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Fallen & Risen 39. TITLE?

Sat on the ground, Draco watched the wind teasing the surface of the water of the lake, lost in his thoughts.

'How ironical. For seven years I spend my energy into hating and bullying Harry Potter to have him fall in my mercy. But at the end, I fell in my own trap. I fell for the one I had always torture and made the existence unbearable.'

Draco shut his eyes at the pain in his heart. Heley's picture flashed in his head.






she cannot be the person who rose so many emotions in his heart, anger, jealous, envious, despair because he died, hope because he was still alive, longing because he died again, then

tender feeling

now, he realise that harry potter had fallen in his esteem when he first refused his hand, and raise in his admiration for who he was, had him fall in despair when he "died" at Voldemort's wand, raise again as his, Draco Malfoy's hope during the war, bring Draco fall in frustration because he lose the chance to befriend with the late Harry Potter, and had him raise in hope again for a brigther futur... with his ward...

a phoenix patronus and animagus - so fit Harry Potter! who had fallen to rise again, then fall to raise again, and again

and the form of his Patronus

then tender feeling

deep feeling


desire for a bright future with her at his side

and now...


Draco fought these foreign feelings, but he lost the battle. The more he fight, the more his attraction strengthened up.

Then, Draco thought that if he stop fighting, the feeling of attraction would damped. Thus, he accepted the fact that he was attracted to the new Gryffindor transferred student and let his feelings conducted his behaviors. He has desires to see her more often, he didn't protest a single world when Professor Slughorn announced that she would be his partner.

He had the desire to help her for her potions, he let his desires took action. He offered himself to tutor her, even given her tips of his own to help her. At the same time, he was pleasantly surprise that he enjoyed spending time with her.


"N-No..." he stuttered. "No! You cannot be him! No!" And he ran away. Heley did not call him back. She couldn't. Her neck was constricted and her vocal cords strangled. Her legs gave up. She stumbled on the ground, crying, her heart aching.




'And as I fell for her, I was sincere. But all this time… all this time…'

Draco buried his face in his knees.

'All this time when we were becoming friends, then closer then friends, was she making fun of me?'

Was she laughing at him for falling for his old rival and enemy?

'Probably…' He close his fists, feeling his heart clenching in pain again in his chest.

"I really made a fool of myself in front of her, didn't I?" he mumbled.

That was how Ron found Draco, head buried in his knee, completely lost. Seeing the blond hair guy in his miserable state, Ron's previous anger damped. But not his purpose when he left to search for the Slytherin. Calmly, Ron walked over to where Draco was and sat next to the Slytherin. Draco was aware of Ron's presence but didn't react. They stood like that, in silence, for a very long time. It was a bizarre thing to see; the two Quidditch captains and rivals sat next to each other without giving any sign of rivalry. The most strangest of it, it could almost be said it was a… peaceful and friendly atmosphere around them. After a certain time, Draco lift up his face, resting his chin on his knees. Ron spoke.

"I reacted the same way you did when she first told me. I ran away," Ron said, looking the surface of the lake.

"..." Draco answered.

"I felt hurt and betrayed. Betrayed by my very best friend of all people," Ron munched the last part.

"..." Draco responded again.

"But you know, she is the one who is the most hurt right now."

Ron's last line made Draco jerked his head up to look at the red hair Gryffindor. Draco blinked several time at Ron but Ron kept watching the lake.

"What do you mean?" Draco asked. Ron closed his eyes, thinking for a moment. Then, he spoke again.

"Malfoy, you and I have something Heley had long lost: a loving mother and a caring father. She lost her parents when she was only a baby and was left at her aunt's place. Her aunt treated her worse than a house-elf and her uncle and cousin treated her worst than her aunt did. Heley grew up without knowing the love of a father and a mother. And after her parents, even her guardians, Sirius, Remus Lupin and even Professor Dumbledore left. They all left her, just when she thought she was about to be offering a new life after so many years living in hell at her aunt's place. Her hope sky-rocked so high that the fall was ten times more painful. After so many loses and grieves, how can you blame her for not trusting anyone else beside herself?"

