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''OH MY GOD! WHERE'S MY GOWN? ,'' Amu screamed, running down the hall.

''Amu, honey, calm down, it's on the couch.'' Her mother assured.

Amu sighed in relief.

She grabbed her gown and headed up to her room.

After changing, she looked herself in the mirror.

She wore a cute, red satin, strapless cocktail dress with boned bodice. The hem hits at mid-thigh, with a fitted drop waist, and flattering poufy bubble skirt with pull-ups, and a fully-lined, detachable ribbon that hangs slightly loose on the waist, having one side slightly higher than the other. (if you can't picture it, search: strapless red satin cocktail dress with bubble skirt on Google and look at the pictures, should be the first red one you see ;])

To top it off she had black ruffled heels. (Search: Lamis02 Ruffle Tiered to see the shoes. Should be the first pair of black shoes.)

Amu's hair was left down and she had small continuous curls that flowed to her shoulders. ( sort of like a wavy/curly look.)

She put her blue gown over her clothes, as well as putting on her cap.

A few minutes later, she heard a car honk.

She looked out her balcony window, only to see Ikuto, waving to her from his car.

Smiling, she ran out of her room, and jumped off the steps.

''Bye, see you at the ceremony!'' She called before running out the door.

She tumbled into Ikuto's car and sighed.

''Stressed?'' He asked.

''Yes...why weren't you this stressed?'' She asked.

He shrugged.

''I didn't care'' He said with a smirk.

Amu rolled her eyes.

Ikuto started driving to Amu's school, speeding past other drivers.

''Excited for college?'' He asked her.

''Yes! Four whole years with you, how can I not be excited? ,'' She squealed.

He smiled in return, keeping his eyes on the road.

Within a few minutes, they were in front of Amu's school.

Amu rushed out of the car, and started to run to the stage.

''DAMN HIGH HEELS! ,'' She yelled.

Ikuto chuckled before picking Amu up bridal-style and walking towards the stage.

Amu huffed.

"I swear, these things are a torture device,'' She said while pouting.

Ikuto walked her to the stage, setting her down at the bottom of the steps.

She gave him a quick and short kiss on the lips before turning sharply, and walking up the steps to her seat.

Ikuto sighed before patting his pocket, feeling a small box. He shook his head before taking his seat.

He watched Amu, she was talking to one of her classmates. She noticed her stare, and turned to him, smiling, before continuing her conversation with her friend.

A little while after, Utau joined him.

''So, she's finally graduating, huh?'' She said while taking the seat next to him.

''Hm,'' Ikuto replied.

''When are you going to ask her? ,'' Utau questioned.

He frowned.

''Not sure, need the right moment,'' He shrugged.

Suddenly, he smirked.

''Ikuto, What's with that look?'' Utau asked him.

''Nothing, I'll be right back.'' He said before leaving his seat.

He walked towards the principal, whispering in his ear.

The principal spared a glance at Amu before shaking Ikuto's hand excitedly, agreeing.

He walked back to his seat next to Utau, proud of himself.

''What did you do?'' Utau asked.

''Why is it, when I talk to someone, I've always done something wrong?'' Ikuto asked feigning hurt.

Utau shrugged.

''Because you're a sick fuck,''

The ceremony began shortly after.

Amu's POV:

I'm graduating! WOOHOO!


The principal came up and started a boring speech that he gave every year.

After he was finished, our valedictorian came up and began speaking about the future.

It was boring really.

After the valedictorian spoke, the principal came up to the podium again.

''Now, I'd like to invite a former valedictorian of this school to say a few words.'' The principal said.

My eyes widened as Ikuto got out of his seat.

What is he planning?

Well, this is Ikuto. I wouldn't be surprised if he came up to talk about gangbanging.

''Hello, as many of you may know I was the valedictorian two years ago,'' He started.

''This year, my girlfriend, Amu Hinamori, Is graduating.'' Ikuto said.

Everyone turned their heads toward me.

I blushed and shrunk down into my seat.

He smirked before continuing.

''We've been dating for just about three years now, and everyone has been bugging us on when we plan to tie the knot.'' Ikuto informed.

He reached his hand down to pat his pocket.

''I've been questioned on whether I love her or not, and I do, believe me,'' He began.

''And, now that she's out of school, I can finally ask her the question I've been wanting to ask her all year.''

He walked towards me and grabbed both of my hands, then lifted me out of my seat. He pulled me to the front of the stage. He caressed both my hands before kneeling on one knee. My eyes widened.










''Amu,'' He began.

''Will you be my lawfully wedded fuck buddy-wife...I said wife,'' He trailed off.

I laughed as tears began brimming in my eyes.

''Yes, yes, yes, yes! ,'' I cried.

He took out the small black box form his pocket, and took a pink-diamond ring out, slipping it onto my finger.

He stood up and wrapped his arms around me. I placed my hands around his neck and held him tightly as I cried in happiness.

''I love you, Amu.'' He whispered to me.

''I love you too...'' I trailed off.

He pulled away from me to look at my face, before kissing me deeply.

