of the sphere, but the sphere was unscathed. The high pitched frequency didn't hurt me, not at all. It was soft and sweet. I could hear all the units screaming in agony. I tried to remember all the things the orb had said to me, piecing words together wasn't easy, you know. I met his alien-like eyes, and I began to speak softly, hoping it could hear me through all the screaming.

"Ni . . . um . . . Niclatio . . . shi . . . nish Klaatu?" I said at first as the alien almost smiled.

You are Klaatu?

It nodded, bowing its head only once.

"Klaatu . . . syru . . . Kaya?"

Klaatu need Kaya?

Its' eyes widened, and I could suddenly see it pulled on a smile. It pointed to me.

"Niclatio shia Kaya."

Obviously, I didn't know what that meant. All I could decipher was

You-something-Kaya. It could be anything. You-killed-Kaya? You-have-Kaya? You-ate-Kaya?

And the laser stopped beaming, all the units overlapping each others conversations as the song had ceased to sing, and I didn't know what they were planning to do. I could see his skin was starting to defabricate, stretching apart, and I did what Helen had told me.-peel it away-it's like a life source to 'it.'

"Sophie-this is a matter of National Security," Helen's voice called. "Get out while you can."

"No," I whispered. "I think it's trying to tell us-"

"Fire at will!"

Turning around, I could hear the bombard of bullets being shot, and I backed up into Klaatu in fear, our hands touching before everything was black, an excruciating pain searing through my body as I heard a shrill scream escape my lips.

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