This is my darkest story so far and there's a part of it later on that I feel a bit guilty about writing.

Chapter 1

Ahsoka Tano and her Master Anakin Skywalker had boarded a Separatist ship in an attempt to rescue Jedi Master Bolla Ropal from a Duros Bounty Hunter named Cad Bane. In addition they needed to get back an important Jedi holocron which the Bounty Hunter had stolen from the Jedi Temple. Unfortunately by the time they found Ropal he was already dead having been electrocuted to death by the ruthless mercenary. Ahsoka and Anakin, along with Captain Rex and several other clones were exploring the ship. Even if they weren't in time to save Ropal they could still get the holocron.

Suddenly something charged past them disappearing down a corridor. R2-D2, Anakin's loyal astromech droid beeped urgently and the group hurried after the figure, arriving in a large room. Lights flared and they found themselves facing a Duros wearing a wide brimmed hat and a brown coat and a group of droids.

'Welcome Jedi,' Bane said smirking, 'We've been expecting you.' He raised one of his blaster pistols and fired it at Ahsoka who knocked the bolt aside with ease. The droids fired and Anakin and Ahsoka deflected bolts as the clones returned fire. Anakin closed in on Bane who held up one of the gauntlets he wore on his wrists.

'Let's make this a bit more interesting,' he said and pressed a button. The Gravity turned off and everyone except Bane, who had magnetic boots attaching him to the floor, and his droid who had magnetic feet, floated into the air.

'Come on men!' Rex called over the sound of blaster fire, 'you were trained for this!' Ahsoka and Anakin moved through the air as though they were swimming while the clones anchored themselves to the ceiling, floor or anything else close at hand.

'Artoo!' Ahsoka called to the astromech droid, 'turn the Gravity back on!' Atroo beeped and used his rockets to propel himself towards a computer terminal in the wall. Bane fired at the astromech droid but Ahsoka got in front of the bolt and sent it straight back at the Duros who ducked quickly. Anakin sliced down a couple of droids and sneaked up behind him. Bane whipped around but Anakin booted him in the face knocking him off the floor so that he was forced to float in the air too. The holocron, a large blue cube, flew out of his pocket but before Anakin could reach it Artoo turned the gravity back on and everyone fell to the ground. Bane lunged and snatched the holocron before rolling to the side as Anakin's lightsaber descended on the place where he'd just been lying. Bane struggled upright and fled towards the door.

'I'll get him Master!' Ahsoka said sprinting after the Bounty Hunter.

'Ahsoka wait!' Anakin shouted, 'It's a trap!' Either Ahsoka didn't hear him or she ignored him because she charged through the blast doors which closed behind her. Anakin hurried towards the door and started to burn through it with his lightsaber but then a blaster bolt, from droid or clone he didn't know, slammed into an explosive which had been dislodged from a pile of explosives during the fight. The explosion brought pieces of rubble crashing into the room. One of them almost landed on Anakin who had to abandon his attempt to cut through the door to stop it from crushing him. Using the Force he caught the piece of debris and tossed it aside.

Ahsoka had chased Bane through a few corridors and ended up in one with an emergency airlock at the end. The Bounty Hunter turned to her.

'You thought you can get away?' Ahsoka said holding her lightsaber in her signature Shien grip. Bane didn't look worried at all. In fact he was smirking.

'Getting away wasn't my plan youngling,' he said, 'I've got you right where I want you.' Ahsoka narrowed her eyes as Bane raised his blaster and fired. Ahsoka deflected the bolt easily and it hit Bane's arm. The Bounty Hunter cursed as he dropped the blaster. Ahsoka darted forwards. Bane dodged to the side. Ahsoka turned but Bane kicked her lightsaber out of her hand. He tried to punch her with his uninjured arm but she ducked, grabbed his arm, elbowed him in the gut and, with surprising strength for someone so small, flipped him onto the floor. Ahsoka smirked, glad that her friend Plo Koon had taught her a bit of unarmed combat. She preferred using her lightsaber but Plo's training came in handy sometimes.

'I'm not impressed,' she sneered and summoned her lightsaber.

Then Bane sprang back to life and grabbed her leg. Before Ahsoka could react he sent a bolt of electricity shooting through her body. Ahsoka screamed and collapsed, dropping her lightsaber in the process. Bane picked himself up and dusted off his coat casually.

'Nice try sweetheart,' he said to the unconscious Padawan, 'You almost had me there. But almost isn't good enough.' He took binders from his pocket and snapped them onto her wrists. Then he dragged her into the emergency airlock they'd been fighting near.

