''Amu...'' Ikuto said softly turning his gaze away from amu. ''I'll never see you again...'' Amu's Eyes widened in shock ''Huh!?...But why!?'' Amu slowly lowered her head sadly trying to hide her the tears that were beginning to fall ''I hope you understand..amu..'' Ikuto lowered his head as his bangs began hovered above his face ''I do...but...but'' Amu started sniffling
''Amu...I love you'' Ikuto raised his head and gazed into amu's eyes '' I-Ikuto...I....I LOVE YOU TOO!''
Amu ran in for a hug and squeezed ikuto tightly and started crying uncontrollably ''P-Promise you'll come back o-one day...'' Amu said between sniffles '' I promise...It's only for....4 years....'' ikuto said the last part as softly as possible. '' FOUR YEARS!! NO NO....that's not fair'' amu thought she was gonna cry again '' It's ok I'll come back for you until then lets make the most of right now '' Ikuto said trying to comfort her ''O-Ok'' Amu thought long and hard during the time Ikuto grabbed her hand and decided that it was time for him to walk her home
She stopped when her thoughts came to a conclusion '' A-Amu? What's wrong? '' Ikuto said a little confused. ''Ikuto maybe we should stop seeing each other....'' Amu's bangs began to hover over her eyes. '' What! why?! '' Ikuto pleaded '' It'll just be harder for us when we see each other off '' Amu felt tears pool in her eyes '' You're right...I guess this is good-bye....'' Ikuto softly kissed her head and turned the other direction '' Have your feelings changed for me?....Ikuto '' Amu said softly '' What feelings Hinamori-san?'' Ikuto said coldly as he turned around and walked away. Amu burst into tears and ran home.

A 16 year old Amu woke especially early today ''AH!!! I slept well'' Amu took a look at her guardian chara's who were still sound asleep in their eggs ''I'll be back soon..'' She said as quietly as possible
She was going to see Ikuto today. He was coming back at around 9 a.m. so she woke around 6 to prepare. She and Ikuto had been ex-changing e-mails a little after he apologized for how rude he had been on the night he left. He explained that he was just angry and confused , she forgave him but didn't have feelings for him anymore. She was sure he still had feelings for her though.

Amu waited at the boarding dock to wait for Ikuto he would be coming out soon. She waited another 15-20 minutes and saw a blue haired boy exit the room. He looked stunning 4 years had done him well. He was more gorgeous than she remembered. She snapped back to her thoughts (STOP IT AMU! YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND REMEMBER?)She was just coming to see Ikuto as a friend. As she stood up to go and greet him a girl with blonde hair in pig-tails and violet eyes beat her to it. The blonde haired girl leaped into Ikuto's arms and they shared a hug, (hmm...must be family) Amu thought. Until they shared a small make-out session right in front of her. Amu couldn't believe what she was seeing she was shocked,sad,and hurt. She started to cry and ran out the door. Ikuto caught a glimpse of the pink-haired wonder running out of the airport a shocked Ikuto stopped the kiss and regretted everything.

''Amu-chi????'' Yaya asked amu looking concerned. ''What's up you haven't been cheerful since yesterday...'' Yaya said. Amu gave yaya A small smile '' Ahh...Lets say yesterday wasn't my BEST day ever...'' Amu said looking down to see her reflection in the tea she was drinking. '' Amu-chan...'' A concerned Nagihiko Asked '' Did something happen? '' Nagihiko said with a small frown '' Oh look '' Rima stated '' The concerned Boyfriend to the rescue! '' Rima said sarcastically '' SO what if I'm concerned! Amu's my girlfriend I want to know if she's alright...'' Nagihiko said sadly '' I-I'm alright Nagi Really '' Amu said while planting a soft kiss on Nagihiko's cheek. '' Guardians! We have 2 new transfer-students here today I'd like you to find them , Meet them , AND show them around'' Said some random teacher '' Hai '' they all said together. '' Well lets go find them .....'' Amu said

