Shikamaru had left Konoha seven years ago. He went to Suna on a mission and transferred himself there permanently, for the sake of Temari. They had gotten married two years later and were living near the Kazekage's house.

Ino Yamanaka had been heart broken when Shikamaru left Konoha. They had been sleeping together just as a fling but she really liked him. Her damn stubbornness kept her from telling him her real feelings. After the first two months there, he filed his transfer papers. Ino left the village. The only word that she was gone was the letter she left on Tsunade's desk.

I, Ino Yamanaka, resign my position as a Konoha ninja. I wish to travel where ever I want to go for the rest of my life. Rest assured, I swear even if I'm killed, I will not tell anyone what little secrets I know about the village.

Good Bye.

When Tsunade read this she felt a stab of guilt. She didn't know just how much Shikamaru meant to her but she figured Ino would just get over it. She never once tried to console the unhappy girl. When Sakura found out, she begged the Hokage to send a retrieval squad to bring Ino back. Almost every ninja in Konoha had looked for her at one point or another. After three years she was officially declared a missing Nin. And every country knew it.


Ino had left Konoha and joined a guild. They were given missions and the ninja's there could take them or not. Ino got to know the people more and more and began to love them. They were nice and kind and did everything for her. Still, even after seven years she could not forget about Shikamaru Nara. After all, she had a constant reminder of him every day.

"Ino, there is a mission in Suna and no one wants to take it, will you?" Hikaru, the young twenty-three year old who ran the guild asked her.

"What is it?" she inquired as she sat on a bar stool for a drink.

"Just a simple trip to get medicinal herbs. That's it"

"Oh. Why won't anyone else take it?" she looked suspiciously at Hikaru. You never know what he's up to.

"Because, no one really wants to trek up to Suna. They are all too lazy. I swear I'm not lying"

"Well, I don't know because-" Ino started timidly. She was interrupted by him.

"I made sure; 'you-know-who' was out of the village before you go."

"OH! Thanks Hikaru! Sure, I'll take it." Ino had told Hikaru her life story one day when she tried to kill herself. Ino had gone through hell and back these past few years.

"No problem. But, you need to get going today. He'll return to Suna in about six days. And these herbs are really important. Plus the reward is high."

"Okay, I'll get ready. Make sure you keep an eye on everyone while I'm gone! Especially him." Ino pointed a finger in the direction of one of the tables. A group of different aged boys were sitting there. "If I come back and ANYONE at all is out of line, I'll hurt you." Ino warned. Hikaru gulped.

Ino got her stuff together and headed off for Suna. She ran for quite a few days straight before she set up camp. If I sleep tonight, I'll make it to Suna at about 10:30 tomorrow night, and I'll just sneak in, get the herbs and get out. She got her sleeping bag out and promptly fell asleep.


Ino woke up the next morning earlier than she had expected. Deciding not to waste time, she put on her sand cloak and ran through the deserts toward Suna.


Shikamaru had got a day off. He slept in bed all day, waiting for his wife to come home. Something he wasn't looking forward to. For the past few years, Temari had been pushing him for a child. And no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't get one. Temari had blamed it all on Shikamaru. Saying he was the one who was defective. This sparked fights between the couple almost everyday. Neither of them were happy with the relationship. Rumor had it even, that Temari was secretly seeing another guy behind his back.

Shikamaru sighed, troublesome enough; my 'relationship' with Ino was a lot less troublesome. She'd tease me and annoy me, but she never intentionally hurt me. That was something Temari had never been good at restraining herself at. She wasn't nice to him. He resented her greatly for it too.

Shika heard a beep and picked up his pager. It was now nine o'clock. He should have been on his mission but it got canceled. He looked at the pager, his eyes widened. 'Missing Nin at the gate. We need back up'

"Shika, I'm home!" called Temari from down stairs. Shikamaru almost whizzed past her but she caught his arm, "Shikamaru, what's wrong?"

"Missing Nin at the gate. Looks like trouble." Temari let go of his arm and followed after him to the gate, fan at the ready.


Ino looked around her. She sighed and plopped herself on a rock. All the sand Nin's looked at her confused. By now, she had gotten over the initial shock of seeing Shikamaru in front of her. She just needed to sit down. Hikaru is gonna get hell for this when I get back. Ino looked around. No one could see her face behind the cloak.

"Sasuke Uchiha I presume?" bellowed one of the ninja's. What the? How do they even know I'm from Konoha- ohhhh. Heh, forgot to take my forehead protector of. Ino giggled silently to herself. She knew everyone thought she had died because not a word was heard from her anywhere over these few years. It only makes sense that they think I'm Sasuke. Shikamaru spoke this time,

"What are you doing here?" His voice was cold and it had an edge to it. Suddenly, an incredibly familiar chakra flared up and she stood. Everyone switched to battle positions, no one expected what came next,

"SHIZU I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE RIGHT NOW I'M GOING TO KICK IT TO THE MOON!!!!" Kankuro, Gaara, Shika, and Temari knew exactly who that was. Ino flipped off her cape and waited for the little shadow to come closer. Everyone gasped (not Ino), out stepped a very annoyed looking mini Shikamaru, with blonde hair.

"Troublesome, old hag." Was what he said, hands over his ears from her screams.


" Well, number one, mother, I have an IQ over 200 and there were a bunch of women who came to the bar asking for help with something or other. It wasn't hard, Hikaru's a pervert and an idiot. He had no idea I even left. Besides, I was sure you'd make some mistake and blow your cover. You get to nervous in the Suna desert for one reason or another. I thought you'd need some help. Looks like I was too late though." He yawned and stared pointedly at the ninja from Suna.


