Ino sat in the bottom of the prison cell, trying her hardest to think of a way to get out. As far as she knew, some of the Sand nin were leaving for Konoha within the next few days to hold a celebration in Konoha. That would definitely be her time to run. The only question now was, how?

She sighed and shifted her position in the floor so that she sat with her head against the wall behind her and knees tucked under her chin. Her feelings were overwhelming her, she really wanted her son. She then drifted off, trying to rid herself of the thoughts of what horrible things that might be happening to him right that minute.

The noise of a screeching girl woke Ino from her restless sleep. She could feel her chakra coming back to her as the door to her cell opened, and another body was shoved in. She smirked, the guard was a newby at this and forgot to reseal the cell so she couldn't use her chakra. She lifted her head from her lap and saw the girl who fell to the floor. With a start, she jumped up and let out a scream of glee.

"YAY!!!!!!" she began to dance around and totally freak Ino right out. "I did it, I did it, woot me woot me!!!!" the voice was not of a female that was for sure.

"Hello?" she asked the happy man/woman, unsure of what to think.

"INO!!!!!" he/she jumped at the girl and gave her a huge hug. A jolt left Ino smiling as she was in shock,

"HIKARU!!!???" the man threw off his wig to reveal his true self. A very flamboyant man who was one of the best ninja in the guild she belonged to and now here he was. "What are you doing here Hikaru?" Ino looked him over to make sure he was not injured.

"No time, no time Ino my dear! We must get out of her as soon as possible!!!"

"How the hell did you even get yourself in here?"

"I tried to seduce the Kazekage. They put me in here for my safety rather then his, he was about to kill me. Now now, here , put these on." Out of one of the huge arm sleeves of the dress he wore, Hikaru pulled out a performers outfit. The outfit was a gorgeous blue, just like her eyes, and didn't cover much. It was essentially a glittery bra and panties with a tinted blue shear dress to go over top. A cloak went over that, it was a very dark blue, made of light material and had a mask to go over it.

"Hikaru, what is going on?!" the konoichi was very distraught and wanted answers. Hikaru put his hands on her shoulders and told her to take deep breaths. When she had clamed down he began his explanation.

"A day or two after you left, everyone knew Shizu had followed you, we got word that there was a mistake in the file towards the mission you took and it turned out Shikamaru Nara would be in Suna. With this, and then a message sent by Shizuro yesterday, we knew you'd been caught. As far as we know concerning the boy, he has made it to Konoha and you know will be safe. Now a bunch of us have come through here as performers for the big festival in Konoha as a performing caravan group. The second the Kazekage and his group of ninja going to the celebration have crossed over the boarder to the fire country, you and I will be sprung from the cell by some of the other nin with us. Then we will travel to Konoha, join the performance and find Shizu and take you two home. See? All worked out."

Ino set out a laugh and gave Hikaru a huge hug. "thank you so much. How would I ever be able to do anything without you?"

"You wouldn't, I am amazing, that's all. Now, get dressed, the Suna nin should be crossing the boarder in less then half an hour and we need you ready to go."

"How will it help with me being a performer though? How will this save Shizu?" she asked as Hikaru turned around so she could dress.

"With some very hard pulling of strings, we have made you the main performance. Meaning, whatever it is you are doing, we have sent word to Shizu to be at the performance and you and him will sneak off after the show. We will create a diversion so you and him can get away without notice. Easy peasy."

Without being able to say another word, their cell door opened to reveal a big man who looked like he was a circus master. Ino slipped on her cloak and gave a silent hug to her big friend as they slipped silently out the prison. Not needing to ask their methods of infiltrating the place, a simple gas that put all the guards out of consciousness and made them forget the events of the past twenty four hours was easy enough.

Leaving the city was easy and Ino stepped into one of the eight caravans waiting for them outside of the city, she saw the softness of the many pillows and blankets waiting for her and she dropped into them, exhausted. Her thoughts turned peaceful for the first time in four days.

"…..So you are the son of Ino Yamanaka." She asked again, examining every detail of the boys face.

"No, she just gave birth to me and raised me all my life." He replied, tired of the same question.

Tenten snorted and tried not to laugh as Sakura gave her a dirty look, "Well at least we know for sure he is Shikamaru's son. I'd know that cockiness anywhere."

