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The light from the moon once again disappeared when a cloud covered it, blocking it's light and making the world pitch black. As the cloud slowly drifted away, the light was back, showing a dark figure of a teenage boy. He standing on the roof of a building, ready to jump. The boy wasn't attempting suicide though. He would be just fine with his catlike ability. He dove down, landing softly on his feet.

The teenage boy was carrying something;a case of something. He handled it gently, not wanting to get damaged in any way. Something dangled from the side of it, shining against the moonlight. It was a key. It was silver colored with a gem in a shape of clover at the end of it. It became dark again, as the cloud covered the moon again. The boy had disappeared when the light was back.

---------------SHUGO CHARA ALADDIN-------------

"Stop! Thief!" A man working at fruit shop shouted. The guards nearby heard him and nodded at each other. They took off, chasing after the teenage boy. He turned around and smirked mischievously, his purple lapis eyes laughing at them. The guards fumed at that, their face turning red in anger. The boy jumped on the dump, on to a building, then on to a higher building. The guards stopped, knowing they could jump so high like the boy.

"Stop!" One of the guard called, starting to climb on the dump, while the other supported the first guard.

"As if." The boy laughed, and got away...with the stolen food. The guards watched him get away, not being able to do anything about it.

The teen jumped from building to building, scarfing down on the apple he stole. He jumped from a light green building and landed softly on his feet. He threw away the apple core in a trashcan outside the building. I turned to his left and walked into a dark alley. He found the crack on the side and entered it, just like always. It was one of the ruins, the part that was destroyed by the volcano years ago. The inside was dark, since sunlight could barely enter the place. It only took him a second for his keen eye to adjust to the darkness. He found the staircase on his right, and ascended it.

"Meow." A blue cat growled lazily, when it heard someone coming. It lifted his head and blinked at the boy. The cat relaxed when it recognized the boy and went back to it's sleep.

"Hey, Yoru." The boy greeted as he brushed it's fur gently. The cat purred, clearly enjoying the feeling of getting groomed. The boy laughed. Yoru looked at him as if he were demanding for something. The boy's smile turned into a smirk as it pulled out a milk carton. Yoru meowed happily as the boy poured it out on it's bowl.

"Ikuto." A girl's voice said, calling the boy. Ikuto's head jerked up to see a girl seating on the giant window frame. She had a long blond hair tied up high in two with same eyes as Ikuto's. She was very beautiful with her high cheekbones and rosy lips. Her eyes had a confident and presumptuous look.

"Utau." Ikuto said his sister's name. He picked Yoru up and stood up, and faced his sister. "What are you doing here?"

"I...wanted to see you. Is there something wrong with that?" Utau asked, putting on her cute sad face. Ikuto frowned in disapproval.

"Go, now. You can't let people know that we have a connection." Ikuto said, pointing at the staircase. Utau shook her head.

"No! I want you to come with me!" Utau shouted at him. He shook his head.

"You know I can't. I....I'm....a murderer, Utau." Ikuto said. Utau looked at him sadly.

Ikuto was a murderer. He had killed many people for a company called Easter. He needed money, and they gave it to him for killing people. Ikuto then gave the money to Utau, so she could live happily, and have friends. Utau was now very popular, and was friends with the princess. The princess. If people knew Utau was his sister...

"Ikuto, don't say that!" Utau pleased, hoping this time, her brother will come home with her.

"Utau, go." He said firmly with a severe expression. Utau started to leave, but slowly as she turned around many times to look her brother.

When Utau finally left, Yoru went back to sleep. It was weird how Yoru always understood everything they said. He was use to Ikuto and Utau fighting now, and was amused every time they fought. Ikuto put him down and brushed his fur once more and climbed on the giant window frame. He looked out the window to the castle, where the princess lived. He wondered what the princess looked like. He had heard about her once from Utau, but she made it confusing by saying "but she isn't pretty as me, but she is pretty. But not as pretty as me...Maybe....but she can sometimes be pretty as me, but she's not.".

"Yoru, don't you want to meet the princess to? Just once?" Yoru hissed and went back to sleep. Ikuto smirked. "How about her cat, Miki?"

Yoru looked up, and stared at him. Ikuto laughed. Utau had described Miki to Yoru once, and Yoru was crazy about her(they never met though).

"Whatever. Let's just go to sleep." Ikuto said. He groped in the darkness and finally found his blanket.

---------------SHUGO CHARA ALADDIN-------------

The sun illuminated the room, and Ikuto got up, yawning. It was Saturday, the day he had work.

"Yoru, wake up." He said as he went out. He found his way to the Easter company. He had to go in the backdoor, where nobody could see him. Ikuto yawned again as he entered. He didn't get much sleep last night. He had been thinking about the princess, trying to match her with Utau's description, but it was hard to think of someone with a pink hair.

"Ah, Ikuto." Kazuomi said, smirking at him. He uncliped a key out of his key chain and opened his second drawer. He then got out a document and gave it to Ikuto. Ikuto looked over the today's target.