Ron took a deep breath, then continued.

"The first time Hermione and I befriended with her as Harry, it took us a certain among of time to crack the shell she hide underneath…


…of course it was bad from her for not telling us everything, but you cannot blame her considering in which environment she grew up. She never had the chance to be loved and to learn to trust other people."

"..." Draco chewed his lips, feeling a little bit ashamed of himself for thinking about that first. Ron continued.

"Then, the whole wizard community all turns their burdening hope on her, a poor orphan, to save their sorry arses - mine included - away from a Baldywart. That certainly wasn't helping her developing trust into other people too! All these years, she must have been scared to be rejected by the whole magical community if she fail to kill, thus putting more pressure on herself. From where do you expect her to learn to trust people around her? If Sirius, Remus and Dumbledore were still here, probably it would still possible for her, but they weren't anymore. When Sirius left, she didn't have the time to completely recover from the lost that Professor Dumbledore also took the same path as Sirius. Soon, it was Remus who joined them. Heley must have told herself that it was because she had put her complete trust in them that they have be taken away from her. After the war, she had locked her old identity away from us because she feared that we would be taken away too. That's why she chose not to tell us everything.


You feel like she betrays you for hiding her secret for so long, but she is the one who hated herself the most because she couldn't bring herself to trust us completely. Yet, she took her courage in hands and tell us the truth. Malfoy, that's something very admirable from her. Not anyone can do it and you know it."

"..." Draco was speechless. It never occurred to him of how Heley felt. If he feel betrayed, what did Heley feel when she told him the truth be herself? And Weasley was right; he never consider Heley in her whole personality, never took in consideration to analyze why she did this and that or the reason why she did them. He forgot that he still had his parents to encourage him in everything and support him while Heley had nothing like that.

'I'm the worst,' Draco thought. While she took her courage and told him the truth by herself, he ran away from her, leaving her crying alone. "What have I done?" Draco muttered to himself.

"A stupidity, like always," Ron bluntly answered for him. Draco didn't deny anything. He knew the Gryffindor was right (for once). Hence, he even agreed wit the red hair boy. "But you can repair it," Ron continued. Once again, the red hair boy was right. Draco must asked Heley her forgiveness.

"Where is she?" Draco asked.

"Heley hates Divination and everyone knows it…" Ron started.

"…so no one would think she would hide in the Astronomy tower, which is why its the best place to hide from everyone," Draco finished.

'Clever.' Draco and Ron simultaneously, though for different reason. Draco thought Heley to be clever to think about that hiding place. Ron had to admit that Draco was clever to figure out by himself Heley's favorite hiding place.

"I'll go and find her," Draco said, standing up and left.

"Malfoy, wait," Ron stopped him. Draco stopped and turned over to face Ron, who stand up.

"What is it?"


Ron had thrown his fist into Draco's handsome and perfect features.

"Owwwwwww!" Draco roared. "What was that for?" he demanded, covering his bruning jaw.

"THAT'S FOR MAKING HER CRY, YOU BLOODY, ARROGANT, ARISTOCRATIC, STUPID GIT!" Ron shouted, waving his menacing fist in the Slythering's face.

"Arrrgh…" Draco stepped back, growling. Yet, he knew he deserved to be hit. However, he was also sure that Ron took pleasure to hit him for another reason, such as he was a Slytherin and the joy of punching a Slytherin must be irresistible for the red hair Gryffindor.

"If you have something against it, then we can settle it in a dual later, whenever you want," Ron continued. "That punch was only a warning. I'm letting you go now because I want you to go and talk with Heley. However, if I see her crying again, don't even think about hiding away from me. I will find you. And when I will find you, this punch will feel like a tickle to what I really intent to do to you! Mind you, I'm too intelligent to kill you on the spot because that would cut my fun to punch you again. . . .

SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING. . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

Ron was enraged and Draco knew he deserved Ron's anger. Draco let Ron's words sink into his head.

"I won't make her sad ever again," Draco promised to Ron. And to himself.