Sakura flopped back against her couch, Yuki seated next to Shizu, offering him a cookie, which he took. It seemed both of the boys got their sweet tooth from their mother's. Neither Sasuke or Shikamaru liked sweet foods. Shizuro's face lit up as he remembered something. He went and rummaged through his bag and produced a small photo album. He handed it to Sakura and Tenten who started to flip through it.

The pages were filled with a baby Shizuro and a young, beautiful girl they knew was Ino. Her hair was longer and she was so much happier in the photos then she had been during her last few months in Konoha before her disappearance. Tears built p in both the girls eyes as they continued to look through the photos. Each one of Shizuro getting bigger. Each one of the happiest mother either of them had ever seen. The last few pages startled the two and neither were prepared for the pictures. They held photo's of Ino with Sakura, Tenten, Hinata, and Shikamaru and Choji. The photo's showed her as a very happy person. This person was lost to them and they had forgotten all about their dear friend.

Without another thought, Sakura and Tenten began to cry. They called up Hinata and brought her over and told her the whole story and by the time the sun had begun to set, two very confused and disturbed young boys were surrounded by three over the top emotional women.

Yuki gave an irritable sigh and snapped at the three, "It is all well and good that you are overcome with stupid, womanly emotions over a friend but crying is not going to get her out of that prison cell you know."

Yuki was rewarded with a pillow to the face. He gave an indignant cry as Shizuro laughed at him.

"There is nothing we can do right now." Hinata said, getting a hold of herself, the other two females following suit. "I am sorry Shizu but for the next week we are swamped with the big celebration that is taking place starting in two days. We can help you after, but if we disappear right now to break someone out of a high security prison, everyone on this room and Ino could be in a lot of danger. For now, it is best if you lay low, okay? We will help you in anyway we can after the celebration."

Shizu nodded in understanding, "If she hasn't already escaped by now, there is no point in risking anyone else. Thank you, I am in your debt for your assistance." Shizu bowed low to the floor, causing the three girls to start bawling again.

"See what you did now? They are going to be like this all night." Yuki sighed and dragged Shizu up the stairs to his bedroom where he was given the bottom bunk of Yuki's bed and a spare change of clothing. Yuki fell asleep, ready for what life was going to throw at him next. Hopefully, his mother.

Ino put on her cloak and was ready for the parade. Hikaru was benefiting highly from his traveling performance group being the main attraction of the festival. It seemed to Ino that this plan was a great fun for the guild. Everyone dressed up in beautiful costumes and performed jutus' that they created in their performance.

Ino was to be 'The Forbidden Princess', she even had a cool story to go along with her name. She covered her face and entered into what looked like a square tent with sheer fabric covering each side. The cool thing about this, is that it had four long poles hanging out from each side that eight men would lift and carry her through the parade.

She got in and sat with her legs tucked under her, her gown spilling over the pillows surrounding her. she wore a mask that draped down to her stomach that was attached to fabric that covered just above her eyes and all down her back to conceal her hair. She was jostled a little as her platform was picked up and she began to look at the hoards of people she passed by during her parade.

Apparently, Hikaru had made it seem as though she actually was a princess. Everyone in Konoha seemed to think so. Throughout the celebration, he had managed to spread the rumors of the princess to every corner of the fire country, so everyone gathered around to see her on the last day of the celebration. After this, she would get ready for her performance at a beautiful indoor theatre made for the night's performances. Everyone would be waiting for the big spectacle of the princess. All the ninja got a night off so they would all attend the show with their family.

A small cry shook her of her thought as a small boy beside her platform fell down with a bag of flowers. He began to cry silently cry and with a raise of her hand, the men who carried her stopped. She nodded and they knelt and she gestured towards the boy. She knew who he was. He gave her a look of astonishment and climbed on to her float when she put out her hand. With a flick of her wrist the men stood up and continued moving.

Ino pulled down her mask slightly and smiled at the boy. Yuki.

"I did not think that the son of Sakura Haruno was one to cry." She smiled when he looked up at her with astonishment.

He dropped his head, saddened, "I bought flowers for my mom and now they are all destroyed because I fell on them." He showed he the bucket and she placed it in her lap.

"This is fine. Your mother will be happy that you went to buy her something nice like this." She smiled but he shook his head.