"Mizuki Sakawara." Ikuto read. He looked at the picture of the seventeen year old girl with caramel brown hair and matching eyes.

"Your time limit is by midnight." Kazuomi said.

Kazuomi was his boss. He was old(around 50) and had hair grayish brown hair and small brown eyes. Kazuomi had his own boss, who was Gozen. Ikuto has never seen Gozen before. He only knew that Gozen wasn't his real name.

"Who is she?" Ikuto asked. He always felt guilty about killing people without knowing reasons. But...

"It's nothing you need to know."

Kazuomi never told him why.

"How much for this girl?" Ikuto asked, looking over the document.

"three hundred fifty dollars." Kazuomi said.

Ikuto started thinking. He would send three hundred dollars to his sister...and fifty dollars for himself for food...maybe he'd keep thirty....

"Okay, people are starting to come to work. Go." Ikuto nodded. On the document, he had the girl's address. Killing the girl would be easy. He'd take care of her later. He went out of the Easter building and headed for the hidden amusement park he had found. While he was going there, he found zillions of 'Have You Seen Miki?' posters. On the poster, there was a picture of a light blue cat with clear ocean blue eyes. The unique feature about her is that she had a dark blue spade shaped mark on the right corner of her forehead.

"Hmm, looks like the princess lost her cat." He thought as he entered the hidden amusement park. He pulled the switch up and the light came on the the rides began to work again.

"Meow..." He heard. He looked down to see a light blue cat with clear ocean blue eyes, and dark blue spade shaped mark on the right corner of her forehead She looked just the cat on the poster. Was she Miki? Ikuto wondered....

"Miki." He called. The cat looked up at him, and meowed sweetly. He smiled. It was Miki. He picked her up to deliver her to the princess. Maybe he might get to see the princess! He arrived to the gate of the castle, when five guards surrounded him, pointing their naginata at him.

"We found Miki! This men kidnapped her!" The first guard yelled.

"Call the princess!" The third guard ordered the second guard. The second guard nodded and ran into the castle.

"Your in big trouble, boy." The fourth guard said and the fifth guard nodded in agreement.

"No, no, you don't understand! I was just delivering her cat!" Ikuto said. The guards closed up at him, not letting him move an inch.

"Princess, this way!" The second guard said, leading the princess to him. The princess was beautiful. She had a shiny bubblegum hair with honey golden eyes. She had a straight nose, and beautiful full-lips. Her dress was red and black in a style of goth lolita. It had 'V' shaped neck and there were frills everywhere, making her look elegant. She had a high black boots that had red ribbon at the side. She wore a white coat that had pink skulls all over it.

"Miki! Oh, you poor girl!" She said, taking the cat from me. She looked up at me and gave me a kind smile. "Thank you." She said.

"Princess, he kidnapped her!' The first guard told her. She examined me closely and shook her head.

"No, he didn't. He has a innocent expression on his face." She said, brushing Miki's fur gently. Miki purred at her touch.

"But, princess! He could be acting!" The fifth guard said, getting his naginata closer to my neck.

"Put that down, please! I can tell he's innocent!" The princess pleased. The guards dropped their naginata.

"What would you like for your reward?" The princess, asked.

"No reward." Ikuto said, holding up his hand.

"Then...what is your name?" She asked.

"Ikuto." He replied quickly. He was actually talking to the princess!

"Ikuto...well. My name is Hinamori Amu, Ikuto." She said, holding out her hand for Ikuto to shake. Ikuto shook it quickly, and returned his hand to his side.

"Yes, I know. Your...famous, Amu-Sama." Ikuto said, bowing respectively. Amu laughed.

"No need to be so formal. Just call me Amu." She said. Ikuto smirked at them.

"Sure. Amu." Amu blushed at that.

"Don't emphasize my name!!!!" She shouted, her cheeks still red.

"See ya, Amu." Ikuto said, back flipping in the air, landing on the fourth guard's head.

"H...hey!" The guard shouted, trying to shake him off. Ikuto then did another back flip and landed on the roof of a house. Then he kept jumping from house to house, until he disappeared from the princess's sight.

"Ikuto!" He heard his sister's voice. He looked down and saw Utau. She had shopping bags in both her hand, full of food. Ikuto looked around, but saw no one.

"Ikuto! Nobody's here! Come down! We need to talk!" She called. Ikuto sighed and jumped down.

"What?" He asked in an annoyed voice. Utau then got out a box of chocolate flavored taiyaki. Ikuto's eyes widened.

"Happy birthday." She said. Ikuto looked dazed for a moment then smiled.

"Oh, yeah. Today's my birthday, December first." He said as he bit into one. He didn't realize how cold he was until he tasted the warm taiyaki.

"I saw the princess." He said. Utau's eyes widened.

"Really?! How?" Utau asked. Ikuto only smirked as he disappeared, jumping from building to building. Utau watched as he left. She sighed as she walked away.

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