As they walked down the path to the school Kukai Interrupted everyone while complaining '' Geez...We gotta babysit some random transfers...worst thing they're our senpai's and 1 of them recently came back from a trip...'' Tadase butted in '' Ya I heard that and one's supposed to have blue hair while the other has blonde...I think the blonde one is a girl and the blue haired is a guy '' Amu stopped in her tracks (you've got to be kidding me...It couldn't be...what if...)Amu's thoughts were filled with question (WHAT IF IT'S IKUTO?!)Amu saw that everyone had turned the corner already and were out of turned around only to bump into to something no...not something but someone. '' Hmm you missed me that much....Amu? '' A voice said seductively. No not just a voice...THE voice a voice she knew waaaayyyy too well. '' Hmm your breasts have gotten bigger haven't they? '' She looked up and too her horror....it was Ikuto. She blushed ''PERVERT!'' and Tried to pry her self away but failed ''Ahh...How I missed that sound'' Ikuto stated gazing at amu. She looked amazing. 4 years had done her VERY well he was 18 and she was only 16. But damn she had the body of a super model. Hour-glass figure , Nice long , slender legs. and a rack so biggggg.

Tadase,Rima,Kukai,yaya, and Nagihiko heard Amu Scream things like 'PERVERT!' or 'GOD DAMN PEDIFILE!' this had concerned them so they turned around and ran back to saw some blue haired fellow holding Amu by the waist . This angered Nagihiko, Nagihiko walked up and pulled the man's arm's off amu.''We were kinda having a moment there but thanks for butting in..'' Ikuto said sarcastically with a hint of anger. ''WE WERE NOT HAVING A MOMENT!'' Amu yelled while facing Nagihiko . Nagihiko placed an arm around amu's waste and pulled her next to him '' Don't touch my girlfriend like that you god damn pedifile!'' (Girlfriend? hell no amu's M- was....My girlfriend but DAAAAAAMN that kid was lucky he shouldn't have been so cold to amu in the past maybe she wouldn't have found another boyfriend)''IIIIIIKUUUUTOOOO-KUUUUN! '' A cheerful voice squealed . And there she was...the girl Amu saw Ikuto lip-locking with....'' Oh Utau....Hey''

Amu's pov:
So Utau was her name huh?
she's pretty... Not that I care

''Soooooo....'' Kukai dragged out
''awkward silence...'' He stated
Yaya couldn't help but laugh
''HAHAHA AMU WAS LIKE PERVERT.....THAN HE'S LIKE WE'RE HAVING A MOMENT....THAN KUKAI!!!.....oh good times'' Yaya finally calmed herself down and apologized
''Ikuto? are you going to introduce me?'' Utau started
''Huh? why I only know amu....i have no Idea who these guys are....'' Ikuto said coolly
Utau gave Amu a Cold glare '' She's the one I WANT TO meet'' she said angrily
''Fine...you pain in the A-'' Ikuto was cut off by a shriek that came from utau
''Don't talk like that to me mister!'' Utau yelled
''Fine....MOM'' ikuto said pissed off apparently
''Amu...Utau.....Utau....Amu'' Ikuto said boredly
''Well nice introductions but we got to go'' Nagihiko said angrily as he grabbed amu by the waist and started walking away
''E-Eh? Nagihiko?....Where are we going?'' Amu said confused
''Somewhere.....'' Nagihiko sad with sad eyes

Apparently Nagihiko took Amu Into the forest behind a tree.
Nagihiko pinned amu against the tree and slammed his hand on the tree next to her face
''N-Nagihiko?'' Amu said a little afraid
Nagihiko leaned in to give Amu a kiss which turned into a heavy make-out session he bit her bottom lip begging for entrance she allowed without a second thought. In a matter of seconds his tongue was exploring every inch of her mouth as she did the same to him. They finally broke free of the kiss for some air.
''Your mine....don't forget that'' Nagihiko stated
''Shut-up and lets go...'' Amu said exhausted
She faced Nagihiko flashed him a smile, He smiled back, she grabbed his hand and ran towards the royal garden

''THIS IS BULLCRAP!'' Amu yelled
''What's wrong amu don't want me by your side?'' Ikuto purred into her ear.
''I have a guardian Chara do I not?'' He said sowly as if amu were retarded
''YOU FUCKHEAD! I'M GONNA KICK YOUR A-'' She was cut off by and embrace
''No need to use inappropriate words amu-koi'' he said seductively
''Perverted bastard.....'' Amu gave up and actually decided to snuggle in his embrace
He's so warm.
Yes,Now she remembered the good old days