"You better!" Ron retorted. Draco turned on his heels to walk away. Ron just watched him left. Then, Draco stopped and turned on his heels back to the Gryffindor.

"Thank you," Draco said. Then, he turned on his heels and ran toward the Astronomy tower. Ron gasped.

When Draco was out of the sight, Ron scoffed, fighting himself to restrain from puking. A Slytherin just thanked him. And Draco Malfoy of all people!

'This is the worst nightmare I'd never saw in my life. Not even an Acromantula like Aragog could scare me like this!'

Shivering, Ron turned on his heels and headed back to find Hermione. He needed his girlfriend to wake him up from this daylight nightmare.

as he guessed, draco found heley in the astronomy tower, alone

heley didn't want to leave to tower and had asked Hermione and Neville to leave her alone so she could calm down - which they complied to her request

she was crying silently, lost in gazing outside the window of the tower without seeing anything

the shining moon didnt help her to damp down her sadness

draco saw a new tear rolling down her already damped cheek

his heart clenched in his chest

silently, he walked to her

letting his feelings speaking by themselves, his arms encercled her form, hugging her from behind

"Ah!" heley startled

"Heley, I'm sorry…" Draco muttered, burying his face in her neck.

"Ah… ah… ah… wh-what…?" Heley stuttered. The sudden and intimate contact made her lost all her senses.

"Forgive me…" Draco said again, tighning his arms and kissing her on her temple. Feeling his soft and warm lips on her skin, Heley knew she wasn't dreaming. Slowly, very slowly, she turned around in his arms.


More tears escaped from their green prison. Draco brought his hand up to weep her tears.

"Forgive me," Draco whispered again.


'Why did you come back?' was what she want to ask him, but she couldn't finish her sentence. The shock was too much for her, but Draco understood.

he proceeded to explain to her why he was shocked by the news

his redemption was done - grudge against harry potter over



Heley saw the the bruise on his jaw.

"What is it?" she asked, touching his sore spot. Draco grimaced.

"Weasley…" Draco simply mumbled between his teeth. Heley's eyes wide.

"Ron did that?" Heley asked.

"Hn," Draco reluctantly nodded. Heley's mouth made a big O. "…But I deserve it," Draco finished.

Heley bite her lips. She knew she should feel andry at Ron, but she couldn't bring herself to be so.



Draco glanced at the petite girl in his arms with soft eyes, not saying anything.

remembering harry trhough the years with his feelings and conflictual feelings

first time he saw harry

harry growing over the year

still small in stature

then disapearance

before reappearing as this lovely girlin his life




Heley frowned, curious.

"Draco, what is it?"

"Un hm, nothing," Draco shook his head. He brought his hand up to cup her face. "I was just thinking that you're much prettier as a girl than a boy. And that I am a very lucky man." He whispered the last word. Heley's face turned red and fume sprout out of her ears.

"Huhuhu," Draco chuckled. Then, he bend to kiss her tenderly on her forehead. "I love you, Heley Jane Potter."

Heley's red face took a pretty pink tint as she hide her face in his chest, very embarrassed. Draco thought that that was just too cute from her.




"He is still a weasel for me..." Draco mumbled.

Heley smiled, half-amused, half resigned.

not forgetting his words, blaise brought malfoy to neville

neville hexed the both of them, an ugly and powerful hex which substaiened up to three days

of course madam pomfrey could cure them, but they refused to be cured

they said they deserved the punishment

draco was also warned that ron had put his name after neville to hex him once he was cured from nevilles hexes

ron didnt faltered under heleys pleading to spare draco

and surprisingly, draco agreed

heley couldnt say anything


Slytherin Quidditch captain and Gryffindor Quidditch captain were once again by the lake. Why? and why they don't punch each other? Who can tell? This is one of the mystery of life that would give you a humongous headache if you dare to try understanding it. So, being intelligent people who hate to life with a pain in the head that we are, we will slide over the reason why the are not trowing fists to each other, but only focus on they were there and with their fist in their pockets (Ron) or behind their back (Draco).

