Into The Dark Black Forest

Twenty sentences of RedxYellow. Why? Because I love them so much!! Title is based on the DDR song.

001. The rat that brought them together

He had decided to catch her a Rattata and show her what it was like to have a pokemon but he never thought they'd meet again.

002. Her journey

Yellow wished she didn't have to hide her real gender; it made her feel awkward and out of place and it was so wrong.

003. All for him

Yellow went through so much training, battles she hated, friends and foes and so many lessons all so she could find Red and see him come home.

004. Finding him

She was so happy about finding him, she almost tore that hat off her head to show him the truth.

005. Next year

She was so honored when Red asked Pika to stay with her while he went up on Mount Silver to heal his injuries...and she suspected it made Chuchu even happier, too.

006. Pika and Chuchu's child

What would Red think now that his own Pika had become a her Chuchu's child??

007. Take off that hat

"Just take off that hat, then," were Gold's words, but it was easier said than done...after hiding her gender from him for so long, what would he think of her now?

008. Wide eyed disbelief

Blue wished she had a camera to take a picture of Red's face when Yellow yanked the hat off her head and letting her ponytail free.

009. Blue's suggestion (should be shot down)

Stay together...Yellow, Red and Misty...NO WAY!

010. Growing up

She finally was growing older and had gotten rid of that hat...Red thought she still looked cute, even at fourteen.

011. Going against Team Rocket...again

With Silver as her partner, Yellow battled Storc and Oca and when he was snatched away, she never stopped running until she was on Team Rocket's airship...where she once again found Red.

012. Exhaustion

She was running out of stamina, but Red vowed to protect her, no matter what.

013. In his arms

Red decided the best way for him to escape with her and Mewtwo would be to carry her in his arms...he wished the circumstances could be different.

014. On her mind

Red was always on her mind, even when she was unconscious and petrified...and she finally realized what this was.

015. First sight

Red's face was the first thing she saw when she finally woke up and she never forgot the smile he gave her.

016. Confession

"Red-kun...I-I really li-no...I really love you."

017. Feelings

He pulled her into his arms again, this time for a tight hug, and revealed that he loves her too.

018. First date

He takes her everywhere he's been, from the Safari Zone to Silph Co in Saffron and even the lovely Seafoam Islands; Yellow's biggest thrill was being with him and hearing everything he did when he was eleven and Red loved her admiration and adoration.

019. First kiss

Red knows Yellow is shy, so he waits a few dates to give her her very first kiss; Yellow responds happily to it and feels on top of the world.

020. First child

In seven years time, Red is once again competing at the Pokemon League but this time Yellow is with him, holding a child with blond hair and very familiar red eyes; the duo cheer on their hero to victory, but Red knows he's always a winner in a very special way.


Awwwwwwwwww! I freaking LOVE SpecialShipping! Yellow and Red are just adorable together.

The title doesn't really have anything to do with the story, but it seemed to be suitable since Yellow was born in the Virdian Forest and has the powers granted by the forest. The music probably doesn't fit, though...I prefer listening to the opening of Chobits (Let Me Be With You) when I think of SpecialShipping.

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