"Mom, get off of me, I'm fine. Don't know 'bout you though…"

"Huh? What do you mean??" Ino could be very clueless sometimes. Shizu sighed.

"Mom, turn around" Ino did and saw many angry faces. "Now, I'm going to say the one in the middle is the Kazekage. His eyes show confusion and anger. I'll make the assumption it's because you and him had something a while ago and he hasn't let it go." Ino tried to interrupt "Mom, you tell Hikaru way too much. The one on his left is so confused he finds this hysterical. And he is crying so hard because of the laughter that his makeup is running. Making all the ninja's their look like jokes." Everyone considerably tensed at being mocked by someone so young. "And the one who I'll make the assumption is my father is pissed as hell. Same with the older then even you hag on his arm. Mom, I'm not the one you should be worried about. You're the missing nin here."

"Ino Yamanaka, you are under arrest for leaving your city-state without the authorization of the Hokage, you will be detained here until we can have you transferred to the Hidden Leaf Village. Come with us now, or we will have to use force." Ino stared at Gaara who had finally gotten over the initial shock, he seemed unemotional but his eyes were pleading. He did not want to hurt her.

"Um, hello here but I have a kid and what the hell is to become of him if I comply with your demands?" Ino grabbed Shizu's arm and dragged him behind her. She then felt him put eight ninja stars in her hand. I can take out all of them with one hit. But it'll just be a surprise, we won't have much running time. We need a plan, damnit! Ino side glanced at her son, they met eye contact and she signaled him to start one.

"Your son Ino, will go to the father for the time being. He will remain with him for the remainder of your sentence after your trial… think about this wisely Ino. If we fight, he could get hurt." A lump formed in her throat. Shizu was her world. Losing him would be the end of the world. She looked at the Kazekage, then at a now serious Kankuro, then at Temari, and finally her eyes locked with Shikamaru's. His eyes were unreadable, as always. But, Ino could see the turmoil in them. She returned her attention to the Kazekage.

"Okay. Fine. Just let me say goodbye to my boy." Gaara thought for a moment, then nodded, hesitantly. Ino turned around and knelt toward her son. Tears formed in her eyes and started falling down her cheeks. She looked him straight in the eye, "Shizu, you are going to be with your father for a while, okay? Please, sweetie, as soon as humanly possible, get away from him. Your father is a great man. He is lazy, annoying, frustrating but he was the one I fell in love with."

"Well mom, you're now contradicting yourself, if he is so incredible, why do you want me away from him?" Ino hugged him and whispered in his ear.

"I'm concerned about your well being because of his wife. Her name is Temari and I want you to have nothing to do with her got it?"

"yes mom."

"Good, now look. I haven't got a clue about how you're going to get away from those two but please, promise me one thing. You promise?" Shizu nodded, "run as fast as you can back to the guild. Hide your tracks and get back there. Don't rebel with them, let them get their guard down and then just go!" Ino whispered harshly.


"Yes, sweetie?"

"Am I ever going to see you out from behind bars ever again?"

"Don't worry. I swear on my life you will see me before your next birthday alright?"



"My birthday was last week. Remember?"


"Don't swear mom"

"Oops, my bad."

"heh, mom?"

"Yeah, kiddo."

"You have snot running down your nose and onto my shirt. It's not pretty. Your too emotional for your own good."

"DON'T TALK TO YOUR PMS'ING MOTHER LIKE THAT!!! YOU KNOW HOW EMOTIONAL I GET AND I CAN'T DO JACK SHIT ABOUT IT!!!!" Ino picked up Shizu and cried some more. All the while more ninja were closing in on them. Ino, of course noticed and as soon as the first one came within reaching distance she canned him with her steel toed boot.

"holy FUCK INO!!!!!! GOD DAMN IT!!!!" Ino looked up from her very annoyed son and saw Kankuro on the sandy ground holding his junk.

Ino laughed, her son smirked. "Well that was stupid Kankuro. Don't you use your brain? I mean, come on! Take a bit of a chill pill, I didn't hit you that hard."

"Yes, you did, crazy bitch!!"

Ino looked back at her son, she finally remembered her ninja stars. Shit, we're gonna get away and I already said my good bye's to Shizu (even though he is coming with me). I really need to remember the plans I make before changing to a new one!

Ino let the stars fly. "Shizu!! GO!!!!" She pushed the boy into the desert.

"What about you mom?!" Shizu screamed back at her mother, who was fighting off the other seven ninja.

"JUST GO!!!!! HURRY UP! DON'T LOOK BACK JUST KEEP GOING. GET BACK TO HOME AND STAY THERE OKAY!!??" Shizu kept looking back at his mother, who was being badly hurt. "PLEASE SHIZU! I CAN ONLY HOLD THEM OFF FOR SO LONG!! JUST GO, I'LL CATCH UP!!!!!"

Shizu ran.


Ino was able to keep the rest of the ninja at bay for the next forty five minutes or so before she collapsed with exhaustion. She was dragged away to an underground holding cell while a retrieval went after Shizu.

Ino woke up with a pounding headache. She rested her head in her hands and waited till she felt better before looking up and seeing where she was. It was a jail cell.

"Ah, shit" she said to herself. Fuck, where is Shizu!? Ino calmed herself down after remembering the events of the previous day. She stood up off the ground and walked to the edge of the cell. From there she could see was surrounded by ninja, all of which were on the outside area of her holding cell. She touched the bars infront of her

"OUCH! Shit!!!" they threw her back against the wall. "Okay, no using any chakra I guess." She sat down. Now, still being Ino, and being a mother who's whole world is being chased by ninja and not being able to do anything about it, Ino cried. Ino was never a person to cry, but she couldn't help it. She was scared.