I participated happily.

I heard cheers and applause. People were yelling congratulations to us.

Normal POV:

Nagihiko stared at Rima with a determined look. Rima, who was seated next to him, was blushing madly at his stare.

''What? ,'' She asked.

Nagihiko placed his hands on her shoulders before placing his lips on her. Rima tensed for a minute, but soon responded.

Ikuto and Amu pulled away after a few seconds and smiled at each other. He picked her up bridal-style and walked her to the principal.

The principal handed Amu her diploma.

''May your life together be full of happiness.'' He said to them.

Amu nodded before grabbing her diploma and raising it in the air.

There was another roar of applause.

~*Two Years Later*~

Amu and Ikuto sat next to each other in their home economics class while the teacher explained how to properly cook Chicken stir fry. They weren't really paying attention though. They were doodling on each other's note books, writing cute things to one another or drawing goofy faces.

The bell rung, indicating they could leave. Amu and Ikuto picked up their books, leaving the classroom to drive home.

They lived together now, but they were not married. They were engaged. They made a promise to get married after they were both done with school.

After arriving home, they were greeted by a big dog, atleast four years in age, who barked and jumped on the two.

Amu giggled.

''Yuuki! I missed you so much,'' She said while hugging the dog.

Ikuto plopped himself on the couch, sprawled across it, with one hand behind his head, and the other holding the remote.

The dog barked happily, running out of the room, to do God knows what to wreck the house.

Amu walked into the living room to where Ikuto was, and sat on Ikuto's lower torso.

Ikuto stared Amu up and down.

''What? ,'' Amu asked.

''You're dangerously close to certain area.'' Ikuto said to her seductively.

''Am I now?'' Amu pretended to be innocent.

Ikuto reached an arm to trace random shapes on her stomach.

''Amu...'' Ikuto trailed off with puppy dog eyes.

Amu blushed.

''Bedroom? '' She suggested.

Ikuto immediately brightened up. He sat up, taking Amu off of him, then hoisted her over his shoulders.

He ran to their bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

He threw her on the bed.

''H-Hey! Be gentler! '' She cried out.

Ikuto dove his lips onto hers and pulled away after a few seconds.

''Sorry, I just love you so much.'' He admitted.

Amu smiled before bringing his head down so she met his lips.

Ikuto's hand flew to Amu's right breast, lightly squeezing it through her clothes.

Amu moaned, adding vibrating sensations to Ikuto mouth. He groaned in reply, struggling to get Amu's shirt off.

Once that was down, he unclasped her bra, throwing it to God knows where.

His mouth engulfed one breast, while the other was treated by his hand. He flicked the already pink nub with his tongue, doing the same to the other with his fingers. He sucked on her breast, roughly, but she didn't mind. He switched, giving the same treatment to the other.

Amu arched her back.

''Ikuto...'' She moaned, grabbing the back of his head.

He stopped sucking on her breasts and trailed his tongue down her stomach, reaching the rim of her jean skirt.

Pulling it off with his teeth, he threw it along with the other clothes.

He touched her through her panties, stroking her clitoris with his finger.

He pulled off her panties, discarding them with the rest.

He opened her folds slightly, giving him enough space to lean down and plunge his tongue into her core.

''Ikuto! ,'' Amu cried, arching her back further.

As Ikuto tongue-fucked the poor girl, he used his finger to repeatedly flick her clitoris, giving her more waves of pleasure.

She began to shake violently, grabbing fistfuls of his hair.

She soon came into his mouth.

After she rode out her climax, Ikuto pulled away, licking her juice off of his lips.

''You taste sweet, Amu,'' He purred.

She blushed.

''No fair, I'm naked, you should be too.'' Amu pouted.

He chuckled before taking off his clothes. He sat next to Amu on the bed.

He kissed her deeply, snaking his tongue into her mouth.

His fingers trailed down to her pussy, slowly inching toward her opening. Ikuto plunged his fingers into her, making her cry out. He silenced her with another kiss.

Amu's hand wrapped around his shaft, slowly pumping him.

He groaned, urging her forward.

He moved his fingers faster, while using his thumb to graze over her clitoris.

Amu squeezed his base before moving her hand up to rub the head.

Just as they both came, Ikuto pulled away.

''Onto the main event,'' He said with a smirk.

Amu got on her hands and knees on the bed, presenting her to him.

Ikuto got behind her, and slowly pushed in, savouring the feeling.

Amu moaned out loud, causing him to groan.

Everytime they had sex, she was still so tight, not that he was complaining.

He pulled out, before pushing back in slightly harder.

His speed began to increase, causing the bed to rock with his movements.

He leaned onto Amu's back, causing her to slowly lower herself on the bed.

Soon, her front half was lying completely on the bed, while her butt arched up as Ikuto pounded into her.

''Ikuto, faster! ,'' Amu cried out.

He complied, pounding himself harder into her.

She came, but Ikuto wasn't down.

With him still inside, he lied on his back, moving Amu's hips up and down his pole.

