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Yay! Another bothering people list! And it's Pein-sama! XD

How to bother Pein ^^

1. Hold up a magnet to his face, then wait five seconds.

2. Start humming "It's tough to be a god" whenever you walk by him, then laugh when he mutters "So true..."

3. Ask him "What kind of anime super villain has freakin' carrot-colored hair?!"

4. Ask him why he has bull's-eyes where his eyes should be.

5. If he disagrees, then order Deidara to throw the darts already.

6. Ask him when he's going to ask Konan out already.

7. Then ask him how the Rain Village will react when he does.

8. Ask him if he's untouchable since he's a god; if he says yes, knock him down and shout "I'm god now, sucker!", if he says no, then shout "Tobi should be god since he's awesomer than you!"

9. Sing "Rain! Rain! Go away!" whenever he makes it rain.

10. Show him this list, then say Konan did it!