"Weasley, since when did you turn out so mature?" Draco asked. Ron's shoulders suddenly slumped and shoot him a gloomy stare with spirits hanging around his head. Draco sweat dropped. The red head captain looked like a dead corps which just got deterred out from its tomb.

"Imagine this. You, Draco Malfoy, the epitom of perfection - or so they say -, have a girlfriend, whose the most intelligent witch of the century. She is the brightest which of the school and always score as the top. She even tops you and makes you look like a preschooler. How would you feel?"

"Gawk!" Draco dropped his jaw. "I WOULD NEVER LET MY GIRLFRIEND SCORE BETTER THAN ME AND LET HER MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A PRESCHOOLER. THAT'S SO PRESUMPTUOUS! I AM A PURE BLOOD AND A MALFOY! I HAVE STANDARD AND DECORUM TO KEEP! I WOULD DO ANY-..." Draco stopped as he saw Ron's grin. He suddenly realizing where Ron wanted to get him. And he fell in the chess master's trap. Ron just continued to grin in victory for the succes of his little trick. It was too easy to drill Slytherin in their pure blood conduct code.

"I wouldn't go as far as keeping some 'pure blood decorum' (he quoted with his fingers), but I also have my pride as a man. It's hard to have a girlfriend brighter than you. I couldn't let it be in that way forever. And before I know it, I turned out to be who I am today, just because of one Hermione Granger..." Ron respond, mumbling and sulking. "Oh man! She turned me into a bright bloke! I was happy when I was still an idiot!" He sighed mournfully. "Ha... Adieu my happy days of a carefree guy..." Ron mourned.

Draco chuckled.





Ron saw Draco and walked to him. He stopped in front of the curious Slytherin.

"Now, explain to me," Ron stated. Draco raised an eye brow meaning 'What am I do explain to you?'.

"The New Year Party at your place, tell me exactely what happened?" Ron said.

"What? Care to elaborate?" Draco replied, dumbfounded.

"ARE YOU ASKING ME TO ELABORATE?!" Ron bellowed, outraged. "It's you who must provide me an explanation!"

"Er..." Draco still didn't get what Ron want him to explain.

"Something happened to Heley at the New Year Party," Ron started. "The day following the party, I woke up with a huge hangover, as if I have swallow a whole bottle of very strong - and must be a very fine one too - Firewhiskey and I'm absolutely sure I didn't drank had any strong alcohol that night. Who in their right mind who drink a stiff drink after eating duck and oyster delicaties. The alcohol would just ruin the taste of the food and I appreciated too much good food to do such a sacrilege. Therefore, if I had a hangover the day after, that mean that someone must have force down my throat a very strong Firewiskey or something as strong as that. I suspect it must be Georges because while I was hangging over the toilet bowl, he was telling me story so absurd that he makes Luna's invisible friends more belivable. When I asked Ginny about that night, she keep snickering and glancing her a twins-like devious glare. Georges' constance confident he showed prove me that he was a complice with Ginny AND with Hermione. Zabini's furtif glances also prove me right to be suspicious. No one wanted to explain to me. Heley is innoncent in this affaire because she is Heley. So, that left only you to explain to me. And you will do it NOW!"

Not far away, behind a bush, a couple of people were ear-dropping the conversation.

"Georges, didn't you say that you can make him believe anything after that whole bottle of wiskey?" Blaise asked.

"Yeah well, Ronnikins had always be gullible about anything involving food. This is the first time that it didn't work..." Georges mumbled.

"Me too I was sure that the story we built up would have work," Hermione said, frowning.

"Who would have guess he is that bright today," Ginny added.

Suddenly, the bush behind which they were hidding split into two to reveal Ron, a very angry and fuming Ron. Draco was behind him, looking curiously at the people crouched behind the small bush.

"So it was you who did it to me..." Ron breathed like an enraged dragon. Hermione, Georges, Ginny and Blaise swore they could see smoke erupting from Ron's nose hold. They could also see his fingers twitching around his wand.

"Gulp!" a collective gulp could be heard from his four so-called friends.

"Er... Hey Ron!" Ginny sheepishly tried.