"But it is ruined. I got a flower person to arrange them for mom." Ino laughed lightly while they moved through the crowd and began pulling out the flowers that could not be saved. There were only a few, most were still fine enough to create another bouquet. She began pulling off pieces that were insufficient and pulled a jeweled necklace off her neck and wrapped it around the restored flowers as a bow. She reached into her sleeve and pulled out a folded up piece of paper and paced it snuggly between the flowers and the bow. She turned toward him again and held out the flowers. "Now you can give these to your mother and make sure she sees the note I have put in the flowers, nee?" he nodded and she placed a kiss on his forehead before seeing a group of astonished Konoichi standing at the edge of the crowd. She gestured to one of them and a pink haired Sakura ran up to obtain her son.

Ino held the boy out to Sakura, the flowers in his hands. "You have a very sweet son. Take good care of him." She winked through her mask as Sakura nodded, unsure of what was going on. Ino then motioned for the men to once again to start moving as the parade ended. Ino began to prepare for the night to come.

Sakura stepped back toward her friends , Yuki held out the amazing flowers to his mother, "I love you mom!" Around Shizu, Yuki tried to put up a nonchalant front because, who wanted to look like a momma's boy infront of his new friend.

Sakura took the flowers in awe and smiled at the boy in her arms. "The princess gave me a letter for you." She took the flowers and looked at the note. Tenten and Hinata crowded around her as she opened it up with her free hand.

Sakura, Tenten, Hinata,

A little bird informed me that you have been taking care of a son of my friend. I hope you can make it to the performance tonight, with a little Shizuro Yamanaka. As a mother, you should know how frightening it is to be separated from your child. I will be waiting backstage after the show to collect the boy and return him to his mother.

The Forbidden Princess.

Sakura looked at her friends. "What should we do?"

Ino took a shaky breath and got into her costume. The auditorium was enormous. It was pitch black as she stood behind the curtain and listened to Hikaru's voice echo through the dead silence.

"A princess. She was taken from her kingdom for ransom and fell in love with one of her captors. Her lover and his men were ambushed and captured by the princesses father and taken to a secret location and killed. The princess bore the man a son and he too, was taken from her to be raised as the king of her kingdom. She still searches for him, with a band of misfits, to one day be reunited with the one connection she has to her dead lover. And here she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The crowd roared and she entered through the huge curtain.

She was covered head to toe in a huge piece of gold fabric. She looked around as people entered through all over the stadium and pulled off pieces of the fabric. Her pretending that she was being torn off limb by limb. She tumbled and turned with the wave of people dressed as animals until they disappeared and she fell to the floor. Unbeknownst to her, they took her wig so she was left with only a small silver dress that didn't cover any of her back.

She stood up slowly and faced the audience. She scanned many chocked faces of the ninja in the front rows and looked for the face of her son. She saw him staring at her and she made eye contact with him and he knew immediately that he knew.

She began her dance and pulled out water from the floor. She danced around the stage as though searching for her son. Other people clad in black came and flipped her into the air. The water flowing around her as she came down to the floor on one pointed toe. The dance continued and enchanted the whole audience. When it was completed everyone screamed and clapped. Ino bowed and watched from the corner of her eye as her son came up to the edge of the stage.

Before she could move, six anbu members surrounded her, "Ino Yamanaka, you are under arrest for abandoning Konoha and potentially revealing secrets surrounding the fire country. You are also charged for breaking out of the Suna high security prison and infiltrating Konoha.

Ino took a moment out of her fear to bug the anbu for his mistake, "I am sorry young man but, don't you think this is a terrible time to arrest me? Do you honestly think that I 'infiltrated' this place by myself? You are sadly mistaken and about to regret it." Ino punched him in the face before anyone could even see it. "You are a shame to the anbu. Stop making petty mistakes, all of you."

Ino jumped off stage, her friends already having stopped the anbu from chasing her. Other ninja jumped up to stop whatever Ino was about to do. "Shizuro!" She grabbed him and a tight hug and began her run towards the door, throwing a smoke bomb to confuse the others chasing her.

Neji and Choji blocked the back entrance. Tenten yelled from another end of the back, "Ino! Over here!"

With a fist through the wall to create her own exit by Sakura, panic ensued throughout the whole theatre and Ino decided to take the safest exit for the sake of her son.

