Pokemon pearl Parody! Well, my first Real Pokemon fanfiction. Let's get started! I'm trying to make a fanfiction with a silent protagonist! Reviews and criticisms are welcome.

" Hello, I'm professor Rowan and blah blah blah pokemon blah blah battling blah blah animal abuse blah blah." Babbled Professor Rowan. Lucas fell asleep.

" Wake up!" Rowan shouted, spitting on Lucas on accident.

Lucas awoke with a start.

" Now, tell me, are you a boy or a girl?" he asked.

Lucas sighed.

" A … girl?" he asked, staring at Lucas.

Lucas shook his head.

" A he-she then! Of course!" said Rowan, snapping his fingers triumphantly.

Lucas sighed and shook his head.

" Oh, you're a boy! And a mute one at that!" Lucas nodded " Well, what is your name?" he asked.

Lucas pulled out his birth certificate.

" Ah, Lucas! Reminds me of a crybaby blond boy who wandered in here 3 years age. He kept saying he was from the father series or something." Said Rowan. " Well, whatever, pretend I said some boring motivational speech and adventure stuff, and goodbye."

Short, I know, be quiet abouyt that. I know. Just give a review and some ideas. OCs will be accepted later. Not now. See ya for now!

~Albino Pika