Author's note:

First off, I just want to say, I'm not dead... yet.

Secondly, I've been thinking it over and over again, and I've been going back over my story Silver Flash.

I noticed that I've messed up royally in some parts around the story. To fix these mistakes, and to straighten out my plot line, I'd have to start from the beginning. The way things are going now, my ending will never happen. Besides, I think I've grown somewhat in my ability to write... somewhat.

I've put a poll out on my profile.

Yes, to redo the story.

No, to not to.

The poll will be out for 2 weeks. Please vote inside of that time.

If it comes down that the redo will go through, and you can think of things that would make the story better, then PM me. I will give the thought consideration unless it's pure BS or it conflicts greatly with my donnée.

Speaking of donnée, I've gotten better at doing just that.

For people who want to know what that means... in french it means "something given". In literary terms it means something else: The set of rules created by the author.

I admit, I broke my own rules a few times while creating all of my currently posted stories(I have two stories still being created in the background, and yes Fang 'that' one is one of them). Well, maybe not science v. magic, but that one was a pure bust anyways.

Alright that's it for now,

Ja ne.