Yo, Snipa here. I've decided to try out a different line of story.

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As the summary and title entails, this will be a naruto fanfic... and my recent love of silver...

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Yes, I also know that the silver fox idea and the near death experience belongs to author Swords of Twilight from the story 'Naruto the Silver Fox'

Any and all of Third fang's OC's Belong to him, and his little 7th sense idea. ---------God, this guy is awesome.

Yes, I know that the 'Kami, Yami' moment during a near death experience idea belongs to evilfrog1. His story 'Bang goes love' is a unique Harem setting, He's pretty good.

I will also be using ************** made by Godo. (hehe, if you want to know what it is, read his story Kitsune of Whirlpool.)

And many other author's on this sight will have had an influence on this story.

I DO NOT like taking credit of others. So, every time I use another author's idea, I will specifically name him/her one time only in the first chapter that has had an idea either exactly like or influenced said idea.

This story will have lemons LATER ON. So it is rated M for safety. (for god sakes people, Naruto is like 12 at the beginning of the first season. I'm not into little kids doing it. Wait till he's like 16 before you go into the whole lemon thing.)

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and now without further ado, the prologue:



Konohagakure. A small village that has a population of more then 500 people. The village is run by Shinobi, or ninjas. Each ninja has their own rank of genin, chuunin, and jounin, from least strongest to strongest respectively. It's a quiet village that has a very peac-


… Okay, not-so peaceful atmosphere.

A small boy, about the age of 4-5 years old was being chased by an angry mob. The mob had pitch forks, knives, and torches. All of them wearing angry faces. All of them thinking with a mob mentality. 'KILL THE DEMON!'

The boy was wearing grey shinobi pants, a dark blue shirt, with a grey sweater coat. The boy had blonde hair, and 3 whisker like marks on each cheek. He had a looks of despair and fear on his face. He was running for his life from the villagers.

Why, you ask? Because they thought he was a demon. The very demon that attacked the village 5 years ago, and nearly destroyed the village in a rampage. The nine-tailed fox demon, Kyuubi no kitsune. The boy didn't know why he was being called that demon.

The boy knew he wasn't normal though. He had a flowing long fox tail with silver fur, and a pair of silver fox ears on his head.

The boy was running as fast as he could, on all fours. He was turning corners left and right, trying to lose the mob. But no luck, since there were shinobi among the mob, throwing kunai at him, to slow him down. The boy turns another corner, only to see a dead end. He quickly turns around to see the mob slowly closing in on him. The all had a dark smile, as they realized he had been cornered. He backed up until his back was flat against the wall. Shaking with fear, he watched with wide eyes as the mob came closer and closer.

A man with an ANBU mask that looked like a bear jumped down from a nearby building. The crowd was frightened, fearing that they got caught, and the boy had stopped shaking.

"What are you doing?!" said Bear to the crowd. He took out a kunai and said, "You should cut his vocal chords, so he can't rant us out to the Hokage!" With that he walked up to the boy, who was now shaking again. The ANBU picked him up by the scruff of his neck, and placed the kunai against it. The mob was now cheering the ANBU on.

The boy felt pain, as the knife cut his throat open. His blood started pouring out. He couldn't think, as people were throwing rocks and sticks, kunais and shurikens at him. He was in sheer pain, as his body was used as a punching bag. He tried to scream, but all that came out were gargles and blood. He saw his world go dark, and he faded away.


The boy opened his eyes, only to see pure white. He sat up, not feeling any pain whatsoever. He looked around to see that he was surround by a white haze.

"So, your up." said a feminine voice. The boy turned his head around so fast, that he should check for whiplash.

Before him were two women. One woman had red hair, tied back into a pony tail. She was wearing a kimono that was light blue, with soft yellows flower designs decorating it. She had a golden earing in each ear that were in the shape of the sun. She had deep blue eyes, that couldn't be described, calling them beautiful would be an insult.

The other woman had blue hair that was down. She was wearing a deep red kimono with light orange flowers decorating it. She had a silver earing in the shape of a moon in each ear. She had dark red eyes, that had beauty paralleled to the first one's.

The both had an air of absolute about them.

The red head motioned to the boy, "Hello, Naruto. My name is kami."

The blue head then motioned to herself, "And my name is Yami."

The boy, now named Naruto just looked at them in awe. After catching himself starring, he averted his eyes. "So, the gods themselves have come to send me to hell." He looked down in shame.

Yami spoke, her tone even, "What makes you think that we will be sending you to hell?"

"I'm a demon. Everyone in the village thinks it so. They call me a demon, and say that I must die for the evil deeds I have down. This tail, and these ears are proof that I am one." The boy said evenly, though with a hint of sadness.

Kami's heart almost broke at this site. "Dear boy, what are the evil deeds you speak of?"

Naruto motioned to open his mouth, then closed it. After a while of thinking he answered, "I have stolen from people."

Yami - "You did it to survive."

Naruto - "I broke people's property."

Kami - "I would too if I were being chased by mobs."

Naruto looked down in shame. "Please, just send me to hell. I wish to get this over with."

Yami walked forward and lifted the boys chin up with her finger. She looked directly into his eyes. "You have not performed an evil deed to go to hell, nor are you dead."

At this Naruto's eyes widen. "But, I was being beaten by a mob, and I am before you two. How am I not dead?"

Kami smiles. "Because, you have yet to fill your dreams, and your life will be able to change the world for the better if you live on."

