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Blaze's POV

Heh. I heard that Shadow was shot by Rouge, making him act… the opposite of him. WELL! He called and we talked, and apparently, Rouge told him I was his girlfriend… Now whatever happened, I have no clue what, is having a major affect on me…

I was with Silver, and that was unfortunate for him… I was sitting up on the couch, my head in my hands. Silver was slowly and gently rubbing my back with his hand, but cringed when my vomit hit the bucket in front of me.

"Blaze-" Silver started,

I threw another blow.

"Maybe we should… Kind of go back…" He dragged on.

I wiped my mouth with a napkin he handed me, then looked him straight in the eye.

"Are you crazy? I am stuck in a boring world, and am in another one with actual traces of civilization, and now you just want me to go back!?"

His amber eyes looked hurt, and he took his hand off my back and looked at the ground, ears flattened.

"Silver… I didn't mean it like that…"

My eyes were closed, and I was thinking; when I noticed a light weight around me neck. I opened my eyes to see, and they were full of shock to see Silver embracing me in a hug. I was going to pull away immediately, but a pain in my gut told me otherwise. Silver made me feel all warm, and happy inside. Truth is, he completed me. He slowly retreated, and then his childish eyes met mine.

"Now, I'm sorry." He twitched a smile, and I managed one back.

Today was the day I could be free, and today was the day I could be me. The day I was free here. In this magnificent, adventurous, ABSALUTELY AMAZING world. I mean, how many chances would I get like this? Probably this only one. I doubt I'll be coming back, and if I ever did, I wouldn't have my full adventurous spirit. I smiled to myself as I sprinted through the dense forest. The woods here seemed so… so alive! With varieties of vegetation, streams and rivers, and the creatures! Oh, the creatures! Birds would be talking to one another in trees, seeming to have conversations. Rabbits would be hopping about, ignoring the dangers of the predators. Squirrels were scurrying around in the tower oaks, gathering and scouting out nuts. This was all so peaceful. This was all so breathe taking. My stomach filled with butterflies when I approached a river; a good length wide. My fast moving legs immediately stopped, and I closed my eyes, remembering the sweet memories of me in my childhood.

Daddy says I'll be an Olympic athlete someday. I always laugh, and after that, I try to impress him. Today, we're going for a walk in the woods. I love the woods! And Daddy says it's good for me when I go for runs everyday, like I do. We were racing about, laughing and giggling; until I came upon a swift running river. It looked big; scary. Daddy came up from behind me, then asked what was wrong. We needed to cross, making me gulp.

"Can we swim?" I asked, still staring at the terrifying water.

"No, silly. Watch me." He said.

And he took a few strides backwards, and then sprinted forward, leaping majestically over the river. I stared at him when he was on the other side, gaping in awe. He smiled at me, then told me to try. My heart beat fast, and faster.

"Is there another way I can go? I'm scared, Daddy."

Then the words that are like magic hit me.

"Don't be."

Right then, I took a few steps back, then ran as fast as I could, full speed ahead, and as soon as I was advancing to the river's bank, I sprang up, and across the river. Daddy says I was magnificent. He loved that word. It was his special word. Our special word. That's when it hit me. Not the words, but-

My eyes flew open. Now I was determined to make this a big deal. I was going to leap over that river if it took me all day, but I'd do it majestically. And I bet Daddy's still watching.

"This is for you, Daddy."

My heels dug into the ground when I strode back, then with full speed, raced forward, and once again, sprang up and over the river. My eyes slowly closed, arms thrown back, and my right leg straight forward, with my other one straight back, forming a perfect split. Now, I could call myself majestic. As I slowly neared the end of my moment, I thrust my legs forward, and when they hit the ground, I landed in a perfect ending for an Olympic figure skater. Now I was thinking, what if I'd be an Olympic Figure Skater? I shook off my thoughts, then beamed aloud, and continued through the forest.

"What to do now…"

A small clearing was to my left, and it caught my eye. I slowed down, and veered towards it. A gasp was heard from my lips when my heels took my first step for me into the green grass of an ocean. Some people would ignore this place, saying it was no big deal. But no, they wouldn't know what they were missing! It actually kind of reminded me… of home.

"Hey there." A female's voice said, all though I had no idea where from.

"Who's there!" I was on guard.

"Great, another agent, right?" A hint of annoyance was in her voice.

"Agent? No, I'm just used to things… And voices coming from random strangers is kind of not one of them!"

"Ok, Ok, relax."

From the tree that was standing behind me, dropped a girl around my age. Only she wasn't a cat… or at least fully it.

"And you are?"

"Blaze. You?"

She pursed her lips. "You know, not many people come out here. Is there a specific reason you're different?"

"You didn't answer my question. And I know I'm different; proud of it too. Got a problem with that?" I challenged with my arms crossed and my weight on my right leg.

"Rosalie." A smirk on her face. "So what's special with you?"


She rolled her eyes. "I mean, like talent wise."

"Oh… Well… I'm a pyrokinetic… And I kind of am a fast runner, not as good as Sonic, but still, and I can do acrobatics, and am descent with kicks and punches…" I took a deep breathe.

She stared at me with wide eyes. "Well! Someone's special!"

I laughed nervously. "Yeah… Well, what about you? What can you do?"

"Me?" She laughed. "Look at me!"

Her fur was an extreme light golden color. She had the ears of a bat, and face of a cat, with a bat's wings, and a cat's tail. She wore black body suit, which looked a lot like Rouge's excluding the big heart, and silver high heels that went a little below her hips, so she could even be wearing shorts, and you wouldn't know. Also silver, she had gloves that went a little above her elbows, and not to mention the medium sized hoop earrings in her bat ears, which didn't make them look as big… And she had very light brown hair, which was somewhat spiky, and would probably fall halfway between her shoulder and elbow if she didn't keep it in a ponytail. She had dazzling magenta eyes, but with her thick side bangs covering her right eye, I couldn't see that one at all.

"Ok… but what powers do you have?" I asked, still not seeing the answer.

"Ugh! Well, I have the abilities of both cat and bat, that's number one. Number two, meta morphe. Number three, I am like you, and am not bad with my fists and heels. Number four, I have my amazingly gorgeous looks." She cracked up at her last sentence, making me follow her lead, but I wasn't on the ground like she was.

"Well, Rosalie, you have awesome talents too, I mean, meta morphe!? You're the first person I met who actually has that!"

She wiped her tears from crying "You're not so bad yourself, Blaze. Hey, what if we went one on one against each other! Like a battle!" She was jumping up and down like a little kid would be at a candy store.

"Sure, but no hard feelings afterwards, Ok?"

She nodded, then transformed into a light golden cheetah and took off.


But she probably wanted me to follow, because we wouldn't want to destroy such a beautiful place… So I closed my mouth and hurriedly sped after her, and in a few minutes, we were side by side, both racing to wherever she was taking me. In a few moments, the trees started to clear, and we were in a huge cement area, nothing around, and I mean nothing. Nothing as far as the eye an see. She transformed back to herself, and we got in position for the battle of a lifetime.