'Rex,' Anakin ordered back in the room where they'd fought Bane and his droids, 'Get to the hanger and see if there's any transport. Wait for me as long as you can.'

'You got it General,' grunted Rex, 'Where did Commander Ahsoka go?'

'I'm going to find her,' Anakin said and hurried over to the blast door to continue burning through it.

Ahsoka woke up feeling sore. She looked around and realised she was in an emergency airlock. There were binders around her wrists holding her hands in front of her. Leaning casually against the wall was Cad Bane.

'How you feeling sweetheart?' he jeered, 'Did I make the shock too strong or the binders too tight?' Ahsoka just glared at him, 'So you're giving me the silent treatment huh?' In three strides Bane was beside her, 'I think I'll take this.' He grabbed her Padawan braid and ripped off some of the beads. He looked at them for a moment then put them in his coat. He grabbed Ahsoka's chin and tilted her head slightly examining her face, 'You're such a pretty girl,' he said quietly, 'It's been a while since I've been able to spend time with an attractive female like you. Apart from when I was rescuing Ziro the Hutt. There was a pretty good looking Senator there.'

'Get off me right now,' Ahsoka snarled.

'Or what?' Bane sneered. Ahsoka tried to Force Push him but then an electric shock shot through her body. Bane laughed quietly letting go of her chin to stop the shock from being passed onto him. 'I had those binders modified for Jedi,' he explained, 'Your Force powers won't work and I've got your lightsaber,' he waved it mockingly in front of her face tempting her to make a grab for it but she didn't; she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. 'I have to admit you almost had me when we fought in the corridor.'

'I would have if you hadn't cheated,' Ahsoka sneered.

'I go by my own rules sweetheart. I couldn't care less about honour or nobility. All I care about is money.'

'Greedy bastard,' Ahsoka spat. Bane chuckled.

'I like a girl with good looks and spirit,' he said stroking her right head tail. Ahsoka jerked away; she was not going to let herself be caressed by a sadistic mercenary, 'It would be interesting to see how long it would take to crush the spirit out of you. Tell me sweetheart, are you afraid of death?'

'No,' Ahsoka said.

'What about a painful death?' Bane asked pressing a button on his gauntlet. Another electric shock, stronger than the first, shot through Ahsoka's body and she screamed in pain. Bane smirked sadistically and then took his finger off the button, 'Want more?' Ahsoka glared at him.

'Enjoy this while you can you scum,' she snarled, 'My Master will be here any minute.'

'I know,' Bane said, 'its all part of the plan. Unless your precious Master opens this for me,' he pulled out the holocron he'd stolen from the temple and the crystal he'd taken from Bolla Ropal, 'you're gonna suffocate in the vacuum of space. Nasty way to die don't you agree? And you're pressure suit won't save you without a helmet. By the way that suit looks good on you.' His eyes flicked to her body; he had a slightly hungry expression. His remarks were starting to make Ahsoka feel uneasy but she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing it. Bane looked out at two Super droids standing guard, 'Your Master's taking his time,' he muttered then turned back to her, 'Considering you might die within the next five minutes I want something to remember you by. Apart from your nice little braid, of course.' Ahsoka wasn't sure what he meant but fortunately she didn't find out because a voice sounded in Bane's comlinc.

'Sir, a Jedi has, aah…' they heard the sound of a lightsaber slashing through metal.

'Looks like your dear master's here. Pity we didn't have time for my little gift,' Bane said and stood up activating a rayshield as he stepped up beside his super battle droid bodyguards. Ahsoka wondered what he'd meant by 'little gift' as Anakin came into the airlock.

'You haven't got anywhere left to run Bounty Hunter,' he growled.

'Let me worry about that Skywalker,' Bane said then gestured to Ahsoka, 'I want you to do me a little favour. If you don't, your lovely little Padawan will get sucked out into space and suffocate. All I have to do is press this button,' he tapped a button on his gauntlet. 'What's more important to you, catching me or saving her? Being suffocated in space is a horrible way to die don't you think?' Anakin hesitated. 'You need more persuasion?' Bane asked and pressed a button. Ahsoka collapsed writhing in agony as an electric shock shot through her.

'Stop it!' Anakin shouted.

'As you wish,' said Bane and stopped the shock. He took the holocron and crystal from his pocket, 'Now, Jedi unlock this holocron if you care about the girl.'