Naruto stares at kami, over Yami's shoulder. "How? I am nothing but a demon."

Yami fixes her hold on this chin so he looks back at her once more. "Because, child. You are not a demon, just carrying a supposed one." She said in a slightly darker tone.

"Whatdoyoumean?" he asks very fast. Both kami and yami laugh.

"Take off your coat and shirt, Naruto." kami said.

Naruto does so, not wanting to anger the gods.

Naruto is now standing topless. "Now Naruto," Kami begins, "Try looking at your belly."

Naruto looks down, and lo-and-behold he has a mark on it. "What is this?"

Yami - "That is a seal. It was made by the Fourth Hokage of your village and the Shinigami to seal the nine-tailed fox into you." She lifted he hand up, and touched the seal. When she pulled her hand back, a small red fox came out of it. The fox had a sinle red tail, with white tips on the tail and ears. "This is the nine-tailed fox."

The fox was asleep, though if one looked at it's face, it could see dark red marks going from the eyes down.

"Kina," said Yami, holding the sleeping fox with her hands, "Kina, it's time to wake up." Yami said in a motherly tone. The fox opened it's eyes slowly. The small fox looked at Yami, then bent it's head down. "Don't be like that Kina. You've done nothing wrong."

Kina looked back up at Yami. Naruto was trying to figure out what was going on. First he gets ambushed by a mob, then he gets the supposed Kyuubi no kitsune pulled out of him.

Yami put Kina down on the ground. When Kina turned around and saw Naruto, she quickly hid behind Yami.

Naruto was now stumped. If the Kyuubi no kitsune was so evil. Why was it a timid little fox. Yami spoke to the fox hiding behind her. "Now, now, Kina. He's not mad at you."

"W-Why shouldn't h-he be?" a voice was heard. The voice was trembling. The source of it came from the fox.

Naruto spoke up, "Y-You're a GIRL!" He asked stupifide.

Kami giggled. "Yes, Kina is a girl. And yes, she is the very Kyuubi no kistune that attacked your village."

Naruto looked at the timid little fox. "Why did you attack my village, Kina?"

"Don't you hate me? Despise me?" She said.

"I learned long ago, not to judge before I know." Naruto responded.

Kina looked down, a crying sound was heard.

Kami spoke up, "She didn't have any choice in the matter, Naruto."

"What do you mean, Kami?"

"A man named Madara Uchiha had placed a genjutsu on her, in an attempt to control her. Fortunately, the man failed, but Kina went beserk with animal instinct. The Fourth was reluctant, but he sealed her into you. Sacrificing himself in the end to do so." Kina looked down in shame.

Naruto got up, and slowly walked forward towards Yami, and the fox hiding behind her. When he was close enough, he gently picked Kina up. When she had been lifted, and they were looking eye to eye, Kina was shaking in fear.

A small smile went across his face, "I forgive you Kina." The fox looked surprised, but came out of shock and licked his nose.

"Thank god that's over." Yami held her hand up to her head. "Thankfully, that was nowhere as painful to deal with as a 'Demon Chicken of Doom' moment."

"What's a demon chicken of doom?" Both Kino and Naruto ask.

"Oh, it's nothing. (Cough)crazyguy(cough)" Kami fake coughs.


Somewhere in an alternate universe, a man in a straight jacket sneezed. "Oh no! The Floor has attacked! Where are my allies, the giraffe and the cluck!" he said as he started to cling to the ceiling.


Naruto and Kina look at each other and shrug.

"Now on to other business," Yami starts, "Naruto, I know your first 5 years of your life has been tough. So we're giving you an opportunity to try and make things for the better."

"Huh?" Naruto goes. Kina struggles out of his hands, and then moves to sit on his shoulder's.

Kami giggles, "That's so cute."

Yami looks at her disdainfully, "Stay on task, Nee-san."

Kami assumes a cute pose raising her hand up, "HAAAAI!"

Cue sweat drop on Naruto's head. 'Is that really Kami? Or am I dreaming this stuff up?' Naruto asks.

"Anyways," Yami starts, "Seeing as how we can't reverse the damage down to you, we can give you hints clues, tips and tricks. And we'll be giving your body a slight upgrade."

"When you wake up, go back to your apartment and look under your mattress." Kami.

"Your kekkai genkai will have a mental trigger, including of a physical one. All the rest of your body will get only slight upgrades as well." Yami adds.

Kami lifts up a finger, "We can only intervene so much. Sorry we can't do more for you." She adds in a sad tone.

"Why not? I thought you two were the almighty gods. And what do you mean by kekkai genkai?" Says Naruto.

Kina nudges Naruto's cheek and says, "Because they aren't. They are only the gods of this realm. Wait... he has a kekkai genkai?" Yami nods.

"How do you know?" Naruto adds.

"I'm close friends with these two." she adds quickly, looking the other way.

"Will you look at the time." said Yami. "It's time for you to wake up Naruto. When you do, please take care of yourself. Also, your body is gonna hurt like hell, but live with it." She walks forward and pinches Naruto's ear.

Naruto's world goes black.

"Kina, I have given you a physical form in the real world, but all of your power is still inside of Naruto." Kami says.

"I can still access it, correct?" Kina asks.

"Yes, but if he dies you die." Kami adds. Kina gets a sad look. "Don't worry little one. We've given you permission to use that on him."

Kina looks up, joy obviously in her eyes. "Thank you, friends." Kina bows her head. Yami smiles, and touches Kina's head. The fox's world also goes black.