"Tenten?!" Ino could hear the pain in Neji's voice because she was going against her village.

"I'm sorry." Tenten's voice was also very pained she could tell the two had a thing that might have just died because of what she was doing for Ino. They ran toward the gates but another round of Ninja stopped them.

"Take Shizu!" Ino tried to hand her boy off to Tenten because Sakura had Yuki with her but he wouldn't let go of her.

"Mom! Don't leave me!" She kissed his forehead.

"I will be with you before this night ends, I promise, I just have one thing to do first." She gave him to Tenten, "Take him to the caravans waiting outside the gates. I will follow after I deal with these guys."


"Go!" Tenten took off before Ino could start to cry about once again separating from her son. She faced her opponents who started off the attack. The fight lasted almost a half hour before Ino knocked the four nin unconscious and took off. She ran for the trees because by now there would be a group of ninja at the gate and around the boarder so her best chance of escaping Konoha would be through an unexpected place in the wall surrounding the city.

She didn't make it to far into the trees when she froze. A shadow imitation jutsu, she knew only one person who could do that.

"Shikamaru. Let me go." Her voice was ice.

"Why did you come here Ino?"

"To get my son."

"Our son"

"He's not yours! You were never even there for me! You left me and I was left with a baby. So I raise him, love him, care for him and you don't!"

He let go of the jutsu and flashed infront of her. Ino tried to run but he caught her and pushed her against a tree, holding her arms at her sides.

"How did you even get out of the cell?"

"I'm just that good. Now let go." Shikamaru sighed with frustration. His eyes were glued to her all through her performance and then while she fought. Mind you, she fought still in her crazy small silver dress and still managed to defeat the ninja without a second thought towards it.

" Damnit Ino, you are driving me crazy! Can we not just, talk about what happened? Because, I do want to be in Shizuro's life. I didn't even know you were pregnant Ino!"

"Well what the hell am I supposed to do!?" she screamed back at him, "Sit down at a coffee shop here and talk about our kid!? I'm a missing ninja for god sakes! Where the hell is this going to work!? Your wife hates me and kind of wants me dead as well as the only place I have ever been able to call home and the only guy I ever loved is married!"

Shikamaru couldn't take it anymore and he pinned Ino against the tree and kissed her fiercely. She screamed against his mouth but when he didn't stop she threw her arms around his neck and began to cry. He pulled away from her and held her as she sobbed.

"I-I need h-help." She cried and he held her so close she couldn't breath. "D-don't leave me please!"

"Ino, you were the only one for me. I just wanted a relationship and I didn't think you wanted that. So, I went along with another person and now I regret it more then anything! Ino I am so sorry!"

She leaned into his chest until voices were heard. "Ino you need to leave."

"I don't want to."

"What about Shizu? Do not leave him. I will find you. Where is your guild? I know that's where you've been."

"It's in water country. In the town of Sonmaro. Near the boarder to the Sand. Find me, we'll talk, okay?" She pushed her lips against his and he kissed her back with passion.

"I will be with you Ino. You and Shizuro and I. We will be a family okay?" Ino left his arms and looked him straight in the eye.

"I want that more then anything. But I won't do it with a man who is married to another woman. Temari has never been a friend of mine but I will not let her suffer the fact that her husband has a mistress." Ino turned and ran as fast as she could, hearing the voices reach Shikamaru. She would not let herself turn around and stay in his arms forever.

The caravans were on the move and Ino jumped silently into the last one. She was greeted by a sight she did not expect. Tenten, Hinata and Sakura slept soundly as Yuki shifted in the lap of his mother. Shizu stirred from his place beside Tenten and his eyes widened as he jumped into the arms of his mother.


"Shh, Shizu you will wake the other's. What are they doing here anyways?"

"They helped you escape and thus they have committed treason against their country. So now here they are.

"I guess I owe them a big thank you. Enough though, how are you Shizu? Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself? Is there anything you should tell mommy?"

"Only that I missed you."

"Oh Shizu!" Ino hugged his a placed a kiss in his head, "I missed you too. Now get some sleep or else you will be a crank tomorrow, just like your father."

Long huh? Well, long for what I do anyway. I hoped you all enjoyed it and as you can see, I am building a spin off for Tenten. I don't know about Hinata yet but possibly.