'Master, don't help him,' Ahsoka gasped, 'Just get the holocron. Don't worry about me.' Bane looked at her.

'How brave,' he said, 'but I advise you to be quiet my dear. The adults are talking.' He turned back to Anakin, 'So Skywalker are you gonna help me or not?'

'No Master, don't!' Ahsoka shouted.

'This is your last chance Skywalker,' Bane said, 'Unlock this holocron right now or she dies.' Anakin remembered how he'd lost his mother.


'Shut up!' Bane snapped sending another bolt of electricity into Ahsoka's body.

'Alright,' Anakin said unable to bear the sight of Ahsoka writhing in agony, 'I'll do it.' He tossed his lightsaber aside. Bane smiled.

'Well this is touching,' he said, 'I'm glad you saw sense Skywalker,' he tossed the cube to Anakin. Anakin sat on the floor and focused on the Force.

The cube that was the holocron floated into the air then broke and opened. Bane put the memory crystal in the middle of the cube and stepped back as the holocron went back together. It floated into Bane's hand and he examined it with a smile.

'My client will be happy to get this,' he said.

'Alright now let my Padawan go,' Anakin said.

'You fulfilled your side of the bargain so I guess it's my turn,' Bane said. He unlocked the rayshield and Ahsoka walked forwards cautiously but then the treacherous Duros pressed another button and the airlock opened. Anakin leapt to his feet summoned both his and Ahsoka's lightsabers and tore through Bane's super battle droid bodyguards as the vacuum of space pulled him past them. The Bounty Hunter ignited his rocket boots and flew away down the corridor the boots allowing him to resist the powerful vacuum. Ahsoka grabbed the wall, silently thanking the Force that Bane hadn't bound her hands behind her back because if he had she'd be in space by now. Anakin grabbed her arm and reached for the button which would close the airlock. He managed to press the button and the airlock closed. Both Jedi collapsed to the ground.

'Are you ok?' Anakin asked.

'Yeah, I'm fine,' Ahsoka said picking herself up. Anakin ignited her lightsaber and sliced through the restraints binding her hands together. Then he gave her, her lightsaber.

'Come on,' he said, 'let's go.' He led the way towards the hanger.

They arrived at the hanger to find the shuttle about to take off.

'General, Commander!' shouted Rex, 'We're ready to go!' Using the Force Ahsoka and Anakin leapt onto the ramp.

'Wait up!' called a voice and they turned to see a clone called Denal hurrying towards the shuttle. He clambered into the shuttle and the ramp closed.

'Where have you been Denal?' said Rex.

'Checking out the upper levels,' Denal panted just as the cruiser exploded behind them, 'Had a scrap with Bane. He's dead now; I shot him.' The clones congratulated him but Anakin and Ahsoka weren't convinced.

'If Bane's dead,' said Anakin slowly, 'then why can I still sense him?' Denal shrugged wearily.

'How should I know?' he said, 'I'm no Jedi.' Anakin and Ahsoka felt uneasy but let the subject drop.

'Well looks like the holocron was destroyed,' said Ahsoka, 'but at least the Separatists didn't get it.' She looked at the debris floating around in space, 'I'm sorry I let that Bounty Hunter get the upper hand.'

'It wasn't your fault Ahsoka,' said Anakin, 'It was mine, from start to finish.'

They landed in the Resolute and got out of the ship. Anakin suggested that the wounded should get to the medical centre. He moved off with Rex and the others. Instead of heading for the medical centre Denal headed towards one of the ships in the hanger. Ahsoka was the only one who noticed.

'Wait where are you going?' she said hurrying to catch up with him, 'You need some rest.' Denal ignored her. She darted around in front of him. Something wasn't right, 'You're injured. You should get to the medical centre.' Then she realised that Denal was injured in the same spot where she'd deflected the blaster bolt while she was fighting Bane. She realised why everything had felt wrong and this was confirmed when the disguised Bane kicked her in the gut and darted past her towards a ship. Ahsoka doubled over in pain gasping for breath as Bane leapt into the nearest ship and flew out of the hanger.

'Master!' Ahsoka said in her comlinc, 'Tell Admiral Yularen to shut down the hyperspace rings!'

'What's happened?'

'It's Bane!' Ahsoka said, 'Hurry he's getting away!' Anakin told Yularen to shut down the hyperspace rings but by the time the hyperspace rings had been shut down Bane had already flown into hyperspace.

I don't know if Plo Koon taught Ahsoka hand to hand combat but considering he's one of her best friends and he's a master of hand to hand combat I thought he might.