"Don't 'Hey' me!" Ron blowed. "Georges, you had always been a pranker, so I can't say anything about you. That still didn't change that I'm angry at you. Zabini, you're a snake, so there too I can't say anything about you. It is just in your nature to be sly. Ginny, you are my little sister. A little sister is not supposed to trick her big brother. Hermione, you're my girlfriend. A girlfriend is not supposed to lie to her boyfriend or helping her boyfriend's big brother to prank him. All of you, you were suppose to protect Heley from whatever crime Malfoy had commit toward her when I can't! Not pranking me and hiding the true from me!"

"Oh! Come on Ron! It wasn't any crime. It was an accident! Draco didn't mean to still a kiss from Heley!" Ginny said, shrugging her shoulder.

"WHAT!" Ron rawred. "A KISS!"

"GINNY!" Hermione, Georges and Blaise exclaimed, horrified. Realizing her mistake, Ginny hastily covered her mouth with both hands.

"Oops!" But it was too late. Ginny had split out the secret which was no longer a secret. Ron spun to Draco.

"Y-y-you kissed Heley!" Ron stepped menacingly toward Draco, who stepped back a step.

"W-w-w-wait, Weasley..." Draco's face colored drained out. "I-i-i-it was an accident, as your sister stated. I didn't mean to..." He stuttered, waving defensively in hand in front of the now ears-erupting-smoke-Ron.

"YOU KISSED HER!" Ron cut him. "YOU KISSED HER AND YOU DIDN'T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT DOING IT. AND YOU WEREN'T HER BOYFRIEND YET!" Ron blowed and raised his wand. Panicked, Draco skipped on the other side of the bush behind the group. "WHY YOU SLIMY LITTLE SNAKE!" Ron shoot a hex toward Draco and his soon-to-be-dead brother, sister, girlfriend and (not yet admitted Ginny' Slytherin boy-)friend.

"Aaaaah!" The group scrambled away. Ron tailed after them, shooting hex after hex.

"Draco, this is all your fault!" Blaise accused, avoiding an hex coming from his left ear.

"Hey, it wasn't my idea to feed him my father's Firewiskey, but yours!" Draco protested, dodging an other one flying just 1cm above his hair.

"It wasn't me! It was Luna who had suggested the idea!" Blaise rejected the accusation.

"But it was you who feed him with it or not?" Draco retorted.

"Yeah well, that was my doing, but it was Georges who suggested the Firewiskey! And it was also him who told Ron a weird story!"

"Hey! I didn't come up with that story alone. Hermione had a part too!" Georges protested, jumping up to avoid a curse flying toward his feet.

"You know what. Instead of debating about whose fault it is, I suggest that we better save our life and get away from Ron's wand first," Hermione said.

"Yeah, his aims had become sharper than before. Eep!" Ginny yelped as one of Ron's shoot blasted a lock of her hair.

They decided to follow Hermione's suggestion and put more fuel in their legs.

Heley and Luna, who were helping Neville collecting some potion ingredients and for Filly's and Melly's tonic potions, stopped what they were doing when they heard running steps coming in their direction. They raised head to see Draco, Blaise, Georges, Ginny and Hermione were running as their life depended on it with an enraged Ron not so far behind them.

"COME BACK HERE, YOU COWARDS! I HAVE NOT FINISH WITH YOU! COME BACK HERE, YOU HEARD ME!" Ron belowed, running after them and firing hexes.

The hunted and the hunter ran pass in front of Heley and Luna without seeing the girls.

"What's wrong with them?" Heley asked.

"Nothing important, Heley, really. You don't need to worry about them," Neville said, not stopping his process of planting a baby moondrop flower with extremely delicate and careful movements. He knew very well why Ron was hunting the hunted. He also knew that Ron would hex him to if Ron knew that he was also an accomplice. But he kind of need to stay alive to take care of his baby plants, so he kept silence.

"That's right," Luna add, plucking a mature moondrop and putting it in the basket Heley was carrying. "The wartzkrig just want to play with Ron today." Luna believed that she didn't deserve to be hexed by Ron. After all, everything she did was suggesting an idea, not executing it. So she kept silence too.