Soon, she did it by herself, thrusting up and done in front of him.

''Amu,'' Ikuto groaned.

''I'm going to cum...'' He trailed off.

''Me...Too,'' Amu panted.

''IKUTO! ,'' Amu yelled as she climaxed.

''AMU! ,'' Ikuto yelled while he grabbed her hips and held her down onto him as he rode out his climax.

Amu got off him, and lay down in front of his shaft.

''Oh no, you're covered in cum, let me clean it up,'' Amu said seductively.

She circled her tongue around the tip, swivelling it expertly.

She pushed down further, taking most of him into her mouth.

Amu moved her head up and down his cock, sucking.

Ikuto grabbed her hair, pushing her head down, making her take more.

Ikuto began to move Amu's head up and down his cock, setting the pace he wanted.

He soon came in Amu's mouth, and she happily drank it all.

She snuggled up to him under the covers, laying a hand across his chest.

''I love you, Ikuto...'' Amu said to him.

Ikuto's arm was under Amu's head, acting as a pillow.

He began playing with the ends of her hair.

''I love you too, Amu.'' He said before placing a kiss on the top of her head.

~*5 years later*~

''It's not fair, they all look like you.'' Amu pouted.

''And, that's a bad thing?'' Ikuto , the 28 year old, questioned.

''No, but I want one to look similar to me!'' Amu argued.

''Hey, Asami has you eyes, your fashion sense, and your personality.'' Ikuto defended.

''Yeah but she has your hair, your smirk, and Hikaru is an exact replica of you! ,'' She retorted.

''Well, maybe the next one will look like you.'' Ikuto assured.

''If it's a girl,'' Amu shot back.

He walked over to his 26 year old, two months pregnant wife, Amu Tsukiyomi.

''It will be, I just know.'' Ikuto said while kissing the top of her head.

Amu wrapped her arms around his torso.

''Better be...'' She mumbled.

''Yay! ,'' They heard a small voice cheer.

Amu and Ikuto looked out the window, only to see the four-year-old Hikaru, giving a piggy-back to the two-year-old Asami.

''Asa loves Onii-chan!'' She cheered.

Amu and Ikuto smiled.

Soon, a buzzing sound was heard.

Amu took a pager out of her pocket.

She sighed.

''I have to go, emergency call at work.''

Ikuto gave her a small kiss on the lips.

''I understand.''

~*10 years later *~

''Why dad! ,'' Asami cried.

''you can't go out with him, that's final.'' Ikuto grunted.

'' But, he's so princely! ,'' Asami declared with stars in her eyes.

''More the reason not to let you,'' Ikuto argued.

''Fine,'' Asami huffed. She went upstairs into her room.

''AH! YOU PERVERT, WHY ARE YOU HERE? ,'' Asami cried.

Ikuto got up.

''Who the hell is in my daughter's room? ,'' Ikuto yelled.

Amu put a hand on his shoulder.

''Ikuto, you used to visit me in the night too, let her experience the same wonderful thing.'' Amu gave him a smile.

Ikuto sighed.

''Daddy! ,'' A little voice called.

''Ari! ,'' He yelled while scooping her into his arms.

The nine-and-a-half year old snuggled up to her dad, wrapping her tiny arms around his neck.

''Never grow up, Ari.'' Ikuto said while planting kisses on her face.

She smiled brightly, her golden eyes shimmering.

Ikuto lifted her into the air.

Her pink hair bounced.

''You look exactly like your mom, you beautiful child.'' Ikuto said while bringing her down closer to him, nuzzling her face.

Yuuki, the 14-year-old dog barked, announcing his coming into the room.

''Yuuki-chan! ,'' Ari giggled.

Ikuto put Ari down and let her run to Yuuki, kneeling down to pet the old dog.

''We should get him a girlfriend.'' Ikuto said to Amu.

Amu nodded.

''We'll go to a breeder this weekend.''

''Speaking of girlfriends, is Hikaru still on his date?'' Ari asked.

Both Amu and Ikuto nodded.

Ari ran up the steps to her room, having Yuuki follow behind her.

Ikuto and Amu sighed, having some time to themselves.

Ikuto began to kiss her, and Amu responded.

They flopped onto the couch together, snuggling in each other's arms.

''You know, it seemed like at one point, our love never was meant to be...'' Amu trailed off aloud.

''But, we made it happen, and I'm glad we did.'' He responded.

Amu nodded in agreement.

''Oh, we have to go to Nagihiko's and Rima's anniversary party tomorrow.'' Amu stated.

''Oh yeah, how long have they been married?'' Ikuto asked.

''Two, three years.'' Amu replied.

''Isn't Rima pregnant?'' Ikuto asked.

''Yup. And Utau is pregnant with her second.'' Amu held up two fingers.

Ikuto kissed Amu on the lips, snaking his tongue past her lips.

''Amu, I want another kid...'' Ikuto trailed off between their kiss.

Amu nodded.

''I have no problem with that.'' She giggled.

They soon fell asleep in each other's arms on the couch, whispering I love you's to each other.

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