Feelings, Emotions, and I

This is my first story, and it was changed many times. I might not update as much as I want, but I'll try as often as possible. And no, I don't own any of the sonic characters, except my OC, Blossom.

Blaze's POV

The white clouds slowly drifted by... The tall green grass of the meadows blew gently only making the sound rustling. There was a slight relaxing breeze... It was wonderful. So there I was. There he was. There we were. Silver and I. There was only the sound of us laughing and giggling. It felt so nice to just break free from the world at some points... Just slow down and smell the flowers as some people say.

"That cloud looks like a rabbit!"

I laughed. "Yeah... Ooh! And that cloud looks like a giant turtle with glasses!"

We both laughed then.

"See, Blaze? You can have fun! You just need to relax and let everything else go!"

I knew he was right...

So again, there we were. We were in our own little dimension. Just Silver and I. Everywhere was healthy plant life. Miles of the meadows filled with the tall green grass. The clear colored creek that rippled by. The gentle wind, the towering trees, everything. I could fall asleep everytime.

"Hey, Blaze, wanna go down and see all the flowers again!?"

He got up and jumped around like the little kid he was. Well, acted like anyways. But I've always liked that about him.

"Sure, Silver."

"I bet I can beat you!"

He always challenged me, and I always won. But today, I guess I could slow down a bit... So we both took off, and I slowed down so I was right beside him. I give him credit, he did try.

We were almost to the meadow filled with rainbows as we called it.

"Oh no, I am beginning to tire!" I said dramatically.

He smiled, and ran a bit faster. So as I planned, Silver won. He jumped around, and I let him have his victory moment.

"Done yet?"

"Hmmm... Yes."

He took my hand and pulled me to our usual spot on the tallest hill.

"Blaze, look at this flower!"

He put a beautiful flower into my hand. It was as black as night, and was shaped as a rose. It had a few deep purple swirls aswell.

"Silver, it's lovely!"

I hugged him, and as usual, he blushed. I know we were like brothers and sisters, but lately, I could tell he felt a little more. I don't know how to break it to him that I don't feel the same...

"And Silver, I have this feeling,"

He blushed deeper, and I knew why.

"That something is going to happen today..."

His ears went down, thinking about what he wanted to hear.

"Like what?"

"I'm not really sure. Just that... someone will come... Or wel I don't know. It's hard to explain..."

"Well try not to think about it, and have fun!"

"Yeah... you're right."

He continued to pick flowers, until i had a bundle of flowers in my hand.

"Silver, they're all beautiful."

"Thanks... And Blaze?"


"Did you like going to Sonic's dimension?"

"Yeah... I guess I did. Why do you ask?"

"Well... Sonic said, before we left, that we could come back... But I didn't want to tell you, because I thought you'd want to stay there, and never come back here..."

I was speachless, and Silver hung his head in shame.

"Silver, I'd love to go back, but you know that we'd stick through everything together, right? We're a team. Of course I'd come back."

He looked up at me.


"Yes, really."

"Then we can leave tonight."

He pushed a big red button on his watch.

"They'll send someone shortly."

I laughed.

"So you were ready the whole time? We could have left any minute?"

"Yeah... I guess... But please don't be mad-"

"Silver, relax, I'm not mad."

I gave him a small peck on his muzzle, making him blush redder than before, but I stood up, and pulled him behind me.

"Lets take a run before we go."

So we did. We ran for 5 minutes, until a blue flash made us stop in our tracks. I turned to see a vortex. We both ran towards it, excited, and just as we did, an ebony hedgehog jumped out. I saw him before, but we never talked much. I think his name was Shadow...

"So Silver, you finally said hello!" He said with a grin,

"Yeah... Long story..."

"Ok, well if you're all ready, jump through the vortex."

So we did, all 3 of us.