"Ah..." Heley automatically responded to Neville and Luna, but kept following with worried eyes her hunted friends and their red-haired (dragon) hunter.



Fallen & Risen. Epilogue


Heley found a wedding dress in her magical trunk

sirius letter

There is only one item which doesn't come from me in the truck. That's your wedding dress. For that particular item, it came from your parents. It's Lilly's wedding dress, but your parents charmed it to change the style, based on my awesome sense of elegance of course (I'm still being humble, mind you Heley!). Your parents wanted you to wear it on the day of your wedding so they could be there with you. For the jewellery, they came from me again. Lupin had insisted that your wedding shoes came from him. Wear them on your wedding day. It's our blessing to you, Heley.

far far far ending

first child a girl, red hair blue eyes - took after the two grandmothers, with the malfoy characteristical white skin

named severina victoria, after severus - present the baby to the portrait of severus




after that, severus often visit the Manor from the paintin travel

he liked it most spending time in the same room as the baby girl

once or twice, draco heard his godfather speaking with the baby when Severus thought that no one was around- mostly night time when everyone were supposed to be sleeping

well, of course, severus mostly talk about potions and victoria was always fascinanted to see the vampire-ghost like person in the portrait speaking to her

it didnt matter that she understood or not of anything severus was saying to her, but she would grinned her toothless ear to ear smile everything the portrait speak to her

no doubt, she would become a genius in potions in the future - severus made sure of it

and whenever draco or heley overhead severus sepaking, they left and dont disturb them




victoria looked like a queen

definitely dracos child -arrogant, proud, condescending and strong character - add in she admired severus snape to the point of imitating him sometime

during a visit of ron and hermione

victoria was napping in heley arms when ron loudness woke her

she glared at him with menacing eyes - which turned dark gray, which seemed to say "how dare you disturb my sleep, pleabian"

and turned over in her mother's arms and resumed to her nap

Blaise pitied her for being cursed with her father arrogance when she was barely borned - purposely said it out loud for draco to hear and pretending he didnt knew draco was in the room

ginny bite her lips, trying and failing to refrain her desire to laugh. blaise just send his wife a huge grin, happy to see the mother of his soon-to-be-born child having fun. lately, the baby was kicking a lot during night time, cutting many hours of sleep from ginny. he remembered how heley used to be tired by near the end of her pregnancy from the lack of sleep because of the VIctoria's eagerness to be born.

but when draco put his hand on heleys belly, the baby would calm down and heley could sleep

second child, a boy, three years younger,

but he obeyed at every word of his older sister - he worshiped her

when it was was asked what was the boy names few moment after the birth of the baby, draco tookhis sleeping son in his arm and proclaimed "Lucien harrison Potter Malfoy"

they wondered if it was the fact the the son was given potter as middle name

- to carry the potter blood, draco said

it was draco who named him harold potter-malfoy

- took after heley - black hair and emerald green eyes, loving and sweet child, always smiling

harry - lucien prefer to be called harry than the lucien, was a sweet and loving child

daugther called parents "mother, father"

harry "mommy, daddy"

harry had his grandparents, particularly his grandfther completely wrapped around his small fingers

the child was just the sweetest thing theyr never know in the world

draco wasnt that sweet when he was a boy oh harrys age

he ws just too - proud - malfoyish - and rotten spoiled too


victoria is slytherin, harry is griffyndor

even being a gryffindor, harry like to eat at the slytherin table to eat with his sister - breaking all the rivalry rules between the two houses (speaking of braking rules, very alike heley when she was harry)

and his closest friends had the courage to go with him at the snake table too

the two children inherited their mother talent on a broom, especially harry

harry was made gryffindor seeker but victoria dont like playing the sport

beside, she knew that if she played, her little brother would let her win - he wordshipped her in everything so he wont played aggressively agaisnt her

victoria like riding a broom but the idea of chassing flying ball - big or small, red or golden - just dont appeal her

heley expecting again, scene where harry hug her bulging womb, wanting to hear his futur little brother or sister

a set of blond twins with green eyes, william and gloria