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Morgana's POV

"Gwen?" Gwen turned around to face me. "Take the candle." Gwen let out a little Oh in understanding. She could tell I was scared. I was scared. Quickly she took the candle, and with a one last goodnight, left the room. I laid down in bed and pulled the covers up. I looked at the flowers Merlin brought me. Merlin. The thought brought a smile to my face. A small one, but a smile nonetheless. I stared at the flowers for a long time, thinking about my magic, Merlin's magic, and Uther if he found out. Thunder shook my room. It startled me so bad that I shot up. I felt a warm, instinctual feeling rise up. I knew it to be magic. Before I could stop it my eyes flashed and the vase and Merlin's flowers exploded. I was terrified. I knew only one person could help. That would help. I headed for Gaius's.

I was in luck. It was Merlin who was up. Not Gaius. Gaius would have just given me a strong sleeping drought. Merlin would help me. He could tell me what was going on. Still, it would seem odd if I asked for Merlin and not Gaius so I asked "Is Gaius here?" I made myself look worried and confused, which wasn't hard.

"Uh, no. He's not here at the moment but he should be back soon though." That was good. I didn't have to worry about Gaius coming to tell Merlin to hurry up.

"I need to speak to him. Where is he?" Well, not really, but maybe Merlin would give me the answers better if it were under the pretense of me being desperate. Well, I was, but not as desperate as I was acting.

"He's gone to see the king." Good. That was quite a walk aways. I silently thanked Uther. Something that doesn't happen often.

"What's wrong?" Here was the question I had been waiting for. I went to tell him, but no sound would come. "You can trust me Morgana." He said. I knew I could, but it was good to hear anyways. "You know you can." He knew that I knew I could trust him? Maybe he just thought of himself as trustworthy. This was so confusing!

"I'm scared, Merlin." That was all I could say, all that needed to be said. I continued. Words just seemed to fill my mouth. "I don't understand anything anymore." This was true, so true. And how I wish it were not. Then I gave him permission to tell me everything. I looked him square in the eye and let all my feelings show. All my fear, all my hope, all my curiosity. "I need to know what's happening." I could see in his eyes he wanted to tell me, so I gave him a little boost. "Please." Was all I said. All I thought needed to be said. I was not prepared for what he said next.

"Gaius will be back soon. He'll be able to help you." What? No! He could help me and he knew it! Why wouldn't he tell me? I needed to know. I felt so betrayed. Why wouldn't he help me? I voiced some of my fears.

"He won't. He won't Merlin. Gaius, he won't do any good." I walked towards him in my anger. And he backed up. SO, I stopped walking and he stopped backing up. We looked at each other long and hard then. I said the one thing both of us knew, but didn't want to admit. "It's magic." Suddenly I wondered if I was talking about what I did in my room at all. I saw knowledge flicker in Merlin's eyes. He tried to feign ignorance.

"What?" God he was really bad actor. Even a drunk monkey could tell he knew about magic.

"I'm your friend, you know I wouldn't make any of this up." How I wished he were more than that. I pushed that thought away. No time to think about it now. He knew he could trust me. I just told him so.

"Of coarse." He believed me, but he didn't want to believe me. I didn't have a clue as to why though.

"Then you believe me?" I knew he did. He was the one who gave me the suspicion in the first place. But one look at him and I could tell he wouldn't admit it. I played my last cards in desperation. "You think it's magic too." There. It was out in the open now. I took his silence as a confirmation. "Please Merlin. I just need someone to say it is so I don't have to keep feeling like I'm imagining it." It was true. I was beginning to question myself. I let all my desperation leak into my voice. He started nodding. My hopes soared. Maybe he would admit to the magic I knew he possessed.

" I really wish there was something I could say to help." Lair! There was all you could say! He knew it. I knew it. He was so stubborn. It was at that moment that I realized that he was scared. Like Sir Cain and the dogs. Maybe not as strongly as afraid, but afraid enough not to admit the obvious. I realized that I would get nothing out of him now, but that didn't stop me from getting more mad. Then a feeling of depression washed over me. And shock, and loss. I backed up. Away from him, away from these confusing feelings. I turned around and left.

"Morgana." He called. I fleetingly wondered if he would tell me now. Too bad, I decided. I was proud of myself. I hadn't even broken stride. "Morgana." I didn't stop, nor did I look back. Let him suffer. I heard is last attempt to make me stop. "Wait." Thankfully I was at the door by now or I surely would have stopped. I opened the door and left. I wondered if I was making the biggest mistake of my life. Oh well. What's done was done. As I headed back to my chambers I wondered if Merlin would forgive me. I hoped so. After all it was in his nature.

Merlin POV

I watched her retreat across the room. I wanted to tell her. I really did. But would she look at me the same if I did? I was so confused. I wondered, not for the first time, if I was doing the right thing. Morgana made everything so confusing.


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