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"I can show you the world," Ikuto started singing.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Amu asked with wide eyes as Ikuto started doing arm movement, 'showing' her the world.

"Uh," he cleared his throat, "nothing. I just-something made me start singing...It's like these lyrics are pouring into my brain." Amu silently laughed at that and Ikuto wasn't sure if he was getting laughed at so he just laughed along.

Riding Superman, Amu was able to see the world (as Ikuto sang), and how beautiful was. She had never sat a foot out her country, and now, with Prince Iku, who she really suspected was Ping from the market place, she was able to. Creatures she only saw on T.V., creatures she have never seen on T.V., creatures from her country's zoo...she was able to see them all. The curved up, so far up that she was able to feel the cold moisture that was cloud. She giggled as they entered the cloud, and when they came out, they were soaked.

Next they went over what looked like abandoned Roman buildings and statues out in the open, which was really random.

"This is amazing!" Amu said and then said, "enough to sing about it!"

"Really?" Ikuto asked in a surprised voice. She was so amazed that she could sing about it?

"I can't sing...well I can, I just can't rhyme," Ikuto told her. Amu giggled and told Ikuto that it was okay, and she wanted him to start singing. Ikuto smirked and started singing the song from earlier with little-minor-the smallest change.

(with british accent)

"I can't show you the world because the stupid Superman isn't fast enough, and so...

I can show you part of the world

Shiny, sparkly ro-ocks

PLEASE! Tell me, Princess Amu, now when did

you last let your brain decide?

I can open your eyes by holding your eyelids

Take you from here to there~~~

Under, upsidedown and over

on a Superman~~ ride" Ikuto sang to her. It was now Amu turn to sing. She sang with an Irish accent.

"A part of the world~~!

A new cool POV!

No Tsukasa to annoy me! Or tickle me!

Or say I'm hallucinating

A part of the world~~!

A sparkly place where rocks exist!

But when I'm way down there

It's, like, totally clear

That now I'm in part of the world with you~~" and with that Ikuto started singing again as she that part of the world.

"Now I'm in a part of the world with you~~~!"

As they sang that, they passed through a shimmering lake. They each got one hand out and felt it on their fingertip as they floated just above it. The feeling was amazing. The icy wind now felt like one of the fan that you need when you want to walk dramatically. Her hair was blowing dramatically and the whole scene was dramatic. The way Prince Iku smiled at her...the way the water felt on her fingertip...the way the wind blew on their hair...the way she felt right then...

Amu opened her mouth and started singing again as they went higher up again after they passed the lake.

"Incredulous sights

Despicable("What?" Ikuto shouted in surprise. "Just Kidding!" Amu said with a wink) feelings!

Flying, cutting through air, and riding

through an endless sparkly sky

A part of the world~~!" Amu saw that Superman was going down really fast, and she closed her eyes. Ikuto grabbed her wrist softly and removed her hands from her eyes and smiled.

"Don't ever close those eyes," he threatened her trough singing.

"More than one thing to see," Amu said as Ikuto sang, "Hold your breath, but don't die, it get shinier."

"I'm like a comet on fire

I came TOO far

I don't know the way to get back

To where I came from" Amu sang as she waved at a person who was building a building. He gaped at them and accidently slammed the hammer on his fumb (big toe). Amu and Ikuto both made a face as they winced at the pain.

"A part of the World~~!" Ikuto sang.

"Every corner surprises me," Amu said as they came around a corner to see a guy pole dancing on the street.

"With that straight line(horizon) ahead to persue," Ikuto sang as he pointed at the horizon.

"Every moment scarlet-letter" Amu sang.

They looked at each other and smiled as they sang together.

"I'll stalk them anywhere

There's tick-tocks to spare

Let me share this

part of the world with you~~..."

Ikuto picked a strawberry from a bush and to her surprise, gave it to her as he sang the words "A part of the world~~, That's where we are" and she echoed his words.

"A thrilling stalk" Ikuto sang.

"A magical place" Amu sang.

And with perfect harmony they sang the last line together.


They passed another lake and the moon reflected from the spot where they sang there last word. Soon the firework started too, which was reflected with the moon.

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